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飼Ou a dog!

Allie But suddenly decided to have a dog.

The Doberman girl, red hair color is only in Tan was born with.

In retrospect this summer had come Gakkuri hot dog was died with her. Can no longer go out to the outside at all, Bo was every day and stay at home ~ Tsu. What seemed like a terrible abuses, had seemed quite worried over and around them. During such, care was also previously breeders, O from Mr. "I was born in the near future" was said.

Looking back I did a lot of things in the news. Yappari work from there, they could not care for translation time. I miss it or you do not want the answering machine, or you could also very disciplined. Of course, it is very fun just is not Ja say more Paiarunohawakarikittetakedo・・・. But the feeling I did not decide to honest comment Good.

O it's also cares about me, sent me photos Yara Yara movie. Are taking a hard look day after birth the mother's milk. Last week, I was crying a little bit bigger and I have not cut a healthy, open to look at yet. So was born one month time, too, are beginning to think that walking around the eyes firmly open. After all, I think a lot of things, and Yukari Naka This is still, I decided to get one and giving up.

When you talk about it, everyone "I do it" did bring. I have decided to stay in a positive or even a little unsure of myself doing that good yet.

Puppies come to Uchi's just a little bit but still, I have to prepare properly before. Oh yeah, If you do not think his name.

Hajimetara think such a thing has been feeling a little fun.

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