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2 months roared

Sit well

This is Alice. Just two months out from the belly of the mother. Innovation 目Magurushikatta the book. Survived well in my admiration for this small body. Well, the first month and a half but did not even like that. Mother and brother, sister and I spent peacefully.

Well, that day was busy from the small baskets. The next time you open the basket was a stranger peeps. Who this man? Feeling. Anyway, the new Toco Toco is completely different to the previous ・ ・ ・. Smell first. Before the full flavor of green or earthy smell. But now something almost smell the green pears. And you got out just a little, but I'm driving the car that Byunbyun. Cod full of people or another. There are more number of people. Toco I much prefer the first of many dogs from their baby myself. I'm the world how it is.

Yo Toco made different. But yesterday, this friend just chickened. What is the doctor? It was something different to the atmosphere and Toco. Yeah, totally beautiful and clean building. But something different. Tta nervous'll gradually been yapping cry. More like a Doberman that they like but I Atashi teacher there. I also met the daughter of a teacher s pet. VERY strapping. Not had a voice in amazement. I was all right to touch many Toco. OK because nowhere. Pinched the end I felt the back end. It was like a shot. Who knew from calm. I have felt the pressure was asleep Chatta said that even after many.

New in the world tomorrow. Atashi was a whole new world, but from two months (Incidentally, the world is not without its prior.) Hopefully it will be settled in a bit.

Yeah really. Alice for the last two months. I think it was great. A little more we come from two weeks in particular. I'm glad it came. Nice to meet you again next year. Are from a gently.

Allie's not New Year's Eve

Was always near

"Joy drop sad music" to represent a year like this. Character that it "sad." I was really anywhere to go along with Allie from death. Histiocytic sarcoma. Hate.

Allie is the girl who died this summer Doberman. We were always together. He was 05. Only. About the saddest event I have lived in the past. I cried about breathing becomes impossible. Cold hands I held two days long. He's talking. I meet me anymore. I think people did not even cry like that myself.

Hospital "is endemic to tonight," said the day. Way home, I come to play next time Komazawa Park. It was quiet until then to get up. I was incredibly weak even longer neck support. Favorite smell? Tears came out. Then, while much encouragement. Come to a close and uchi hard and get up again. So it soon. Something did not look straight in front ・ ・ ・ tears.

Did the peace of mind, and it was dead on Uchi. In my arms ・ ・ ・. Thanks Allie.

Center of his life have disappeared. Day followed what seemed an endless day to day.

Then came Alice. Allie's sister (actually the same father) is the son. The only girl in the red-six and was born with. Allie same. God, why?

Actually, Allie is only today that I was going to touch. They always ate like half and half in the pan. I buy bread every day was still love. From now eat a little fat. I also love to ride in the car. Astro switched when I got the first time, I was nervous for some reason feels nervously. "I now go to many places in this car" I told. Feet at work all the time. By looking up at me while watching. I was always waiting to be called out. Still waiting. Surely in heaven. I go to. I heard talk like that somewhere. Sorry for bringing you in to wait. Died from the same day and night, "Good morning, Ali," "Goodnight, Ali." That title.

Lived in the same place, as they are Dover, the same car. It looks the same, very different end of the year. Once again, thank you so far, Allie. And now Regards, Alice.


思Ikkiri Run! Allie

2 Astro second generation

Blog about or was thinking of trying it and vague. I did not think to adopt a dog, I thought that the car's center. So the title of his own design Corvette. Major policy change that is what a dog. Imbalance is something that is straight from the design. Well, guess it's OK.

In the car. The other one back the title this Corvette Astro. American car both cars. In this Go時世. Actually, this second generation Astro. This summer, before the transfer from him. Corvette hobby because I like the height of the Ashiguruma Frankly Astro. Whatever the truth. If there is too wide to be placed on easy bike ride is a dog yet. So Astro. The size of the neighborhood is exquisite. Astro before but was also particularly unhappy, impulsive change unexpectedly triggered. Expression was also fairly new, clean look and was low mileage. Anything reasonable price. Minicar used far more cheaper than normal. ROD MOTORS 's, thank you for your help every time (the first ROD MOTORS Astro had also looking for.)


Front tires


Fell asleep in the knee

Full Aero Lowdown considerable initial purchase, putting studying thoroughly the muffler out of the four rear center Bukkake Toi. But the engine and interior in a fairly normal clean. Even with a state as vinyl floor floor. I care because it looks like Ashiguruma, the four exhaust truly embarrassing. It is disgusting to Rodaunsasu peacefully. , And got to rebuild. The ROD MOTORS. A bottle of muffler, modified rear shock leaves change. I replaced the rear tires less significant.

I felt the front tire was taken while riding. Because some vehicles are immediately prepared to Lowdown. RYO still try to replace the front tires in consultation with you. So today I went. A good feeling. One probably better tires. I also give it height, height up a bit. Not have to worry too much right corner bump.

For height, the less I like it is. The lower the better really. Corvette still quite sticky. Astro is that I want to kick anywhere on board. Then she dropped it could be a little better than it is now more impressive rear. Future issues.

Raw Food


Alice was great from the beginning of appetite. She ate well and did not give a damn about food, but also changed the location. MOFO not its momentum. Just as soon eat the amount of the size and look exactly stomach. Really moment. There's no longer just 離Shitara eyes. Bunch OK. Finished eating and cleaning up the equipment, foot and turn around and there is "Sitting in wait" while I look up to Alice. Hey, feel like eating yet?

Alice is voracious. ・ ・ ・ I, too rude. Atashi now I'm growing from about 200 grams each day? You of course about that. You know what? When I came here less than 3 km. But today just 05 km. Going to be during the week when I came twice. So I eat a lot. But somehow I threw pretty well for me I see a beautiful woman at any moment break of course. He said he's not himself. "Alice" is a sick beat "strong" because beauty. You are more attractive and healthy beauties!

Yes. A woman win the mouth. , And Alice is now eating the Raw food. That meat. But to get here was quite a detour. The first vet was recommended to "Barf Diet". I'm pretty good now but the vet did not have it around. After a normal dog food from natural food. Was decisive, small insects that were in the dry food pretty good reputation. Morai look back to the manufacturer, and no harm had been scared but I was told.


Alice's and 川邊


And his wife. And gentle woman

Found that while many look at a loss 100CLUB of Raw food. Close to shops (at the time Sangenjaya now Yoga.) We also got some of our staff are friends now 100CLUB I fully rely on. Really thank you for talking with Mr. 川邊 owner really cares. It's not just a consultation worried all the same.

The CM that she's somewhere'll want something. Well, to pick out a dog if you just eat yourself. Thank you in the future.

Alice week

A little familiar

This is Alice. Come here for a week has passed. Uchi like you are new here with me, though. And it is known, Tokanakya put a sign with me a lot. I still can not explore it because ・ ・ ・ door is always closed. We'll be coming in with my master switch ○ c ○ Ji Woo and a new baby myself! I wonder what they have.

Separately, but a little lonely brother and sister and mom and dad, you do not need to play with for now. I'm not going to mess around here. Monsieur, but sometimes "Itatsu" or saying. I exaggerated a little tooth and nail to be hit in spite of the huge hulking. I can not look it, I'll Doberman. Atashi I always win. But I keep being put in cages at night when sleeping ear. So I'll sing 思Ikkiri. ・ ・ ・ I can not get out of giving up I'm getting something more. But not that I have tried and failed. Kivi Castanopsis such place unexpectedly. Well, now I Uchi. I'll become the queen of them a baby myself.


Feels warm


Rice soon ~

・ ・ ・ So now the house is the bathroom. Sweet bite to it, but Alice and I said Huh Oh really hurt though. Because the baby still sharp needle like teeth and sharp claws too thin. Although small and Shimo Hana go easy. So something beautifully hand wounds. 'm Blurred because the blood from around (crying).

Enough in the state as it now queen. What I want to feel more Ttena. All other place to sleep is in the bathroom, I guess here is a hunt servant with paper and cloth, and Febreze. What is annoying yapping from the cage early in the morning 出Se. Even if I work "play!" Or to order. Ignoring Kaputsu the top of the foot. This also hurts. Obnoxious and cute face begging to get every last one. I shall try and get angry face. But, the cute sleeping face up. Satan, I think almost awake.

Well, for now Uchi I supposed to say. I'll go about Bishibashi from next year. Because you know now, before the rice is fine, "Sitting in wait" ... you know? It is not something like that, special training. You have to snap Doberumanrashiku. Spartan I'll do it.

Oh, and the end of the 30 vaccinated. I'll make it well. And should not from crying. Dumb'll be prepared.

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