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This two grown horns

Doberman Training cast

From surgery of 12 days. Tuesday, January 26. To the hospital as usual.

Check over your ears. Almost up against the wound, stitches over so good. Other than the heel and the tip of the ear, Shimatsu the yarn I was naturally take. Casa also little pigs. Standing finally heard. Set to begin in earnest.

Try to take the tape is temporary. Standing near the groin area is already somewhat. Teacher says "It may be quite fast." Ear, what you did. Yappa 2-3 months? So I said this before this hearing soft flesh standing teacher.


Do not even a prank

Wearing a hearing for this chan. Set ears with a stick thin plastic tape. Chile and fixed fairly kit. Teacher, I also looked at the surgery. Thoroughly great time. Check all sides and different angles. Quickly decide the location of taping. To be symmetrical. Clean. Look at the next "up to here with the Kichitsu Naa Uchi is difficult" I thought. 逃Gedasu it look absolutely in the middle. He even set a hearing before. Even when I did my best to my own disadvantage. To be unknown. Will also be hard to find so far.

The Sun people to the hospital next day. This two-day, Alice has to worry about the little ears. Still pretty amazing set of teachers so. Actually Alice, run away and seen this, just for students. My knees. Hey, is not rude to the teacher. Alice's such a great time for working hard. And I still do not know what this says. Teacher special sense. Alice does not stop by on their own people.

Next Sunday. When the first two injections of vaccine. I hope you keep up with you if possible. The way it is. And asked her to prepare for the repair tape.

The way the photo above. I noticed that I watch. What Alice double. What is everyone's right dog? But I feel good. Beauty (beauty dog?) Decision! (← parents decide dork!)

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The other was small Tsu regress

Now quite large

Alice currently weigh 10.5kg. Chokotto and one month to come out. The first is 3kg less than about 3.5 times. Is also not yet three months old. Growing at an astounding. However, the prediction here is not about Ke.

Golly damn. Also got free clothes to buy. How? Fit? Cute but also before. Or color. Your child until tea slightest bit too well. And another small tea Tsu up a storm. When the tough wear. Wear clad buttocks in full view. 一応 may not look it from a lady. The lady knew I like is just right for adults. Now adult. Well these ants also. Morao Innovation is also buying more large-Tsu Kiku soon. Naa I try to see what is next.


Try not happy about a little more


Ear I watch buttocks

I bought it to predict Naa 一応. To grow quickly anyway. So large was supposed to chose the guy. 買I換Eyou and quickly. But I'm 10 Sun, 10. Another great view of the buttocks. Really I was supposed to use the Naa patient. Least one month long.

Everyone says I should. "It was great Tsu Kiku since the last time out." Notice here is the thing. I'm watching from every day. Speaking. It's just that I reached my hand up around the belt and 伸Bi上Garu. It was around the first lap at best.

This time, not going to chose a fairly large grain Tsu. Velcro closure and side. Also make it easier to dress a little bigger. This was about 3 until at least mid-January and I will somehow. How to get a little warm. Alice is the time to be about 4 ½ months. I would say roughly around 20kg weight. ・ ・ ・ Ali? What is it like how much 20kg pretty big. Again? Tsu 暑 it may be painful. This dress. Shidashitara warmer.


Yeo's not because of Atashi

Yes, I'd forgotten my bad. Naa I'm usually never at any place. The Toco like that. I've also noticed you trying. Chokotto. So, What is just as long as girls change. In Naa I already forgot. Most recently I Mont, KOTO like this. Naa age or studio. Ranks of the elderly? Naa, I do.

Is in general, that 上Reta Nakattajan never before. That couch. The So What is placed in a way completely defenseless admits. But suddenly 上Reta Why? Put suddenly motivated? Or I was until now hidden 上Reru? I say is, I have found it better on her. Toko watching place? In, I was silent? Something, Naa cunning.

What insidious evil to one's reputation. Do not you forget my bad. But you knew I was also hoping? He almost. Somehow did not like before. Sassy is Tsu tea will keep you small. What is it called Ja Pihyara suddenly. Atashi even playing with, but to prepare the meal. How about always prevail. Atashi something back burner. I feel something great time being cared for. So slap. As isn'ta Pihyara. This one should go a little 懲Rita. Now does not allow the other way.

But "there" when he said face. Seriously I was impatient. Atashi surprised and very big voice. I was really worried about it. A guy like that. Because I did not know at all.

Damn ~. Wheat straw and rightly wants to say. E ~ e ~, I do indeed. Daro helped. It's only a job. I can not eat rice ran out? All.


So sad is that blessings that I see anything

That it was a setup. Mobile. Are you Kazi Kazi you noticed that something is. But the mobile is ・ ・ ・. Until now, there was also attempted. Deta done just scratch it. It was always before your eyes. I was also kept from the shapes today. Are you okay with that. I feel I hate to see the folds to open. , And I was broken. LCD parts. Does not appear. If a Bimyo break. Alice is bad, but you can call. Button can also do. But pear LCD screen. Old touch-tone phone can feel like that.

~ You got us there. Naa I would not have any repairs. Naa it halfway. I still split the remaining half. Naa I try to use the stand. iPhone and also Naa. Not particularly mobile and want. We would rather wait a bit or try to Android Naa. Damn, is not like that why I put Toco. I usually do not place an absolute Naa, the Toco is like that. Umm, have been upset you.

Week after

Yoda wearing a red dress?

Cut from the ear after one week.

Day of surgery, the wound dry for typing and prima facie, to return with a preliminary hearing the tape. Without having to worry about a back to scratch out particularly, as usual meals. Without even lose appetite. But to truly get an early night.

Almost every day from the hospital the next day. Cleaning and disinfection of the ear and postoperative confirmation. Alice is still in the hospital as I hate too uncomfortable. How impossible is nothing. Progress is good.

Temporary tape. Those made with cotton and adhesive tape for medical use. Alice rrroom and nod occasionally to mind. Especially when it took peeling. Even something from scratch so he hemorrhage paste one back several times a day. This paste when you re-create a ruckus in the hospital is fine. Teacher and nurse who took three. A relatively gentle-mannered one. I just see that body shaking violently. Yes. I decided to scare me. I also very patient. Big boys. So when we finished a reward.

Came here two or three days flatters Casa much, and swine. A nice little yarn and stitched the wound together and flatters. Most also did not hurt that from scratch or a wound in the leg. Alice end to the tension of the day after surgery as before. When play was always totally committed. Coming right here would be the ears. So toned down somewhat. In the wounds also increased hand. Toco, but I've dropped here. But compared to Alice, the here and settle.

By the way Alice's face. Became a little less mature the young? A little fearless. What is also of growing slightly elongated nose. And greater than the whole ear. But certainly up to the Doberumanrashi. To listen hard to face and talk a little bit tilted. When disadvantage ears perk. Good face. Beautiful.

Really I'll be nice to you, Alice (← fools).

Alice respect

Last morning floppy ears

Doberman is a tribute to Alice.

Thursday, January 14. Alice came just one day of the month. To the hospital for a cut ear. ・ Hours of the morning meal of the day, Alice is as usual "Sitting in wait." Poor today but without food.

Appointment time is 2:30 pm. Arrive at the hospital a little early. The hospitals are not yet familiar with it but Alice is always a little nervous today, too.

The first blood test. On schedule, so no problems. An injection of anesthesia and sedation for a while this two. Incarcerated in a cage in a quiet place, as soon Alice was asleep.


Pictures of teachers at the meeting in advance

"It will start operation" and called the head nurse says, Operumu before. Operumu bright and clean glass. Surgical lights are illuminated, sleeping in anesthetic and Alice looked all very well to treatment and state of the state's teacher. Operumu called several times in the middle, and received detailed explanations and advice.

But later realized that, had surgery for well over two hours.

First surgery of the ear was cut in just 20-30 minutes get away with what I think. But the fact is that over time each one very, cautiously and carefully made.

After surgery the hospital room waiting for Alice to be fully awake from the anesthetic. Because you were nervous, or tired from standing in front of Operumu throughout the surgery, I had also slept quietly. Awakened when the nurse, Alice is my how they've seen on the knee.

We all come back elevator nurse has been postponed. I've been nestled in the Alice. Was much more impressive was watching his face in the mirror in the elevator.

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