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Cha was頂I

Purple and Brown Reversible

Recently did a little wear. I quite like buying clothes with a bore lately . I'm of course I will. Did not liked. The warm little place where I Soreto. May be a little hot, and.

・ ・ ・ Moreover I already put smaller. Alas, as expected. But I hope to get warm clothes in this state as I do for some time. I thought I arrowhead.


I get the variety


It feels sporty mobility

Cha was how 頂I. Clothes. Four wear it! Professor Alice hospital. I did exactly that teacher's wife. It would do this to keep on growing co teacher, so it no longer wear. As expected at this time What is it all the same.

Teacher says, Doberman dog I got some scary images, I'll dress as possible. Looks good feeling to do so little. Have given to ease around intimidating. Get it.

Two lighter feel free Sutsu Pokutsu. Then just stretch knit like material and reversible quilted style. Yeah, this is fine for a while.

Immediately dressed, always go to the park. These days were fun to walk like Alice in too. Feeling nervous, no. What'll I do not understand where the minutes were not read. , And jump around me jumping around. The fall flat and a little careless. I have already been several times and Kokasa. Or pounding the grass into'll'll also do so. Stack it alone. Feet in grass being taken. Do not understand what happened from looking around myself. Romp in the park anyway. I still have not at all. I think it would be good fun.

・ ・ ・ But, though capped at least. Mush with a single. Ah ~ Ah, I was like wearing a lot of grass or soil. The clothes I'm also so sure. I noticed in the park and around. As of now this dress is perfect. I mean, you already Teru Hashi protruding buttocks. Whoa. I wonder if it'll no longer wear all the same.

Countermeasures hard gate

I'm open ・ ・ ・

WC measures installed gate . Alice is a real bear to look on. I'm also getting a big success now appeared. He does that, who is also something natural enemies. Hard to escape this way and that trial and error.

I'm sure about the reason for deportation. When my meal, when the customer came. Kuri Tome sofa cover toilet course failure. I also have the opposite camp. Courier time has come.

Good time is still tiny. But even when the guests and only make noise when you eat. What is not enough to bother me. Nowadays, because I can reach on the table. Belo to those in desperate tongue stretched out to ~ Icon plate. Sometimes the audience. Papers on the vent on the floor reaching for the full table. You'll only get it out. Mon recently familiar. When my food quickly from one to bed. But why would I know. After the meal and see Alice Sitting in front of the gate. "Be quiet, so I had put" I. "Meal" or I'm not saying.


What I did not even yet

I'm also addicted to the feeling of Alice something tactics. Playing before the toilet once. This is fine. In the play to them. Play bout. I was distracted by something that TV. From his bed and to Sutakora. I wait a minute and look, there remains a strong ・ ・ ・. Was done. Ku these people out of their own. When you turn the sofa cover Soreto deportation. Almost reproachful look at my face. That idea to the toilet. A little bit. Yes, a lot of Ochoko much away. , And urge you sit down? Yeah it useless, Alice.

I want to think about. Away in the living room from the side gate strategy. However, the not at all, "the hand" or not. I have trouble not able to speak out. At all. 'm Just getting to craft something Sama. Opposite effect of the gate? Worse still perhaps ・ ・ ・ without a gate. He keeps a problem.

What is it foul

What foul play, but what?

I cheat. So well, is not it against the rules. Because I was playing with friends. Rules Incidentally, I protect manners. I'll pull this from the start is almost over? Extend the ski ... I guess the rubber. Do away then. Ku Cha Truly I'm hurt. ー 100 years of early Ittsu what you Gomupatchin mat. I played not you do it from the next.

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Shouganaijan. And got out of one's mouth can do. I do not understand Ne-mon where it will go back. Incidentally if you do not mind my saying so, why not go get Atashi bringing you? Such as ball or ring. Well, I'll chase the body naturally. Can not you understand something. Wai, you listening? ・ ・ ・ Guys talking, but people. Oh, ・ ・ ・ ring soon, soon. Throw, throw. To fetch, as early. ・ ・ ・ But why You're the'll chase.

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Alice recent favorite. Throw a toy foot race chasing. Well not to bring or fetch. The chase, but his mouth, and come back. And I think probably unconscious. In, When I have yours. Cha me pass. I hope I pulled myself from sure. The not so impossible to separate cover. I have not even wanted here. I'll play it but I Nannai.

What are you doing?

Been watching with great interest

What are you doing splashing? Play interesting? Let us tell of? Bad? Fu ~ I, I enjoy it alone? I have an idea from here Then you also. Surprised to see from the slower. Yell. To to it because I already receive. Ah, I'll watch myself.

That. Naijan anything. I think you have something interesting. Well, I did not expect it separately. ・ ・ ・ It that so. Then I saw it. I do not mind if you help that?

Help me for me? Wash? ・ ・ ・ But I think I'll stop. You're wearing eye, this Tappa. Like what I got help. DAME. Ah, but I Tappa Alice A person with one shot. You just open the hole. I feel like I will certainly look. Tappa because this thing about Alice is put meat Toku. Daro open hole trouble.


Their favorite 狭Kutsu

Recent Alice. Want to see anything and everything. Tactile. Bigger, to reach different places. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom even. Dragged down to the floor all those interested. In which the Gajigaji.

I'm So I'll put away. More to the back. To a higher place. I swear in the shelf so I ・ ・ ・. I hope it looks with the arrangement. Even when she's about to prepare the rice, you are staring right next. You're aiming for skiing. I try to nibble. Sweet. I'm already know that.

Really, I'm in position to ski percent grew. Under the kitchen stool. The even more impossible. Sitting you fun? Head stuck. I think I often get into below. When the room was small but yeah. I Got the overhang is even now ー smart ass. Is something, I do not think you'll Otsumu growth compared with the body?

One mobile shake you ~!

You with me because I'm not so

Alice was broken phone . For a moment. Anyway, from inbound possible. But inconvenience. Know the phone number. No. I say nothing in these days Sola. IPhone one by multiplying the number sure. Hannah Shi iPhone but I'm with you 掛Kero. Multiplied with the iPhone phone or want to confirm schedule. So somehow.

In the nearby shopping DoCoMo recently. Model or another, not to change. What if there is any.






I do not lie

"Hi. Looking for something."
"Yeah, I got broken by the phone."
"Can I kindly showed me."
"I hope. You look out the LCD."
"Oh, I really. Oh, I'm not usable LCD, Oh. This would be replacing the LCD panel. Are you sure the repairs."
"? ・ ・ ・ What? Can fix it?"
"Yes, and bon appétit your time just about a week so a draw."
"Fu ~ do. And I do not phone while in trouble. I used to anyway."
"Oh, you 換機 Masu Yoshi and loan fee of course."
"To? Without changing phone numbers?"

Repaired immediately by a minute decisions entering. What can I fix it. I also 換機 generations. Common sense, right? A common practice? Obvious? But happy. In addition, the final blow.

"Excuse me, but it takes repair costs 5,250 yen."
"Oh, right."
"Replace the outer case, so too noticeable scratches would suggest in passing"
"What? How much, right?"
"It can be replaced without changing the cost. Because the maximum amount of 5,250 yen repair."
"Lie. Really?"

Sure. The sad state of Alice in the case of bite wounds. Indeed DoCoMo! Eligh! I is Toco profitable to do differently. DoCoMo was good. Oh, the same everywhere? I just ignorant?

Contact repairs completed yesterday. Immediately on receipt. Beautiful! Incidentally, it looks entirely new. The place was also replaced the buttons just inside the outside I thought. Peel off the protective plastic waste to much of something. Good. It's really a waste of replacement. ・ ・ ・ Can be worrisome.

Mobile home with a table. Alice in awe. Oy, please. Please, no phone. Please ・ ・ ・.

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