Plum season

've Forgotten something changing seasons

These days followed by cold days. Alice in the park with. I was pretty plums bloom. I was forgotten for that.

Last summer, Allie was Pattari 出歩Kanaku from outside and died. Pattari and a frog. Is out of necessity. So into the landscape of asphalt and concrete streets. Tatsuki Sae not included on the first street and they had there, just feeling the cold and hot seasons. In season feeling I was missing from last summer.


Small but beautiful, strong

2009年5月 Allie清里にて

Allie and fresh green Kiyosato

Six months ago. When I was with Allie. Day I was feeling the change of seasons. Flowers bloom every season we have changed. Trees will gradually change the color green. Various fragrant smell from them. Fly around the trees chirping birds - but how many crows were occasional scratches. Of course not the only creatures. Same road, same time walking the length of the shadow. The thickness of the air. These were all season.

I work every day, just before the real life and speaking. Much beyond the hands eagerly Even a week of sleep. Zara is that. 've Hired since he became the the that. Not just in the TV season and the So What little greeting. So, Allie and meet before.

Allie slowly together, and began to notice a little bit different KOTO Really. Every day fresh and pleasant surprise. Two hours each morning and evening walks. People refer to "be hard" or I've been told, was not like that at all. Was fun to walk together rather ・ ・ ・.

Alice Park and walk. Revive and jag have such a feeling. Ah, the season so late. Cold winter is almost over. The calendar is still 2, but the moon is just the beginning. I was feeling forgotten that. Allie told me that sensation. Then, Alice reminded us that feeling.

2 Responses to "Plum Season"
  • TT from Mom:

    I guess Allie'm friends with a lot of fun in heaven-chan!
    Then, hiro says Alice and I watched the things I chan me.

    Allie-chan pretty face ... (^ ^)

    • hiro5900 from:

      TT our mom
      Allie and I want to do something together,
      Just when you've had to talk to or Gandoggu different things or number.
      (When I visited the blogs disadvantage fact Temashita kun TT)
      Wish it was without success ・ ・ ・.

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