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Fuel economy improvement from the base

And was constantly take from

Astro fuel economy was in the mood. What is impossible not improve dramatically. Here are the basics again. Yesterday after a long time that the ROD MOTORS to.


Percent did not do anything to clean


When I was riding my gun Meta


Alice is confined to office work

This Astro, buy cheap at current sales. I do not really look like anything riding after purchase. When I did not understand because oil is traded so.

Therefore, from the basics of maintenance. Engine oil, oil filter elements, air filter replacement gasoline supplies respectively.

As expected, the engine oil. I was pretty dirty. Gas filter clogged feeling well. Clean air element to it than I thought. Colle I thought I was the element of surprise that the biggest impact on fuel economy.

In order to add it Wiper and engine belts. The wiper was the mood and muscle, so I wipe out. I'll try to cry out to you and also when humid belt.

Oh, What happens though. I was riding before I came to Astro. The new owner added a roll with crisp color work and repainting. Astro is still such that the original car. These are really cool to use.

Alice did you take them. Alice met a long time in the growth of RYO president surprised too. When I first came on the table even though he played in the office.

Way way back, fill up. When I get better mileage calculation. It also stretch 1km / L is also weak. I did not use the air conditioner from this place. Tashi becomes warmer. In such a place possible. Make it too good? Improve fuel efficiency air conditioner be used anyway? You are not a Corvette. Without You I muri air conditioning. I'm sure the Corvette has got air conditioning disconnect.

New Items

Come in and take a beautiful

I shot with well? I'm worried about something ~ Naa. Give me a peek. Wait a minute? What Collet. You've been a frown. It took more cute to beautiful. Even though the new camera at least. The first shot I got something cherry park will come about. Not a camera for?

Do you understand? Camera. What with me from. I have to give them a shot. I have not misunderstood place there? He does not have a sense arms anyway. 'll Have to compensate with the camera. You waste the precious objects are cute. (I say so myself ←, OK?)

~ Shit. Doormat. Yes. I'm no photography skills. I'm no more sense. Fun? Know. If you still wish we were little? Was looking around on bringing you. Try not about the camera eye. When turning the camera around. If you want to help take Kunnakya cute.

I was there with the SANYO Xacti camcorder I ever. But as easy to use video. Feeling a little unhappy recently. AF is slow. Alice and I restlessly, when there is not already in focus.

, And Na if I said I wanted a camera, I had to get presents. What Alice in (this is a bit frustrating ←). Nikon digital camera in S6000 is capped me. Small and easy guy anyway! I say this was coming. Indeed small. Almost the same size card. But a surprisingly thick. To know more. Mont Now this?


In full bloom a little more


The bright place


Still wry


Nailed to duck


I've seen TV

I use a little feedback. Compared with the previous video but the last. Focus is fast indeed. Reasonably captured in a dark place. In addition to continuous shooting and video capabilities (普通Rashii it now.) Maybe not as important quality I thought. I hope than before of course. I really think it is more dramatically beautiful. What digital camera recently. SLR digital camera I got a long time ago. I prefer a sharp, sensitive and better quality there. It's just inconvenient to carry around. Thanks to everyone who either broken something wrong with.

I noticed it later. I have written a description of what is quality mode. Innovation try next (I gotta read the fine manual As expected.)

So conclusion. Do I sense a photo, and. Sorry Alice. I'll want a camera 補Enai.

Miracle on 10th and 3 months

I thought you were not already

Alice came three months and 10 days more we have. If you want a long way. ・ ・ ・ Therefore What? How, finally, and Innovation ~ ~ ~, Alice is "the hand" I had to make! ! Congratulations.

Why? What happened to Kimi? I never did before. Did you give up more recently. Why could not suddenly? Somerset is well and good fun?. What special training did you hide? I'd surprise? ~ U guys. Cute guy. Goin a little better attitude 満点Jan 100.

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Alice has been on a change of heart in anyway. Well, the first time I tried to tell its own way. Did not want to understand at all. The extended hand "Kaputsu" I just have. Quite recently. There was no try. In happened yesterday, "the hand" I said I was. Then ・ ・ ・ was. Coincidence? I think I say that again. "Your Hand." ・ Was ・ ・! Hell I fucked praised. But Alice and I Kyoton.

Alice is looking for something better 見Rya in my hands. I see the look of the goal reward. But the good. Was triggered by anything. Even know if you kiss shape. I wanted you to know sooner.

Not really skill (art?) But seems like you do not have. But "sit" and the "Fuse" I want to do so is speaking. Why me? I think I need to. Two. But "you get" You do me. Need a "?" Well, that.

You like the smell?
She likes bad smell

I stink?

Dog, no, Dover, ・ ・ ・ guess not. Alice likes it. 破Ku to be ripped paper. After rice dessert gum. Outside toilet to pee while looking at my face. ・ ・ ・ Smell and (mono).

You know, Alice girl I'm what. Why do I? Crazy to smell like that? I think I smell what I say slippers. And socks and sneakers. I put the dirty and smelly one!. Any more, I say to people. Uchi is the transformation of Alice would never poke nose into slippers. I got to be ecstatic, too.

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So I wonder? I think it smells good. I wonder why. I'm gonna smell 嗅Gitaku catapult. I like to 芳Shikutsu Naa. Why do 思Ikkiri once sniffed? Bad? ~ Oh, sorry. I know that smell good. I'm half 損Shi life. Sure.

Forget about it, nothing. He's such a picky individual liberty. I'm not saying you do not like going anyway. You honor. I want to be called to smell this baby myself.

OK. Plextor was not like it was good. I also accept personal freedom. But let us not put that shit on my face? After the nose crashed into the slippers! I will be here to love Demonai. Even if your smell!

When you go for something like this so much Alice. First, let us put them on the socks. Clinging anyway. If each leg Kaputsu 履Ke halfway. While they do not run away or put on, or leg up high. I feel like a good start thanks to one leg. The changes aim is bad. ... Or give up on socks. Now, to slippers. Ete fleeing its mouth. Now if somehow the front door wearing traceable to go for the shoebox. Something you sit down? Gaze nailed to the door. Once you open each head rush. Only across the head with a door stop. It is hard to wear because of shoes. This every day. Tired ・ ・ ・.

Alice came from, I'm wearing slippers now the second generation. I bought about 30 percent of the new hole in socks. Clean up the front door was the shoes. ・ ・ ・ Knew I was good because it can be tidied up and new, ・ ・ ・ it (crying).

・・・・・・Another six months and three days
2009年春 代々木公園にて

Remember this look

March 20. Allie on September 20 of last year died. Just half a year has passed. Already? With the feeling that, yet? A strange mixture of feeling sense. Alice 3 days later I turned into a riot of vomiting.

Allie still misses an offering of bread was a daily favorite. Today was a favorite among them Baumkuchen. Daradarayodare hanging just really smell. Eyes widened when they liked that.

But the daily "Good Morning" "Good night." Recently casual, "Good morning, Alice" or they say. I realize now, of course. "Sorry wrong here." Because I ran into a similar name. Alice just got here just in time, but the reverse is also wrong way. What is this passage of time. Allie I can not do wrong to forget that. Little memory depth, I mean we keep in mind in calm. Alice usually loud why I was even before Allie is only when quiet. I'm always watching the tilting our heads.

Allie and Alice. Like I'm coming from and they want blood 繫 with dogs even though gender, hair color is natural. After all characters are different. Allie is a relatively young age 大人Shikatta. Have patience with it. However, the stubbornness. Mr. Saji threw more disciplined trainer. Alice will feel the opposite. Currently I.

Allie I do a little more chance to speak to that. Alice from now with people I meet and greet and even walk in the front. "Huh, I see you again" I did not. In a notice Antonaku. I took the dog a little different. I was smaller. Allie said it's natural. Yes, Allie had more chances to talk to many people thanks. I'm speaking to people and children to walk the dog. Neighbor, who managed the park.

Allie has been six months of storage has certainly turned into nostalgia. So remember that the most fun to be around. And the same thing in the memory. I widened my eyes directed straight to him.


Exactly one year ago at Roppongi Midtown

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  • to "midnight intruder."
    Hiro5900 - I guess that happens or what is Sanji. I felt the routine is to crush the competition in the territory of the bed while drowsy something melted before the morning (laughs). ...
  • to "midnight intruder."
    Sanji - hiro5900 says I'm the same. The next morning in the middle champ, sleeping is my small way of Haji. I do not know much either in bed, seems to have given a rather sleep with me (tears) ...
  • to "midnight intruder."
    Hiro5900 - What are you sleeping together or by Mr. Sanji Champ. Why or what more we change of heart from recent ・ ・ ・. Temashita but escaped before Allie started staying later reversed. And then I got kicked out of bed is reversed in due time I think no hot (laughs). ...
  • to "midnight intruder."
    Sanji - hiro5900's evening. Is not I cute Alice comes drifting into her bed. Badly I envy my wife read it! 込Mimasu sleep with him every night and pull the [Stop-』seems to become a habit with me since I was sleeping, so Puppy can run away from my office and been rejected. Still, it drifting in and never (laughs) ...
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    Hiro5900 - Blade M Totally Customer, although I like basil公園Rashii wisteria certainly better. Now leave the flowers there somewhere looking for a place (laughs). ...
  • to "Shiba"
    Blade M - s hehe! shelves and not behind the wisteria, I misunderstood - just like a resting place (laughs) Department of the city's famous eight-black women are in bloom is like a little tea. I'm sorry! (Laughs) ...
  • to "Shiba"
    Hiro5900 - Hello Mama Irene Customer. I also climbed to the longing I have to go to Tokyo Tower percent Yappa I was I only had about four times. I say and hear and walk neighborhoods Dover Tokyo Tower is okay, Alice I was dizzy and walking two while walking Nde while still looking around. And dashing, smart, until you walk is still Incidentally. I mean, I live with my lovely head dull Dobelle 2. Thank you in the future. ...
  • to "Shiba"
    Hiro5900 - right? M Blade tower there I Customer sea. If you have had before I went down to 上Razujimai. ・ ・ ・ Wisteria? Sorry, I did not look well. I remember it well because there are still sheltering under that. What is blooming wisteria When is the way? My image as a rainy season? Hydrangea I mistaken? (Laughs) ...


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