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・・・Ta Teeth changed?

What exactly are you guys ~

Alice is just four months old the end of February. "I grew nicely" Hey. Last week, even in the teacher just said. I try to be something I look certainly mature. Such timing.

Corridors of our house recently, very clean and always wipe from doing (or imagine the matter please.) 這Itsukubatsu was in the hallway yesterday. As usual. Oh? Something white in the corner. Cuz is not, Alice or bites that broke a piece of paper. Recent Koto sure Alice Lovely Idol favorite tea Hitsu the paper. Also would not hurt so much I got from eating separately. If the stress release and good too. Wait, I want to fake. By the way, now in the trash in my house. Par paper was full of finely shredded. Drastically decreases the amount of paper. Something like Eco. But it's messy to collect paper it is quite difficult. ・ ・ ・ Derailed the talks.

Kera Among the small paper. To discard the pinch. Aretsu? Hard. Peer.

ー Oh! ! This, this is!

Perhaps Alice's baby teeth? ? I see I see, finally grow instead. ・ ・ ・ Played on full volume Tokunaga Hideaki songs in my head this time. I'm ♪ Alice climbed the stairs to another step ・ ・ ・ I adult.


Real right. Tsu and confusing

Allie really have to take care of baby teeth too. Alice can do so, I was secretly looking forward to this. Wash thoroughly immediately and views ・ ・ ・ application? Something ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ feel a little different. Certainly the subtle clarity, color, size too. But something is still wrong. Well look good.

A, A Bye, Tsu Korya!

Dash to the bedroom. Alice is there impassively. Kazi Kazi was my shirt. Grab that shirt. After all. ~ I'm missing a button. This, he'll ・ ・ ・! You've gone and chewing! Some feel that time and the soles of the feet. There is also primary teeth (similar to) is ・ ・ ・. Needless to say after this hell Alice was being scolded. Never was a fun revenge betrayed'm scared.

That night. Alice and traces of blood on the carpet and playing. Oh, you were somewhere else and scratched. See my hands. Nothing. Alice look. Seems especially fine. And, a little trash on the carpet. Pinch. And hard. I think so. Fragments of peanuts? Huh Well, maybe. Check Alice's mouth. Traces of blood in the mouth. Now what Daa ~ UK. ・ ・ ・, But isn't even a little impressed. I thought I escaped from the ・ ・ ・ ate.

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