Additionally, namely・・・

What it also poses

Chitta ー it again. This time was a little upset. Really, you see, I have not ever entered into a bat. But, lately I was getting a little touch. Then 動Kujan. Toco had to be from the same lot. I thought the thing work. You are going to care about it realized that it Yappari. I was always in touch without being seen. What is not to be dismissed.

In one week from now. Chance! ! The effort paid off moments ever! As expected. I enjoyed a firm. Got caught soon. Did you know I wonder.

Even a chance! ? Even that effort is rewarded! ? Yes, certainly was not aware. Tenakattajan such a practice swing at all. So that game completely defenseless. Halo effect, and They're not even remember the phone was there. Aimed at bringing you call him? ・ ・ ・ Is nothing in either. Or they're already worn out bed or bedroom bookshelf. Maybe there was a miracle that this phone has been prank ever.


Better yet maybe I'll just use

Cordless handset cordless phone in the bedroom. Was a setup. In some cases halfway. The back cover is tattered. Fortunately (?) The body is safely in the trash there for some reason. Evident only from the first cover's urgent. Not what we already ate. I was relieved and it truly is not essential.

I was bitten back cover is pretty. The fall of body shapes Hamarazu ・ ・ ・. Using bare backside? And if that. Most never got a call this child the original machine. So What I'd forgotten about it.

A matter of time and bedside lamps become this? Making body of the lamp but it is okay. Switch ass is so. After air-conditioner remote control. This is just keep your Tokanai.

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