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・・・Blood in gastric juice (PART)

And what did you really?

Morning before three days. Alice awoke to the sound of vomiting. "Gah っ U, tattooing Ge" and. The vomit is brown liquid materials. Undigested material was. Would be usual, when empty stomach. And was going to eat now.

Morning the next day. The sound of vomiting. Looking at the clock at 4:30. This time I mixed the meat undigested. What kind of odd? Uchi three and a half months to come, but this first. Allie did you eat and occasionally throwing things. Every time that it was rather hungry at Gege. Why the day before so I did not care ・ ・ ・.

I also vomit and see. Now only the juice. About every 30 minutes it lasted two hours.

Morning, contact the hospital. I give a small amount of porridge and consultation. Appetite is there. The usual fine. Without any sign of spit gag ate porridge. Ordinary long flights are a bit soft. Hospital in the afternoon. Honesty is the biggest fear was that swallowed icon Why is not hiding something. After the course description, the X-ray. Pear abnormal. The thing is that there seems to be completely safe and out of sight but I can not say. Such things stick in the stomach and intestines and can there ever be a hard thing. To look at the situation again in intestinal disorders. On this day, eat a little meat mixed with porridge. Rested early.

Morning. Light meat, so the two were always consecutive day, vomiting. Just when I started to worry I was calm for a while, spitting and Modoshita. Just wait-until the afternoon. Let them eat porridge by mixing a little dry food because there is no vomiting. Naa I have my appetite. Porridge and it seems fine. Is not this a little tired stomach somewhat.

Let us consider changes in the mincing meat while good digestion 100CLUB to the usual diced. Were playing when I'm talking about a small-time Alice started spitting again 1.

! ! I mixed a little blood in gastric juice. !

To be continued on a next post ...

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