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Come in and take in the beautiful

撮Re I right? ~ Naa I'm worried about something. Let me see. Aretsu? Kore anything. 'm Not frown. I take more beautifully cute. Even long-awaited, but a new camera. I got the first shot and get something cherry park ballpark. Not a camera for?

Do you know? The camera. What's Atashi from. I have raised and taken from. Go on a misunderstanding not there? We do not have the skill and sense anyway. And ask them to compensate for the camera. Subject is a waste awaited Desho cute. (← yourself or rather, normal?)

Damn ~. Doormat. Yeah. I have no arms of photo Nante. I do not sense more Nante. Terujan know. You sit a little shy Dattara? Is in bringing you the Kyorokyoro. Try not about the camera eye. When is enough for the camera. If you want to take the cooperation Kunnakya cute.

Did the use of the SANYO Xacti camcorder What ever. 易Katta I use a video. Somewhat unhappy lately. AF is slow. What Alice is not settled, the focus when one is not there anymore.

In Na Tetara say you want the camera, she's got a gift. What is it to Alice (← Here is a bit frustrating). What is the S6000 digital camera Nikon is capped. Small and easy guy anyway! This came complains about. Little about it. Roughly the same size of business cards. But surprisingly in thickness. Also do not know. Mont now this?


Bloom in a little more


In light Toko


Grimace Yappari


Glued to duck


I watch TV

Here's a look a bit. But compared with the previous video cameras only. Too early to truly focus. Toko also appear in a reasonably dark. In addition to continuous shooting and video capabilities (it is now 普通Rashii). Quality counts, be no more than I thought. I hope than before of course. Really I thought it was more dramatically beautiful. What digital camera recently. Do you have a digital camera but the camera long ago. I like sharp, delicate How about better quality. It's just inconvenient to carry around. Heaven or broken something bad shape.

But feel that with later. What is written in the description What are the high quality mode. Innovation try now (What I have to read instructions properly Yappa).

So conclusion. I sense that, photography, and. Alice I cough. It's like Ja compensate camera.

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