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Full six months

Well here is such a happy face

Today, Alice is also a full six months. Already four and half months since I came to Uchi. Something flashed.

To take a really long at first hand. Now weighs about 26kg. It also builds a lot Doberurashiku. I've been a little before Colo. Figure becomes even run upside down. I still feel your love and respect and that's a little plumb yet. The whole line replaced by teeth grow. The only concern is cut-ear ear. I stood just left ear. The habit of luck like Bimyo right ear. Now gradually being corrected. I breathe a lot more thing it has cured.


・ ・ ・ Little


I would laugh and I'll look it look

Maybe nature has become increasingly appropriate to the queen. Well, you start pretty 気強Katta Kikan. Now I feel it took the Spurs. Wagamama is the extent of the queen like someone I truly Toco. Anyway, hate to be patient. Helplessness and sit for 5 seconds. Before much more than rice. Grow a little too sweet?

Has settled a little sabotage? Maybe you can have a little separation. The sofa and they made phone 示Sanaku interest. I'm interested in this thing and moved higher on the table or bookshelf though. Toco hands that reach so far. Alert is still taboo.

Alice actually gave little things I bought. Allie-down the most. Collar and clothes, cushions, toys much. Eligh-down with me and be patient. Person would probably not thinking of me-down.

In the toilet. Toco finally broke 09. I almost can. If not get to play something fails. That on purpose maybe. This brings a fit of anger. When playing in reverse. I got obsessed fun, you'll be on the spot. ・ ・ ・ Here is a fault.

Otsumu the body is really not mature but still percent. But without any major issues anyway. I want us to grow up healthy in the moment. Sufficient by itself.

December 15, 2009 / Alice's hire came the next day

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Revival explosion!


Corbett was dormant for a long time. ・ ・ ・ When I finally wake up. Simply ROD MOTORS is coming, but I just had to get it. To get a repair and maintenance. Amefesu for the course.

It did not move nearly nearly a half a year now. The engine did not even hang. I'm hanging around a burden and an oil leak. Ask them to do because all the bases. Reserve oil booster simple, light, various tools:. Long time no hang from the engine anyway. First, it is a battery out with. I even got it down to oil. The engine of the tips, but even just hang. Could you hang well?


The sound was like a MOFO


ROD of you wearing red clothes kun RYO

First, open the hood Pawasuteoiru replenish. Batteries are no problem because it seems the other ON. My Corvette have been forced to cut to the battery. What is not reduced even without using the voltage. So. But I truly think this will be impossible while. I try to twist the key. Temashita alive. Battery. I was surprised. Indeed OPTIMA (the name of the battery. Notoriously strong.)

So sweet but with a single hanging. The cab car care places around here. 1 starter while turning the aftermath Axel ~ 2 minutes.

Baribaritsu, Baritsu

Hung! Listen to blast a long time. Axel repercussions for a moment while warming. Some poorly ventilated car park. I much more luck catalyst ancient car. Shipashipa little eyes and exhaust. Gasoline and oil smell was irritating at the same time.

Anyway. Just roar. Cured from the wool scarf did not move much? Exhaust sound just amazing. Called perfect crisp representation. Previously would have been more quiet. Much the same, with straight pipes and when the actual race. Echoes the sound of underground parking Nde. Comb all people look into the parking lot walk down the street.

Amefesu to repair. Inspection of parts is also partly for commissioning in passing. May 5 is the tone of the safe.

Street Car Nationals
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals


Sunday went to the park sea breeze. Original purpose of the car went to Odaiba event. Mooneyes 24th. Street Car Nationals. Domestic cars and trucks around the American car, custom car and van. I remember last year I was an entry in a Corvette too. This year, still dormant. Alice was so relaxed I was and I walk.

First to ROD MOTORS booth as usual. I was with Alice. ROD welcome from staff and friends. Darn it, we all rally around. Alice and sprinkle too friendly to everyone. In the end I still have mild speech rather lead. ・ ・ ・ Well, because I hope I can every time.


You can see the car slightly to the left


Be kind of fun?

Highlights of this year's event after a while. Bannautodemo announcement begins. Arrays will be stalled out Taiyasumoku drag racing tire I Bannauto something. That was originally what I say has an important role to warm the tires. Because it looks flashy. The events of this kind may Shoappu are facing. Why do not you do a great crowd. I never see the car. Just came back to see smoke.

In the important car show. Most have not actually seen. Alice and how are you doing to relieve stress will be quiet when we have a walk. I thought so at the beginning of a walk. Here are tired. I ran the car show so little energy. What did you do and I'll say. ROD have been talking to or behind the booth. What is this preposterous Coto.

Alice is the way I did not 繫 Dari's car back to the booth. Kitten and everyone, and Homework in the disappearance of the other car. Alice had fun not something to be?


Most have been here


ROD Doragguresuka of

Street Car Nationals 1

Our car car Shorashii

Street Car Nationals 2

I like sharks Cama

Street Car Nationals 3

Group of full-size van

Sea Breeze Park

Rainbow Bridge is at the back

This Sunday the weather was good. Came to see the events passing in Odaiba. Alice took a walk to the park to the sea breeze. Good weather for a walk after a long time. Alice leave to rise in tension. I wonder all right.

Put the car in the parking lot, toward the sea. Sunday indeed. Many families. I figure it is also sparse on weekdays. I'm absorbing it's impossible to play. Walk obediently. Central square. What's the last year of people always Gundam.


Actually move here


Apparently concerned about the sound of the waves

Pedestrian walk a little (?) I missed the artificial rock out. Speaking of Alice's not the first time Rino Kaoru sea? Wanted to go to the beach. This rocky way, maybe I'm in Odaiba Seaside Park. Where is the boundary of the park and you're probably Odaiba Seaside Park and the sea breeze. Whatever.

And where is Alice froze. Oioi, waist Teru Hashi close. Teru Hashi face drawn. What would be the foot of the rocky gap? Lapping of the waves or hear sounds from there? It has become stuck and hard to do. Mou少Shijan beach. Ganbarenai one step away? I can not pull dat or impossible ・ ・ ・. At the moment I gave up.

Alice has to do with the heat a little wheezing. I went back to take a break.

Well, because today incidentally. Next time come back and play well. But on weekday evenings. Then go to the beach from the right. Just so you prepare the mind, Alice.


I'm just running stuff like this in Tokyo Bay

Alice breaks

I surely would have pleased

I think this is something a lot of rain. Especially here in about a month. To be unclear why such a walk. In, I got started for me. ・ Sudden switch on. Or not Alice is a sweet, I thought you were.

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~ Oh, gee a little refreshing. Darn it, I got more than enough strength. And not run out of it at all recently. But I'm still doing it once Gaman. I would be lost and helpless at times it is. Well, I'll forgive the indiscretions of youth Koto, Ne.

At first I was surprised, yes. What happened. And start running fast and furious with no warning at all. What it madly. Ah, I thought I mean really lost your marbles. That was when I Allie. That you look even better. I'm striving to do something like release of energy. I can not remember clearly.


A dream state our strong track

So now we enter the switch immediately evacuated. It sounds rather dangerous to do the impossible to stop. The switch now because I'll get it. Even stopped by. Alice is not that God has abandoned before settling 触Ranu. When I settled into it comfortably to the face. You are here 怒Nnakere ・ ・ ・.

But in the great room. A typhoon mistakenly feel. It's the carpet and sofa covers curled whatever. You'll take a mess of bed from bed mat. It's really something on the table to put things insoluble. Because I do not understand when you start. But no choice. The frustration can accumulate. If nothing is resolved at this level OK. Destroyed than was good thing. I'll be eaten more than funny mon. The danger is that, but be careful.

'll Be sorry they did not like the weather getting better as soon as possible. It's enough momentum that'll destroy what Uchi. I feel I know it's really the bottom of the Dobelle sabotage.

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