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Not too bad?

Do you know what's up? (The answer is to click on the bottom left photo)

Wealth, has recently become mature Alice. No part of growing up still can not clean ・ ・ ・. Incidentally, what an adult or child is not going to Collet. I think I'll go on living on very important, Alice.


I do not rush to drink well


Kore is also not normal to feel

What do the people who wanted ・ ・ ・ Hanashi. When I was young I look, Alice the calyx is abnormally Wed I drink! Or spill water or walk around with water dripping from the mouth. Were normally not it? Hannah Shi's not like that level.

Alice and normal drinking water only when you're watching. Not what you'd expect. Drink vigorously. But then.

I'm suddenly quite right and stop drinking for a while. And I think even when I'm breathing Kishimen'll apparently take Wed. In, and I think I got water into the nose with air.

感Jirurashiku it is strange that my works. Now stop and was hanging down Kurujan. Water into the nose. I'm watching it and jitter. In the drinking and I'm waiting to get out all the water in the nose. I'm fine amount is what comes out Wed. What is wrong with this? You usually drink properly? The instinct.

When you're little more in the calyx. The worry is that it is Tarashiku surging in the unit when you drink. Waiting for a scandal that a sip, a sip ・ ・ ・ also.

Or maybe one more. Sitting on the floor to eat or drink occasionally. I always think. Overdue for this? "Otsu, Forget about playing nice" is too stupid but I thought first. You normally considered hard to eat. I also think you are too good for your body shape something unnatural. The extent of appetite or energy Kano Hana same I sick? I hear it in passing from teacher to go to Toco next week.


Laughing so cheated

But glad rain

Nature and laughing

Was followed by a rainy weather lately. Daily walks and holidays raining and I'm twice the afternoon and evening. The day before yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk up in a little rain drizzle.

Roll up tension after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Stuck at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car looks. I was walked back to our call and alarmed. Surprisingly normal. Really I'm a little worried now. I still work and that solidified.


Feels pretty


Go back ~

Even walking out of the lower tension. Busted in no sense a bit of time. Silently but intently while smelling the ground. I'm always think I'm clever. I smell the scent while walking the Pad. The wrist guard is also good or obstacles. The pole-hit wonder or you look however, the normal (in fact I do about three times Alice.)

In the longer get to the park around the time Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddle do not seem to care. Lie on the ground to get rid of the ground and in fact Hinyari. It was fresh and unusual look of the park? When it's time to go home, and suddenly came down to the soup. Alice is rather short and you look up at the sky. The rain did not seem familiar with it yet.

Also walk in the drizzle at night. There's no feeling like I'm falling rain. It's like a cool drizzle. Maybe I enjoyed Allie. Ah, I laugh in the face of evidence that much (I forgot the camera the way the day.) Slips lot but too many times in the hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting on thick your return. Coto did not like much until now.

Now the rainy season. The rain will increase even more. I need to buy a place quick rain. It is truly like getting wet was a bit reluctant.

・・・Also be stupid

・ ・ ・ Coto what so completely!

No, I got tired of ・ ・ ・ end. Even really stupid parents. What? What is high touch. What it. Can I 出来Nakutsu or skill. You said there were. That's a lie? I needed only if possible, anyone? I need this? I do not think we needed.

Not mean much these days? We can fight Godzilla. Hair dye and try to imitate. The age of stupid good. More, please make a decent growth record. Oh, sorry.

Yes. Yes, Your. I regret. Said sure. I like technology or even impossible. I No, I'm even impossible. It really is. But you know, you can Chaujan. You are so funny. Good for you? Fun doing this - I learn it? Oh, the fun is just me? ・ ・ ・ Sorry.

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I know it. Really. Do not give it more proper to take this. Not the heel walk, jump on it too. Mate is definitely something I Tokitai. You've been good at patience 強Kutsu. You'll go easy on you. Could be from the hand. Hara Ppoijan another way somehow a little hand position and shape.

Waste bark and jump on the way, I'm a little lost. Walk It Naa ・ ・ ・ front heel yet. Now you have to worry about my position but little by little. Mate in the house were little, I just.

Naa'm still happy. Can only get from your right hand still Naa. As can also be left with. It's perfectly fine with both hands it can become so, the original director. (No regret Temasen ←)

Look different?

Still growing because

Alice look like has changed. A little before it. It's natural that way because it still growing. I'm still young compared to adult faces. For me to feel a little sorry ・ ・ ・.


This really is a favorite expression

Before I look like some. What do you mean and mean what. What's muzzle? I'm tapering usually Dobelle. Alice is right there before I got it all flat Geez, feel like jowls. Mr. Komawari the big kids were old (more likely a stranger ←) is reminiscent of the face.

It's not nothing if not fearless look. Speaking of class may be a strange face Which I do. But theres a charm. And cute. I really like a tomboy at Alice's, but I feel that it is perfect.

Naa 見Renaku'm getting this expression lately. Being aware of the moment. What is the difference between a first viewing angle? I also was thinking, I would like very much different.

The truth should be happy. Coto and I'm an adult I'm gradually getting. I also look grown-up show recently. I changed to the eye. In feeling but I'm not sharp. Going on and obviously not a child's eyes.

Yeah the beginning was to get bigger and bigger. But I thought I was. What do you think it will slow a little? I. Naa I think I really selfish. Even though he does not even six months ago more we come from. To look into becoming an adult. S making me feel a little lonely.


Hashi Kono Muzzle too short time


Occasionally look like an adult

A matched

Ro is ripe so happy?

Two days ago, went to cut my hair really long time. My course. Ah, Alice will not need to trim. After a long cut and color. Hanashi and I say this or what? I may actually stick about three years ago. ・ ・ ・ Koto is not enough I say stick to upstage. ・ ・ ・ It.

Your hair color and matching dog! !

This means that Alice (formerly Allie) hair color and hair color of the same! I hope that it's really going to be a moron about to 嘲笑Wa. So hang out their satisfaction. Because I enjoy it. Even my first "What fool me" from what I thought.

I was originally going to cut my hair root in place before speaking. We would have a place where American car company. Shop uchi dog have been a lot of customers, from what you said. Car went flying from Tokyo to Yokohama so. Allie and I together. The color from the same previously asking to put last minute. "What color is" I know that it was. The instant "Allie colors with video!". I'm into the eye. Allie was waiting at the side.

I was truly amazed by. "Really?" What. It is very dark brown to a few months after putting to say the color. I'll be pretty bright. I'm not even red color but red Dobelle. Ever since.

But last year, Allie was going to cut hair from becoming the death. So whatever growth. It was something about tie back together. I always get the bangs in sight. Now, I no longer have Uttoushikutsu Gaman. Tashi it because I got back to the original color. Was about 10 months from last August's cut hair before.

But you know, after all happy. Hair color same. Dobelle was to tell me your red suit. Well, Alice does not know but that. It is self-satisfaction, the kore. (This is the ultimate parent stupid ←, the kore)


I feel rather

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