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Alice's GW Daa seaー★! Hen

I'm gonna'll Sea!

May 30, 4, Alice start of Golden Week. 1 year homecoming for me. Alice is the first long journey. Run up ahead of schedule 帰Reta I wanted to waltz clog the middle. Oh, Niigata is home.

You go home after all the sea ー! What percentage of the home near the sea. If you walk out to the coast about 10 minutes. What Alice in the sea the next day with KOTO. The car was good even on foot. It was too good weather. He can rest while playing.

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ー Tta not play a lot. The weather was great, too. Foot race or to follow even wave. And I thought it was okay to be approaching imperceptibly. I hate the wet. 油断大敵. Col but the way you want to hear. Dig the sand, the water springs Kurujan. Strange. Why? Well, you'll know. Sure, the research on your own. Hmm, salty taste.

I feel the sand running this. But, tired 走Ttara. Dry throat and going.

I know, as you dig out the sand and water. Looks like I was in the mood a lot. Dug up here and there. The smell stuck to the smell in the nose. The gritty to the nose. Or even try to lick. It is afraid of the waves? Tetajan escape might. It had also pulling back. And covered with a guard assigned to the wave.


ー'll Run Away


'll ー arrested


Na'll come over here and covered in sand


I dig


I get stuck nose


I get a rest

Alice sea for the first time (in Odaiba I got stuck in the rocks.) Already many curious things. Dari digging or running sniffing smells. Always playing alone. Rest while playing. Playing in the ocean again. I was just like a beach in Chapuchapu. Very well thought out as it were.

You I like to sea. Satisfied? This time, let's go into the ocean becomes warm. Together. What is impossible? Mon courage I do not look like it.

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