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Play in the dunes of the GW Chapter Alice ★

Do not go out a little hungry?

I have little time, I had a coastal sand dune Niigata. I'm almost there. Because I like houses built on sand dunes. I grew up pretty well I like dune grass with it. Windbreak entertainment, something to fill the sand fly. Dune is still a little left of the great playground. Seems like all of us locals.

Golden Swallow met something like that (sorry, I forgot the name). Alice can only play from my tiny child I usually. But I like dog. However. Foot race or to follow along with what feels good. Also things like chasing the ball. What a change of heart?

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It is not like a change of heart. The fun. And down the mountain and enjoyed the sand. First it was hard to run and feet occupied. Got tips can understand. 暑Kunakatta for much longer. The wind felt good.

Maybe true. I do not care for it seemed to smell the smell. Because the Golden Swallow'm always coming. I'm climbing the dunes and down every day. In deep sleep because every day. I wonder today so no doubt Alice. I play in a place like this is always a little envious. This wife, Alice says I've tried hard to sit on. Alice does not hear of such. I quite laugh.


A big dog to play with unusual


And down climbing


Can smell the sand 嗅Gimasu

Golden kun back then. 陰Tsu also softened up the heat for days. Alice is running and I was tired without doing a sandpile. Golden Week is far from over.

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