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I'm sure・・・Women

I think if a dog than a Dobelle

Alice elementary school were much less than six months past the man as well. Came out reasonably well by the 女子Rashi. It starts way too early precocious. You were a man. Yes, "I'm in Ge," it!


Also reflect on when


I guess people here are Alice

What, Alice. Sitting it. Nayotsu 横座Ri was it. Sitting a little funny? Alice is a girl but surely. This and that is another story.

犬Rashiku or first place. She is a dog is prima facie, do not sit 犬Rashii. She is a Doberman is much less. Extend the spine and more crisp. I wonder if I can sit a good attitude.

Sitting for argument's sake, let's assume that it will be as a reed. 早Kunai yet? A sprinkle of that 女子Rashi. She is a child yet. Sufficient notice that a little further from color.

I sit in Alice, sometimes collapse. Usually I'm sorry, I'm at an Please forgive me. The photo above left, for example. When I failed a toilet. Jitter and saw this sitting still was a failure.

Unartful this? Such as Daddy Cool When You forgive, normal. Oh, I say to avoid any misunderstandings. I did not angry or upset. Alice or even seen, much less something wrong as a girl. Transformation is defintely better for watching it. ・ ・ ・ Derailment.

Alice is in the up-from-under look and how I come out from the shadows with the thought to be scolded. Kore kore I can really be annoying. Is better than being 横座Ri. 情Kenakutsu something to me that sitting. I think maybe I'm not doing it on purpose. Tooru Hiroshi sick, but were embarrassed to sit properly Teru Hashi. Subtle Naa I'm feeling something. What's 横座Ri Doberman.

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