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Different points of view

Windows IE8 seen in the screen

I let things get to feel a little bit before. The look of this blog. I hope it does not matter Iitsu tea. I'm very much like IE on Windows do not appear as thought. Layout. I was going to be confirmed ・ ・ ・ when launched in the blog not you want the full. A while ago I noticed applications, the kore.


Firefox for Windows


If it looks like Firefox for Macintosh

And I know comparison, when the combination of letters arranged in a vertical photo. I start IE from the side of the character as the second photo. Kore fact, the same Windows or Firefox or Opera, Safari I started from the side of the photograph of the first letter that one perfectly.

They are on the Mac Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, I started from the next character in the way people see the first picture all the same. This means that IE can only see how I'm different (apparently the same in IE 8 looks like it is 7.)

I just maybe my environment is this? I also thought. In my house because I'm moving from Windows on the Mac. I wish I were. IE before I hear a lot of bugs I see the web. I'm got to get a basic standard for more than 60% market share you have any browser. I'm in a place that was missed.

By the way, I'm Mac and Win is also different in character stuffing. Mac for that matter pretty easy to read characters in more (and you think?) Well, this area but also a matter of personal preference.

In what to do and called the layout ・ ・ ・. He obviously does not trouble to look. What is also from me now. Well, whatever. (Human can not understand this situation and led to postponement of the problem ←)

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