But glad rain

Nature and laughing

Was followed by a rainy weather lately. Daily walks and holidays raining and I'm twice the afternoon and evening. The day before yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk up in a little rain drizzle.

Roll up tension after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Stuck at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car looks. I was walked back to our call and alarmed. Surprisingly normal. Really I'm a little worried now. I still work and that solidified.


Feels pretty


Go back ~

Even walking out of the lower tension. Busted in no sense a bit of time. Silently but intently while smelling the ground. I'm always think I'm clever. I smell the scent while walking the Pad. The wrist guard is also good or obstacles. The pole-hit wonder or you look however, the normal (in fact I do about three times Alice.)

In the longer get to the park around the time Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddle do not seem to care. Lie on the ground to get rid of the ground and in fact Hinyari. It was fresh and unusual look of the park? When it's time to go home, and suddenly came down to the soup. Alice is rather short and you look up at the sky. The rain did not seem familiar with it yet.

Also walk in the drizzle at night. There's no feeling like I'm falling rain. It's like a cool drizzle. Maybe I enjoyed Allie. Ah, I laugh in the face of evidence that much (I forgot the camera the way the day.) Slips lot but too many times in the hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting on thick your return. Coto did not like much until now.

Now the rainy season. The rain will increase even more. I need to buy a place quick rain. It is truly like getting wet was a bit reluctant.

8 Responses to "happy it rain."
  • Rirumama from:

    Alice Chan. I hope lots of you to walk.
    The wear of copper, go! It's raining and I opened the door to go outside quite resistant to the stop.
    Just give up and pull that comes out.

    • hiro5900 from:

      I like her the same drill Rirumama Customer.
      Toco etc, to give up walking.
      Now I just have to walk is so much hate rain (laughs).

  • Sanji from:

    hiro5900 Hello!
    You walk a difficult shooting night (crying)
    Alice from her but I will smile that conveyed the fun!

    Alice Chan is taking the night "red eye" You should be "blue eyes" I'm going to get
    The beautiful turquoise could (laughs)

    • hiro5900 from:

      Oh, and I did not care that.
      It is not a red eye that you mention it.
      Many will be quite pretty scary but I guess the white.

      Letting the crisp night photos so the camera is only within reach of Flash (laughs).
      It is critical that I would agree with the shutter lag Sanji (tears).

  • Blade M From:

    Hi there!
    Alice is her happy.
    I get to smell it smell toiling.
    When not smell the smell when I focused on blade number Naa I act rightly
    Mon hurdles to jump with smell smell (crying)

    Face = ・ ・ ・ careful (especially nose)
    Boo bloody nose to nose Alice banging on the door frame of her position (古Tsu)
    Blade is now. Seemed to be very ・ ・ ・ D
    The nose is typical of blood vessels are concentrated.
    ・ ・ ・ Another grass or take care ・ ・ ・ a pit viper
    There! City from the countryside and there are not! ・ ・ ・ I (laughs)

    Short-haired child I hate getting wet in the rain Mon.
    I wear a T-shirt at the rain.
    Of course, even ・ ・ ・ Hokkamuri (laughs)

    • hiro5900 from:

      I smell the smell while flying hurdle Blade M ・ ・ ・ Customer impossible! ! (Laughs)
      Transformation from a kind of dexterity I say it (sorry).

      I always go to the park I'm really, a snake!
      Rat Snake but I think I probably will.
      But Alice is not yet encountered many times Allie stayed and stare.
      Do not, I did something on rainy days crows dropping from the sky, a snake! (Angry)
      Well I was crying from being dropped in front of 思Ikkiri that once something big about 3 meters (crying).

  • Mom Irene:

    I like her nightly walk Alice! Wanko who walk out in the night ... excited intense smell of the creature that evening to work maybe? ... Out of control, and even hard to see dark feet, had also stepped down P is great ... now partly for the cool of the evening walk at night!
    There I dropped crayfish big to crow too ... come falling in front of the snake 10 feet, but I cried for anyone ... hiro5900'd love to hear it's (^ ^) creation plight at that time I would just laugh only! Allie when you were that Kano Hana-chan?

    • hiro5900 from:

      There are night people may say I Customer mom Irene, Nde not resist the move at night.
      I have no one to play freely and fairly but also park at night.
      But summer ・ ・ ・ insects have a lot of bugs I'm really not good.
      I'm calm crayfish were (laughs).

      When the really big snake dropped "Hi ~ ~ ~'ll Aee!" It was like (laughs).
      I'm surprised at the Banzai good manga, so the atmosphere Moro (ashamed).
      Allie was still looking up at all the crows in the sky philosophically 図太Ku such place.
      Can say is insensitive ・ ・ ・ sense.

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