But glad rain

Nature and laugh

Rainy weather had continued in this place. Daily walks on hiatus and rain, but I'm twice the afternoon and evening. The day before yesterday afternoon. Went for a walk in the rain because rain is almost up.

Rolled up the tension to walk again! 思Iki and ... and. Alice at the entrance of the apartment firm for a while. Due to rain and the sound of a car apparently spray. I'm walking out the back in the hat and call us. The surprisingly normal. Really I'm not a bit worried now. That still does not work on it and stuck.


Quite pleasant


~ Go home

Walking, they put lower tension. I feel a little closed in no time. Silently and intently but just smelling the ground. I'm I'm always clever. What's the smell while walking briskly smell. The tech is also good shade Toka obstacles. Surprised it hit a telephone pole and then look away or to assign it normally (I do three times as Alice, actually).

At the time get to the park anymore, Alice usual. What may be of fairly high strength of adaptation Alice. Toka pounding into wet grass combs. Not care how well puddle. Golon apology and lay on the ground was rather chilly. The state of the park was something different than usual? I go home early that By now, suddenly came down out again. Alice is then suddenly you look up at sky pelt. It's like rain on WW yet familiar.

Also walk in the evening drizzle. I feel like falling and no rain. It felt cool and drizzle. Allie will be the 気持Chi良Katta. Did I laugh much mon face to prove it (the day the way, I forgot the camera). Slip and fall many times I went too far hilarity. Just do not want to go back even if sold 帰Ro sitting. This thing was far too well.

Rainy season now. The rain will increase more and more. And this fast and raise to buy raincoats. It truly is like a wet Did a little reluctant.

8 Responses to "glad it rain"
  • Rirumama From:

    Chan Alice. It is nice of you to fill a walk.
    Kappa is wearing out, Let's go! What is the rain that opened the door to go outside of the considerable resistance remains.
    Give up and pull away, but comes out.

    • hiro5900 From:

      It is the same like our Lil Rirumama Chan.
      Toco also started walking to give up something.
      Do nothing and is now walking and even hate rain so much (laughs).

  • Disaster from:

    Hi I hiro5900!
    Desho difficult shooting night walk (泣)
    From Alice Chan smile But I have conveyed that you enjoy!

    Alice Chan is taking the night "red eye" and not have to be "blue eyes" I is not gonna to
    Be beautiful turquoise (laughs)

    • hiro5900 From:

      Oh, What is that such care and WW.
      Speaking of red-eye I is not.
      Many feel pretty much looks scary but also What is pewter.

      Candid photos at night so let's reach only to the camera flash (laughs).
      The shutter lag is fatal, as I say I was a disaster (tears).

  • Blade M From:

    Like fun Chan Alice.
    I get the key Isoshin smell.
    Smell smell when not concentrating when I taste it to act deftly Blade Nantes,
    Mon jump hurdles with smell smell (泣)

    ... Take care = face (especially nose)
    Boo bloody nose nose banging of the door frame in place when Chan Alice (fluoride)
    Blade is now. ... And D seemed to be very
    It is likely that the nose is concentrated in vessels.
    Another grass ... ... Or is careful to Viper
    There! It's not the countryside is not cities? Or ... (laughs)

    Mon child I hate short hair get wet in the rain.
    When I dress T-shirt is light rain.
    Of course, even Hokkamuri ... (laughs)

    • hiro5900 From:

      ... What is impossible hurdle with flying sniffing our smell Blade M! ! (Laughs)
      What kind of transformation rather than dexterity What is it (sorry).

      Actually, I always go to the park that I, a snake!
      Aodaishou that, but I think maybe.
      But Allie is not yet Alice has to encounter many times Temashita The staring contest.
      Value, something the rain drops from the sky I'll crow, a snake! (Below)
      I'll shout from 思Ikkiri been dropped in front of the huge eyes of something once about 3 meters (泣).

  • From Mama Irene:

    I hope the night walk Chan Alice! Wanko we walk out at night ... excited to be working in the intense smell of night creatures maybe? ... Out of control, and also difficult to see the dark feet, had also stepped down P ... now is the best I assigned the cool of the evening walk at night!
    You can dropped crayfish huge to crow I ... came falling in front of the snake than three meters, but I cried for everyone ... want to hear it's hiro5900 (^ ^) Creativity plight at that time I would just laugh only! Allie is what Chan and then ... How have you been?

    • hiro5900 From:

      Sometimes I'm a night person and say our mom Irene, Nde not resist the night's work.
      I have no one to play and freedom in the park that night also.
      Poor summer I just really bugs ... most insects.
      I have a calm Dattara crayfish (laughs).

      Really big snake was dropped when it is "~ ~ ~ Aee Tsu day!" I was feeling (laughs).
      I very surprised to Banzai in the comics, in an atmosphere like that Moro (ashamed).
      Raven looked up at Allie is Temashita 動Jizu completely empty and this has fueled such.
      ... And the thought of a way insensitive.

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