Wait a ball?

Where are you looking for?

I thought you guys play ball or I love Dover. I like Alice but a little different. Tied in with the ball out for a walk last week. I react like it or throw the ball.

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Unfortunately the result. I was going after anyway. Or else you got distracted by the ball away quickly. You do not sound too fixated on the ball. Su's interest only when you have shown me the ball. When he tries to steal the habit. I can not believe I'll be away for about easily. The things that you'll keep chasing my once at least. Lovely goodie bags also interested in the ball, I thought he was a little play. I wonder if this is Mon.


What is the fence?

But I certainly like dog. It's also apathy around and play ball. Give it to other children and it'll be chasing the ball sometimes. I keep the ball on the run from the good. I left the ball Munching other children. I actually keep the ball on the run that Allie. Allie was so powerful attachment to the ball.

Flirting is something from Alice to the ball. If you're getting more and more weeds. Dari smell a lot, and try to munch. The smell from it was like I knew the difference. It's Alice in the first season of fresh green. Maybe it was a mistake kore.

3 to 4 this day the boundary condition of the stomach Yoroshikunakatta Alice. As diarrhea ago. At first I thought it I was immediately cured. Did you Nde I and bloody stool Colle bad. Observation made by Mr. medicine before I get. I drank the medicine to the teacher the next day I recovered Toco fine. Has also received the same drugs in reserve just in case.

The previous forecast due to time and with stress. She was a first at the lodge. But this is ・ ・ ・? I wonder if the grass is a different cause but Mushamusha・・・ possible?

10 Responses to "wait a minute, the ball?"
  • D blade from:

    Good evening.

    Blade is also in the house but outside it does not stick - never let go
    It is also easy to obedience and indigent number and will focus on the ball or toy.

    I wonder if Alice chan weak stomach?
    Blade also herbal medicine has been standing.
    Maybe I munch. Be careful also herbicides.

    • hiro5900 from:

      Customer D Braid Hey, can I see Mr. Blade.
      I do not know I was still off more than house stimuli.

      Your stomach is a bit worried before I was staying calm at all.
      Teacher was also very careful so bad and after diarrhea.
      Always playing where, herbicides and pesticides 伸Birurashii I'll use right away from weed.

  • Sanji from:

    Good evening Mr. horo5900.
    Alice or her stomach is ok?
    What I ate too much grass

    Outside of the ball and is almost indifferent, and rather than feeling a lot 〃 (crying)
    Alice Chan is interested in me I could still think!
    Also made in the disc or the like (laughs)

    • hiro5900 from:

      Actually, I hope to be able to be totally or disc or ball is Sanji. (Laughs)

      I was followed by Alice's belly is slightly loose feel to it than breaking even after the last time.
      The biggest fear I will be honest weak stomach.
      I'll do it and something I'm really a barometer of health.

  • Dobe out two more we can just get old ball (^^;)
    Huh Naa from many other things - the distracted. . .
    But, you follow the ball coming year is to steal children Yoso desperate chase (sorry!)
    Brown better. . . . (^^;)
    Often "Sorry," I decided to return the ball. . . (≦ ∀ ≧;)

    I ate a plant!
    Onaca 心配Yashi but also tearing down of what seemed to throw up on purpose to eat grass I Wanko
    Ehen let down and connected the next day's grass! ? (> ∀ <)

    • hiro5900 from:

      What seem like it better Dobe's also trying to escape from clusters or Dance?
      Nde before Allie was so Sakura, I think I was such a thing.
      Allie is 奪I取Ttara end, but I definitely did not return.

      Thus it came out in the grass 繫 Fortunately (?) Have wanted to eat 繫 torn rope yarn is not a toy, but still there (laughs).
      They are loud and then I got it swinging (tears).

  • Mom Irene:

    Let me play among the ball does not show too much interest, but, the ball that someone is reacting Kyachiboru (Irene) ... Emily is playing with a soccer ball to someone you ... both sons I got to see because I remember playing ...
    Pupupu ...! (Sorry, too funny!) Waving you get your excitement if I got that thing! You eat, but do not? We're hot!

    • hiro5900 from:

      Customer's mom Irene doggy's gonna be something better in view of the ball than any others!
      Ignored beautifully challenged soccer balls (sad).

      Eating will leave from the smell always came back to check but did not seem to be their own (laughs).

  • Rirumama from:

    I'm doggy respectively.
    I'm not interested does not chase well.

    Are you OK stools? ?
    Or I'll hurt you in the intestine and diarrhea followed.
    Out of the well. (Crying)
    Now it is filled with things outside the smell of grass.
    Please take care.

    • hiro5900 from:

      I want to play ball or ・ ・ ・ Rirumama Customer'm not I'll Alice? (Laughs)

      I like that I'm Toco Toco like grass in the soil eventually, so 遊Basetai Janakutsu as possible on the concrete.
      Also note the temptation of the smell is like a win (crying).

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