Dogs, basically like a large dog. Dobermans in particular. The absolute charm and style and single-minded nature and凜. Can I be allergic to cats but perhaps a cat.

Car American car, like the Corvette from a young age! Bakkari in relay has a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Only available for Macintosh computers. (Windows and Linux has only recently become deaf to Wareru) iPhone is not even did I get a lot of disposable applications.

Many there thinking,'ll get a dog and decided・・・

hiro5900 Data

Hiromi nickname (which, incredibly old nickname. Wonder I have nothing to do with the real name)
Age unknown (it looks a Mierurashii Really young old man)
Snow Country Hometown (less recent accumulation)
Tokyo Hometown

January 2010
Day Moon Fire Water Tree Gold Sat
1 Two
Three Four Five Six 7 8 Nine
Ten 11 12 13 14 Fifteen 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30


Cross (Large)
Cross (Large)
Price: 38,000 yen (tax included)
Shop: Orijinarupettoakusesari "MRT"

I LOVE NY Parker

Just stick to add partner BT Micro blog or website. Try to earn pocket money!


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    Hiro5900 - indeed our Kurakura Thank you for your warm comments. So I think that you, Allie and I spent five years but I can not think that is fun. Sun spent together we have now is my treasure. Then Allie Melmo chan I know you also left behind a lot more than happy. So are people running around happily in heaven 2. ...
  • to "Allie's not sunrise"
    Kurakura - How did that 5 years .... Course farewell at what age is a sad thing, even though things were fun filled experience yet to come. No, I is not supposed to think such a thing. Allie-chan is happy because Husband was never more than anyone else. If you do that I get along with Melmo meet in heaven. And meet new people and love, fond memories of their lost. What are you going to live and embrace life both now, I think What is it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Miss Allie. ...
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    Hiro5900 - our pleasure is Kurakura Thanks. I'm Absolutely. When we do so in a round where Are you wondering how it changed with. Ah, tea is quickly becoming as big lie Kiku Tsu. In some days, it's the situation What are we really heal the mind, and keenly feel. Really, you can see that even his affection is a rather artificial. It is fun to watch each other grow in us. Please say hi to and Sunny Chan. ...
  • to "reach for the first time"
    Kurakura - Hello ♪ thank you for your recent comments. Also new parenting (?) We have flies on. Sunny days are well and I can not say that people like me feel more closer to Melmo, lonely hearts, but it is still warm, I spent every day that. Alice Chan, cute, shoot! It is drunk again. (^ m ^) I guess it very quickly grow to great ~. Fun to grow! It also comes to play ♪ ...