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January 2010
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  • to "Alice respect to"
    Hiro5900 - our TT Hi Mom, Hi. Ears cut, before I came to Allie Uchi cut after the hearing, that was also the first time for me. Alice is now tried in a small body is filled with gratitude and love really dumb. It is the same chocolate-chan TT together. Thank you in the future. Thank you very much. ...
  • to "Alice respect to"
    T. Mama T - Hi, I heard I was taken to cut the bother. Six years ago reminded me (in my family is Uncle Á ® º À ° ÝÄÞ Belt, named T.T (Ã ¨ Ã ¨, ° °) we have.) Cut ears and hear all too easy to "painful" I thought. It is very nice for a short-chan Lady Alice has been looking forward to going. And I'll have to let us interfere. ...
  • to "tacit"
    Hiro5900 - our Kurakura Hello. Oh, shoot. Sunny What are you sleeping in the living room for the chan? Sunny Chan lucky mess! But he is cute, but in the well I think so. Please teach it to Alice. From feudal absolute envy. "Shin Birufurishitenijinijito"・・・what I can Ttena I like that cute puppy-like? Thank you come link. Alice also pleased. (Because of shyness or a girl?) ...
  • to "tacit"
    Kurakura - Sunny likes to do any more to come, in my sleeping bag. Sunny living with me right now I'm sleeping next to, the policies they have one that Danna What will not go to sleep with age. Sunny was fine I sleep in my own bed, with his head on my pillow and pretend to grow and become two o'clock two o'clock in the morning, coming in about half the mass and body come to a sudden realization. Sitting in wait in (^^;) ↓, a pretty Yodare ~! Oh, yes, Can I have this be linked? ...
  • to "Allie's not sunrise"
    Hiro5900 - indeed our Kurakura Thank you for your warm comments. So I think that you, Allie and I spent five years but I can not think that is fun. Sun spent together we have now is my treasure. Then Allie Melmo chan I know you also left behind a lot more than happy. So are people running around happily in heaven 2. ...
  • to "Allie's not sunrise"
    Kurakura - How did that 5 years .... Course farewell at what age is a sad thing, even though things were fun filled experience yet to come. No, I is not supposed to think such a thing. Allie-chan is happy because Husband was never more than anyone else. If you do that I get along with Melmo meet in heaven. And meet new people and love, fond memories of their lost. What are you going to live and embrace life both now, I think What is it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Miss Allie. ...