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From the base fuel economy

I kept a ride from

Astro fuel was in the mood. I would be impossible not improve dramatically. This is still the basics. Yesterday after a long time that the ROD MOTORS to.


Percent did not do anything and beautiful


I was when I was riding Gun Metal


Alice is confined to the office working

This Astro, bought cheaply at current sales. I do not take anything really look like after purchase. Do not stop because I did when oil traded so.

Maintenance of the basics for it. Engine oil, oil filter elements, air filter replacement gas supplies, respectively.

As expected, the engine oil. I was pretty dirty. Feeling clogged fuel filters too. Clean air element to it than I thought. Colle, so I think the element of surprise that the biggest impact on fuel economy.

Engine belts and wiper blades in order to add it. I was in the mood for the wiper, so I wiped out and the muscles. I was crying out for something from you when you have too humid belt.

Oh, What I by chance. Astro I was riding before I came. The new owner seems to work energetically repainted using colors. Astro was originally thought that such a car. Using this kind are really cool.

Alice did you take as well. Alice met a long time as president for the first time you surprised RYO growth. The first came on the table even though he played in the office.

Way way back, I put gas in the car. When I get better mileage calculation. It also stretch 1km / L is also weak. I did not use the air lately. Tashi getting a little warmer. Is likely something like that. It is better to be too? Better fuel economy have to use air conditioning to keep it? I'm not a Corvette. Without You I Muri air. I'm sure the Corvette got air conditioning disconnect.

Too awful fuel economy

Not that get there?

・ ・ ・ I hate this moment, Koto's on my mind. Astro fuel. Not too awful? Originally, domestic cars and something I can not compare. It's not every day I was riding Wake. Still ・ ・ ・.

Astro before, but did not care when so much is. I mean, Nannakatta care. I would like mon. Hitoshi Hitoshi city at that time from 6 to 8km / L. Speed were 10km / L is much I was growing up. Now the city average of four buying a ~ 5km / L but I mon. Usually be better? What's new for model year.


Why do not I figure this?


Tohoho and ・ ・ ・ same Corvette

The reason is certainly the worse I've hit a few. Bakka city driving and this really did here first. The other rear tire. A little too huge (big fat You do not) and not do anything. Expression differences between control systems later this year and the previous model year. Entertainment, with practical experience Mosou more powerful because you heard the expression, so the previous year. If the fuel expense and shall have power to raise it, but, considering the usual.

Fuel gauge attached to the car (?) About it 18.4L/100km = 5.4km / L. But still some were saved by this much. I'm a more accurate measure really, but I'm sure. I wonder if maybe The crazy meter. A big tire amount. But I'm more than about 10%.

What this fuel, comparable to the Corvette. Corvette car ride but it was mostly worried about fuel consumption is not expected. Fast and far if we take anymore. Most do not take that matter.

And I'm shocked with the Corvette. I tell you another bad ride. Their concern and thank you. She is a really safe driving. I think it is normal.

2 Astro generations of

Blog about it Maybe I was thinking vaguely. 飼Ou not imagine the dog, I thought that my car around. So the title of the design of his own Corvette. The contents of change in policy meant to keep a dog. But just as it is because something unbalanced design. Well, ok.

In the car. The other one back the title this Corvette Astro. American car both cars. In this Go時世. Actually, this second generation Astro. This summer, before the transfer from him. Corvette is like the pinnacle of the hobby Ashiguruma Frankly Astro. Whatever the truth. If the size is easy to put on a bicycle ridden dog yet. So Astro. The size of the neighborhood is exquisite. Astro previous complaints but also in particular was not triggered by impulsive, unpredictable change. Expression was also fairly new, clean look and was even lower mileage. Anything reasonable price. Defintely cheaper than ordinary light vehicles owned. ROD MOTORS friends, thank you for your help every time (the first ROD MOTORS Astro had even looking.)


Front tires


Asleep at the knee

Lowdown full aero considerable initial purchase, putting studying thoroughly the four center Bukkake Toi muffler out the rear. Engine and interior in a fairly normal, but beautiful. Even with a state as vinyl floor is a floor. Apart from anything else because it looks like Ashiguruma, 4 muffler is shameful indeed. It is disgusting Rodaunsasu fluffy. In, I had to rebuild. The ROD MOTORS. The book is a muffler, modified rear shock to change the leaf. I replaced the rear tires very low.

I felt the front tire was taken while riding. Lowdown, so some car after it was prepared. RYO still decided to replace consultation with your front tires. So today I went. A good feeling. One was a lot better tire. I also raised height, the ride height up a little. Not have to worry too much right corner bumps.

For height, the less I like all the same. The lower the better really. Corvette still quite sticky. Astro will want to ride anywhere that Keru. Maybe after you dropped a little more better-looking than it is now cleared. Future.

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