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★ Korubettoparedo Amefesu


Children's Day on May 5. IKURA's AMERICAN FESTIVAL, Amefes 2010.

The Astro-ROD MOTORS about 2:30 to midnight. Transfer to Corbett. With everyone leaving the team. While the explosion 轟Kase to Fuji Speedway. It Corvette for a long time. Toumei cars are small, so no wonder late at night. Very pleasant drive. It was a safe driving course. I ran with it from everyone.


Nearby is the Blue Swallow N-C1

This Amefesu. Aim to join the Korubettoparedo. Me First it was parked at the back What the pits. I contacted us stand side by side the car. Visitors navigate through crowded. Fitting, somehow successfully completed.

N kun and take the Corvette team. Of course, parade together. His C1 (like my C3.) 'm ALWAYS nice and beautiful blue color. Around the C1 through C6 Corvette in history to be Zurari. At C3 than many thought. My favorite scene in Tamannai C3. To greet and they knew well. Naa I cool I thought the Corvette.


・ ・ ・ Even before


Even after the full Corvette


It is widely ・ ・ ・ confusing sensory

In the course of the parade got to the hectic schedule overlaps with the first heat of the two drag racing. Course will enter the ranks from around the hairpin in chronological order from C1. I was waiting for some time now. Camera in hand, like a photo session everyone got off the car. Of course, I'm one of them. You'll get other people still care about it and everyone thinks ・ ・ ・ their best.

I started the parade passed through the course. However slower speed of course (course're a parade.) Something apart from a wide range of courses that mon. It seems somehow came from the ranks and Ppoku around the last corner while I (and I thought without permission.) And a 1.5km straight there supposed to be quite short. 400m last year when I went in drag racing but awfully long.

The parade finished. I ran the one lap he obviously was about the course of Mt. It is quite fun to do while waiting for the previous hour. I have the feeling its own way. I wonder who was watching in the stands that do not. Well, maybe those things I parade. Also from the area stands way back to the hairpin. Quite the people they were walking on either side of the road. I feel happy when you return to more ・ ・ ・ ran Sono Waki.

Roaring back!


Corbett was dormant for a long time. Iyo Iyo ・ ・ ・ when I wake up. Simply ROD MOTORS is I had come to take on only. In order to get repairs and maintenance. Of course, for Amefesu.

Since I have not moved nearly a half a year almost now. I did not even hang up the engine. A bear hanging around and I'm an oil leak. Ask them to do because of thorough preparation. Simple backup oil boosters, lights, various tooling. Long time no hang from the engine anyway. First, it is a battery out, and more. I even got it down to oil. The trick engine, but even just hang. Could you hang well?


Sound is God did not


ROD the red dress are you wearing kun RYO

First, open the hood Pawasuteoiru supplement. Battery seems to be no problem because the other ON. My Corvette, it can be cut to force the battery. What is not reduced even without using the voltage. So. But this time while thinking I would be truly impossible. I try to twist the key. I was alive. Battery. I was surprised. As expected OPTIMA (name of the battery. Notoriously strong.)

But take one shot sweet enough. At the cab car trouble around here. While overshadowed by turning a starter two minutes to the accelerator.

Baribaritsu, Baritsu

Hung! Roar heard a long time. While still warm while tilting the accelerator. Some of the parking lot of poor ventilation. Ancient vehicles, much less luck I catalyst. Shipashipa my eyes a little and the exhaust. Irritating smell of gasoline and oil at the same time.

Anyway. Very loud. Cured did not move far from the wool scarf? Anyway, the exhaust sound terrible. Barbary called perfect expressions. Previously would have been more quiet. And still the same as a straight tube attached to the actual time of the race. Nde sound echoes to the underground parking. Comb to look into the parking lot and everyone who walks the street.

Amefesu repairs before. Assigned to inspect each part can then be commissioned. May 5 at all possible tone.

What now? Amefesu
Team Rod Motors

Amefesu at last year's third-generation Corvette

Corvette dormant. When I wake up soon. At that time, ROD MOTORS of RYO from you, " Amefesu go? "and the teaser. ・ ・ ・ Hopelessly.

  • Fellow American acth way, that American festival. 'm Like a festival of American car in a word. Dattari swap meet or even drag racing or even a car show. Enjoy the atmosphere like an American and live events

This year's Amefesu apparently held on May 5 during the holidays. Usual place at Fuji Speedway. One of the events of the day, answer the Korubettoparedo? Me. Apparently from the other and said Retarashii. Gun Metal irons that well, I (like my Corvette it's me Gun metallic iron.)

Amefesu I go to the last year. Not just like a car show and drag racing. Corvette 2-Actually, I'm often out of the race since last three years. I know it feels much lighthearted 走Retara I can go out at full throttle. With people doing different level, but seriously. So I always ride the city state as a. I'm also running in the normal and radial tires. And 17 inches. It was terrible but fun time. In the last year Amefesu instead of straight pipe to the muffler. It was a ferocious roar of the thickness because this. I wanted a real race car was a very good sound. If you get this next to a drag race, I thought to want to Dorasuri. But also with various tamper.

<2008 Super American Sunday in Twin Ring Motegi>

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Something I parade like that because my Corvette? What to you think. Did not get your original parade of beautiful cars? I. But it is a long time to go from the mountains. I fix that so far? Can you back. Astro tomorrow when I talk by going to the Son of replacement parts. Ippairashii entries this week from it. I do not fast.

Way back on May 5 I'll just terrible traffic jam. Smoke from the engine to a joke I Nannai. Well, worry about overheating in the summer, but unlike unlikely. After the issue of mental capacity to drive this car in traffic.

Corvette dormant
1969 Corvette Stingray

1969 Corvette Stingray

Aka Iron 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. It was a childhood dream car.

Corvette specialty shop almost impulse buy about five years ago. The ceremony was really aiming for about 80 years. Love at first sight but in the showroom. I got into with the intention of eventually being caught Hiyakashi.

Originally normally buy troubled. Toco and I stopped at 200 meters to go before I was running comfortably parking. Meguro engine stop in the middle of the street. But something brought near the shoulder through inertia, the large Hinshuku around. Putting studying thoroughly is something wrong with driving fast. Something smells. 're Starting to jam as well. PA jams finally reached the Stop the engine. ・ ・ ・ OFF the key the engine will not even supposed to! It stands out for cars, and doing something strange sound from the engine violently. , The crowd gradually around. But no signs of stopping the engine. I'm thinking the ignition system is a leak somewhere, try to cut or forced open the hood area Desubi. White smoke from the engine room suddenly madly. As far as the eye can see a white fog conditions. Spectators in a big hurry to run away to distract the children of the spider. But somehow the engine stopped, of course, taken care of JAF. Yokatta to 燃Enaku.

Corvette interior Corvette engine

40 + year old car with everything standing. 'm Into hand or other body or frame and almost replaced Somehow. I aim to design comfortable. First. So, as well as exchange seats and lining. ETC ・ ・ ・ audio navigation and full of the latest radar electronics. I put the woofer in a narrow space to Box. The now focus on power and peace of mind. Something around the center of the modified engine. I take pay air conditioning (for which one to be completely 冷Enakatta). Even the audio is almost useless. Something they never hear the exhaust sound speed. Seat, right next to the exhaust. So there is no sound. This vehicle is also the way Rod Motors 'm looking at getting. Please listen to me quite understandable. Also fairly large one-off parts. So I can run normally. Recently, meaning the same car but "normal" is not. Means you'll have no worries like stop time. Specifications and comfortable, but not major.

Noise or vibration is God or not. What I think about what it fall apart. Quiet, something totally unrelated. Of course, far from both the eco-or environmental. It does not match the era of absolute. Recent performance is nowhere near the car. Love it. But I'm also looking to drive too.

・ ・ ・, But dormant. Why? Failed. A long time. Maybe Pawasutekontororubarubu. It is leaking oil. Original state as it was one of the few remaining parts. In this part is surprisingly expensive. So dormant. Corvette Parts I, still can get new. Only a single screw it up. S awesome? Or even a few products, but Ripuro. The GM part because there is a genuine brand new. America around here. Corvette indeed.

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