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Take responsibility!

Why us

Eckert, heaven forbid! No way! Who can tell whether there was a ball? Get me please. Chochotsu and here are climbing. I know that from Toco. Eckert, Toco climb this? Okay, so look like monkeys hang out. Calm, calm.

Absolutely impossible? Well, please buy new. I'm looking for that ball thingy quite different and lovely goodie bags. I bought it. Please properly reimbursed. I'm from I lost it.

Na overwhelmed. Sorry, Alice. I'm handy and got a little crazy. So think flying is becoming it with. I climb and something Chochotsu. You do anything much impossible. Face and I think it is irrelevant.


The grass on this Pototsu


If I found this one fun

Uchi near children's park. Ball field is the fenced-in corner. I was a basketball court area in one minute. But usually enter. I'll always playing the children because children's park. With Nde was no one day before it happens. I started playing ball last ・ ・ ・.

The ball has gone over the wall now (actually, this friend I throw on the wall.) Football Stadium this, it's no fence Janakutsu only one side wall. On it.

Alice and I both stunned. Alice looked up at the far left something. Which I do things that should not come falling down. I wonder if any thought and skill and I hid. Jump came after a while. It was not my fault nothing (100 ←% my fault, high).

I'm telling you really so sorry. Alice was not anything I'm in another favorite I mean, that ball (I blame ←). I blame the reason I do not think so. That ball was originally bought my damn.

OK. I'll buy a new one, right should I buy it. Well, I'm defiant! Bad? Cha's bluff.

Management sub-Bruno vs Hiroshi Shoushan Island

These people seriously

What dog loves to go out. Alice begins preparations for the walk more fuss Janakutsu exception. Favorite play in the house but there is Alice. You want ME to get hammered in this game all the time. Oh, the play between the two is "wrestling" is what I call. "Maniac and I ~ ~, physical sub-Shou Mountain" like.

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Well, as you can see. Just hard headed Alice. I'll just return it and I jumped it. Love it. Want to come begging to play. S sucking a dirty towel that I have.

Is this to Alice's favorite childhood. But, when the hierarchy within Coto was small. Alice was calm and even if they are on the way at all. But now, because the weight is comparable to Nannai A big Kiku. I'm wrapped in the same tension, Alice I. Worries are also fairly recent here.

Perhaps Alice, not to win really? Then Ran over here because I do not lose it. There is always pride as humans. Well, I do not like winning becomes. Alice Shindoirashii fact as well. Nuke said his break from the time when 10 minutes. I won that happens (and I've been determined arbitrarily.) When I Shindoku "Stop!" Force quit. Speaking of Alice Eligh Eligh I say this to stop as well.

But, if more than five minutes resurrection. Bring towel and play! Because of this repetition. In which Alice is that if you kiss the stress it is a good thing. It is also a way, that has trained you feel my arms or abs. For daily wear is not afraid to exercise may play just fine.

Wait a ball?

Where are you looking for?

I thought you guys play ball or I love Dover. I like Alice but a little different. Tied in with the ball out for a walk last week. I like it, or throw the ball react.

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Unfortunately the result. I was going after anyway. Or else you got distracted by the ball away quickly. You do not sound too fixated on the ball. Su's interest only when you have shown me the ball. When do you know you're trying to steal. I can not believe I'll be away for about easily. What is the tracking and'll keep my once at least. Lovely goodie bags also interested in the ball, I thought he was a little play. I wonder if this is Mon.


What is the fence?

But I certainly like dog. It's also apathy around and play ball. Give it to other children and it'll be chasing the ball sometimes. I keep the ball on the run from the good. I left the ball Munching other children. I actually keep the ball on the run that Allie. Allie was so powerful attachment to the ball.

Flirting is something from Alice to the ball. If you're getting more and more weeds. Dari smell a lot, and try to munch. It was so different from the smell but I knew. It's Alice in the first season of fresh green. Maybe it was a mistake kore.

3 to 4 this day the boundary condition of the stomach Yoroshikunakatta Alice. As diarrhea ago. At first I thought it I was immediately cured. Did you Nde I and bloody stool Colle bad. Observation was made medicine before receiving teacher. Toco drank drugs to the teacher the next day I recovered fine. Has also received the same drugs in reserve just in case.

The previous forecast due to time and with stress. She was a first at the lodge. But this is ・ ・ ・? I wonder if the grass is a different cause but Mushamusha・・・ possible?

Not too bad?

Do you know what are you doing? (The answer is to click on the lower left photo)

Wealth, has recently become mature Alice. No part of growing up still can not clean ・ ・ ・. Incidentally, what an adult or child is not going to Collet. I think I'll go on living on very important, Alice.


I do not rush to drink well


Kore is also not normal to feel

What do the people who wanted ・ ・ ・ Hanashi. When I was young I look, Alice the calyx is abnormally Wed I drink! Or spill water or walk around with water dripping from the mouth. Were normally not it? Hannah Shi's not like that level.

Alice and normal drinking water only when you're watching. Not what you'd expect. Drink vigorously. But then.

I'm suddenly quite right and stop drinking for a while. And I think even when I'm breathing Kishimen'll apparently take Wed. In, and I think I got water into the nose with air.

感Jirurashiku it is strange that my works. Now stop and was hanging down Kurujan. Water into the nose. I'm watching it and jitter. In the drinking and I'm waiting to get out all the water in the nose. I'm fine amount is what comes out Wed. Collet surprise we? You usually drink properly? The instinct.

When you're little more in the calyx. The worry is that it is Tarashiku surging in the unit when you drink. Waiting for a scandal that a sip, a sip ・ ・ ・ also.

Or maybe one more. Sitting on the floor to eat or drink occasionally. I always think. Overdue for this? "Otsu, Forget about playing nice" is too stupid but I thought first. You normally considered hard to eat. I feel bad for the body to be too ill-disguised something. The extent of appetite or energy Kano Hana same I sick? I hear it in passing from teacher to go to Toco next week.


Laughing so cheated

But glad rain

Nature and laughing

Was followed by a rainy weather lately. Daily walks and rest I'm raining afternoon and evening twice. The day before yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk up in a little rain drizzle.

Roll up tension after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Stuck at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car looks. I was walked back to our call and alarmed. Surprisingly normal. Really I'm a little worried now. I still work and that solidified.


Feels pretty


Go back ~

Even walking out of the lower tension. Busted in no sense a bit of time. Silently but intently while smelling the ground. I'm always think I'm clever. I smell the scent of a walk but strode. The wrist guard is also good or obstacles. The pole-hit wonder or you look however, the normal (in fact I do about three times Alice.)

In the longer get to the park around the time Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddle do not seem to care. Lie on the ground to get rid of the ground and in fact Hinyari. The park was fresh unusual situation? When it's time to go home, and suddenly came down to the soup. Alice is rather short and you look up at the sky. The rain did not seem familiar with it yet.

Also walk in the drizzle at night. There's no feeling like I'm falling rain. It's like a cool drizzle. Maybe I enjoyed Allie. Ah, I laugh in the face of evidence that much (I forgot the camera the way the day.) Slips lot but too many times in the hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting on thick your return. Coto did not like much until now.

Next rainy season. The rain will increase even more. I need to buy a place quick rain. The wet I guess I truly was a little reluctant.

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