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Come in and take in the beautiful

撮Re I right? ~ Naa I'm worried about something. Let me see. Aretsu? Kore anything. 'm Not frown. I take more beautifully cute. Even long-awaited, but a new camera. I got the first shot and get something cherry park ballpark. Not a camera for?

Do you know? The camera. What's Atashi from. I have raised and taken from. Go on a misunderstanding not there? We do not have the skill and sense anyway. And ask them to compensate for the camera. Subject is a waste awaited Desho cute. (← yourself or rather, normal?)

Damn ~. Doormat. Yeah. I have no arms of photo Nante. I do not sense more Nante. Terujan know. You sit a little shy Dattara? Is in bringing you the Kyorokyoro. Try not about the camera eye. When is enough for the camera. If you want to take the cooperation Kunnakya cute.

Did the use of the SANYO Xacti camcorder What ever. 易Katta I use a video. Somewhat unhappy lately. AF is slow. What Alice is not settled, the focus when one is not there anymore.

In Na Tetara say you want the camera, she's got a gift. What is it to Alice (← Here is a bit frustrating). What is the S6000 digital camera Nikon is capped. Small and easy guy anyway! This came complains about. Little about it. Roughly the same size of business cards. But surprisingly in thickness. Also do not know. Mont now this?


Bloom in a little more


In light Toko


Grimace Yappari


Glued to duck


I watch TV

Here's a look a bit. But compared with the previous video cameras only. Too early to truly focus. Toko also appear in a reasonably dark. In addition to continuous shooting and video capabilities (it is now 普通Rashii). Quality counts, be no more than I thought. I hope than before of course. Really I thought it was more dramatically beautiful. What digital camera recently. Do you have a digital camera but the camera long ago. I like sharp, delicate How about better quality. It's just inconvenient to carry around. Heaven or broken something bad shape.

But feel that with later. What is written in the description What are the high quality mode. Innovation try now (What I have to read instructions properly Yappa).

So conclusion. I sense that, photography, and. Alice I cough. It's like Ja compensate camera.

3 months and 10 day miracle

I thought I was not already

Alice came to the three months Uchi 10. Long way to go if you want. ・ ・ ・ What is the What? Wow, finally, and ~ ~ ~ Network Innovation, Alice is "get us" I began to do! ! Congratulations.

Why? What happened to Kimi? I did not at all so far. Recently I was given up to now. Why not made a sudden? SAMA Terujan is all well and good. What special training did you hiding? I think surprise? ~ U guys. Cute guy. 100 points 満点Jan goin a little better attitude.

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Alice Toriaezu apparently there was a change of heart. Maa, but at first I tried it deserves. He just did not understand at all. Outstretched hand "Kaputsu" What is just that. Quite recently. Did not even try. In happened yesterday, "get us" I said you. Then you ・ ・ ・. Coincidence? What I tried to say it again. "Give me your paw." ・ ・ ・ Was! What praised Yarujan mess. Kyoton but I've been with Alice.

Alice 見Rya'm looking for something good in my hands. What is the purpose of so-veiled reward. But the good. Everything can be triggered. You know even shy shapes. I wanted you to know sooner.

TECHNICAL live with (art?) Seems like but I do not have to. But "Sitting" and "Fusai" want to do much speaking. Why? I think we need. The two. But "you get" You do What. Necessity is the "?" Said Naa.

Your favorite smell?
She likes bad smell

What Kusakunai?

Dog, no, Dobell, and will not ・ ・ ・. Alice likes that. To unwrap the paper to shreds. Gum after meal dessert. Toilet outside the bathroom for a while watching my face. And Smell ・ ・ ・ (mono).

You know, Alice What is it I'm a girl. Yet why? Become addicted to the smell so much to you? What smell I think I'll tell you slippers. And socks and sneakers. And speaking of which one dirty and smelly. Any more, I say to the people. Alice is thrust Nante Uchi is the transformation of the nose slippers. And I was getting carried away too.

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Naa do not know. I think it smells good. Naa wonder why. I'm gonna smell 嗅Gitaku catapult. I like to 芳Shikutsu Naa. Once restraint, care for a smell? Bad? ~ Oh, sorry. Nante do not know that smell good. I'm half life 損Shi. Sure.

Forget about it, nothing special. I'm free from likes and dislikes of individuals. That's not to mean you do not give me the ballpark. Desho pleasure. Nante be said to smell like this Atashi.

OK. I like the 100 is a good argument's sake. What is also allowed individual freedom. Nasuritsukenai Kunnai in my face, right? The nose after crashing into the slippers! I will from here is not quite like. Even in their own scent!

So when you go for something very like Alice. First let Kunnai worn socks. Clinging anyway. If each leg of the way Kaputsu 履Ke. While they do not run away or wear, or raising his feet. I feel like standing on one foot well thanks. The changes aim to give up the bad or what someone thought of socks. Now, to slippers. Ete 咥 run away. Now I'm wearing somehow be reached at the door trying to shoe. Sitting with something. Eyes are glued to the door. It turned every head rush. Head across the door only to stop. Even trouble wearing shoes. This every day. ・ ・ ・ Tired.

Alice came from, I wear slippers second generation now. Bought about three percent of new socks with holes. Away from the entrance to the beautiful shoes. ・ ・ ・ Was very good and is away from you or is it new, this ・ ・ ・ (泣).

・・・Blood in gastric juice (Second Half)

I'm worried I'll never out of bed and

! ! I mixed a little blood in gastric juice. !

To truly's urgent. Allie did not even think that since I was a. Already at 8 pm before. Answering machine to call the teacher all the time. 100CLUB have their examination to the hospital even though I had my off-hours contact.

But first here is whether the suspect swallowed something. Injection of antibiotics and reduce stomach acid that will eventually gastritis. Who was tinged with blood from vomiting continued. And not worry about light bleeding from the esophagus area. This saved me quite alone. I was mixed about the blood was at least relieved. Alice even though he is back from leave much dived into bed. Just happened to the toilet at night. I hope tomorrow will be a little strong.

Alice is not in and day out overnight'm going to go hard to get out of bed. Are you okay? 起Ki出Shi afternoon finally came to Alice. Reminder of the meal. Be glad of this reminder. Ah, but almost four days. I'll mix a small amount of meat in the porridge. Naa appetite knew I'm intensely. 摂Ra then had two small meals to eat every hour long.

Usual in the evening to a hospital. Progress report. Toriaezu would be well. What took them so the burden to the stomach with vomiting I was also tinged with blood. And that to watch later. Antibiotics do not like us much like the teacher in fact. Intestinal disorders and also apparently Monorashii medicine like this before. Well, there is worry that fee.

Back and eat little at a time. I'm supposed to eat something healthy each. In effect, I feel the tension back to the original. 2-3 days after intense "play" attack. But good. Little peace of mind.

I still feel rid of, I think I'm getting back into gear Toriaezu original. I do not know the reason clearly. It may be a little too heavy weather. Chatta involving weakness in execution but also spent around junk.

Yappari "You do not mischievous. I want to grow up big and strong," We can not (sorry to say old).

・・・Blood in gastric juice (PART)

And what did you really?

Morning before three days. Alice awoke to the sound of vomiting. "Gah っ U, tattooing Ge" and. The vomit is brown liquid materials. Undigested material was. Would be usual, when empty stomach. And was going to eat now.

Morning the next day. The sound of vomiting. Looking at the clock at 4:30. This time I mixed the meat undigested. What kind of odd? Uchi three and a half months to come, but this first. Allie did you eat and occasionally throwing things. Every time that it was rather hungry at Gege. Why the day before so I did not care ・ ・ ・.

I also vomit and see. Now only the juice. About every 30 minutes it lasted two hours.

Morning, contact the hospital. I give a small amount of porridge and consultation. Appetite is there. The usual fine. Without any sign of spit gag ate porridge. Ordinary long flights are a bit soft. Hospital in the afternoon. Honesty is the biggest fear was that swallowed icon Why is not hiding something. After the course description, the X-ray. Pear abnormal. The thing is that there seems to be completely safe and out of sight but I can not say. Such things stick in the stomach and intestines and can there ever be a hard thing. To look at the situation again in intestinal disorders. On this day, eat a little meat mixed with porridge. Rested early.

Morning. Light meat, so the two were always consecutive day, vomiting. Just when I started to worry I was calm for a while, spitting and Modoshita. Just wait-until the afternoon. Let them eat porridge by mixing a little dry food because there is no vomiting. Naa I have my appetite. Porridge and it seems fine. Is not this a little tired stomach somewhat.

Let us consider changes in the mincing meat while good digestion 100CLUB to the usual diced. Were playing when I'm talking about a small-time Alice started spitting again 1.

! ! I mixed a little blood in gastric juice. !

To be continued on a next post ...

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