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Alice's appetite is incredible from the start. And not even gracious enough to eat unusual food, but also damn place. Hanpa momentum not to do so. Looks just as soon eat the amount of the size of the stomach and lies. Really moment. There's no longer a little離Shitara eyes. Bunch OK. I'm done putting away the instrument, and turn around and there is fluoride "Sitting in wait" while I look up at the Alice. Hey, feel like eating yet?

Alice is Mirai gluttony. What・・・, too rude. Atashi now I'm growing every day from 200 g long time! Course Desho about that. Did you know? When I came here less than 3 km. Today it is a little 5 km. When I came in this week's going to be two-fold. So fill to eat. What is beautiful is good, but somehow also quite spacey and now I knew I would have broken even bother. You said I own. "Alice" will beat the disease "strong" You're beautiful. Beauty Desho are more attractive and healthy!

Yes. Win the women in the mouth. , And now Alice is eating a Raw food. That meat. But here until you reach a roundabout way of fine. The first veterinarian had recommended the "Barf Diet". I'm pretty good, but it did not only put around veterinarian. Then normal dog food from natural food. Was conclusive, small insects that you took a good dry food fine reputation. Morai look back to the manufacturer, and no harm has become scared, but I was told.


Kawabe's and Alice


And his wife. Women's sober

Found that while many a bewildered look 100CLUB of Raw food. Closer to the shop (at the time Sangenjaya now Yoga). And letting the staff get along well with other people, but now 100CLUB I fully rely on. Really thank you for that advice to heart Kawabe's owner very well. That's not just a counseling troubled studio.

CM'm out of somewhere want something uh-oh. Well, from a case of pick your own dog food anyway. Thank you in the future.

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Cross (Large)
Price: 38,000 yen (tax included)
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