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Different appearance

See on the screen Windows IE8

Did a little care can become a little before. Appearance of this blog. I hope anyhow Iitsu tea. It is not like I look like I thought it was very much in Windows IE. Layout. In full Janakatta like ... I was going to be but the launch was confirmed to blog. I noticed a while ago, but this.


Firefox for Windows


I like to see that Firefox for Macintosh

I know that comparison, when the character set vertically arranged photos. They are beginning a second letter from the side of the picture only by IE. This is actually, Opera Toka as Firefox on Windows, I started next to a photo of characters from the first one's fine with Safari.

That Safari on Mac, Firefox, Chrome or Opera, I started from the next character's first appearance of the photo all the same. What that means is I can just see how different IE (IE and they apparently also want the same for 8 7).

What is my environment only Did you mean this? I'm wondering also. What is Windows in why I moved from on the Mac. I wish I Dattara. What to hear more before web view What bugs IE. I turned and I chat Do you have a basic standard of over 60% of browser market share at. I'm in there and this is overlooked.

I also differ-filled way for Mac and Win. More clean and readable characters of the Mac for that matter (and I think?) You, like some around here a matter of personal preference.

, And is called ... and what to do with the layout. It does not trouble you to see. What is the What 今Sara also. But good to know. (People not know that this situation led to the postponement of the problem ←)

Server Failure

But I did not harm Apart

Yesterday evening. Something funny just opened a blog admin. 一応 screen will be displayed'm feeling heavy. After a while and put down to reload. What Kore.

Try to access the blog. Open problems. Management screen or just down and to move to another page while hoping. It? Did you mean and, delete the browser cache. Accessed again. Out. Tsunagannai. No abnormality and then trying to connect to other sites. Not a problem for the line. Matter of the server side, this.

I use a rental server for work about two years ago. Did it stand up on their own server. In spite of the amateur code. But that hard Yappari management. You can e-mail server is down. In to the server rental. Listen to a programmer friend of loss when you look at yourself 一応. With Toco not to now. And relatively cheap.

I also blog with WordPress and the long-awaited server is used. And wanted to want. The name it something cool. What is WordPress. Very different I was. I also thought at first this problem of Sotchi.

In server side issue. The site will report any information, no maintenance. Maintenance of the server call about an hour by looking Nde rectified. This is also not 繫 cancer. What is the symptom that finally 繫. Have to wait a bit, and found problems with the server again. Please wait while the immediate response, and response.

The blog management screen for about an hour wait. Did healed. Reported that the photo above and look at the information site maintenance. Did you rent a server part of the What Did you mean this? I do not know how well I Toka Dahlonega for this strange system. What will I feel I 今Sara for Koch.

Yesterday eventually have computers that use energy even more Ousset, and had to sleep early. What I'm tired brain can not know better use. Once this year.

Fluoro-one mobile phone!

Not because it's so Atashi

Broken phone to Alice . And wait. Visitors coming from anyway. Any inconvenience. Know the phone number. Nantais said nothing in the sky these days numbered. Put numbers on the iPhone Ichiichi sure. What a story I'm 掛Kero the iPhone. Toka schedule and want to see the iPhone with phone calls. So somehow.

, And to the DoCoMo shop in the neighborhood Konaida. You try to change Toka Janaku separate models. What I have for what.






I kid you not I

"I help you? Looking for something"
"Yeah, it has been broken phone chat"
"May I show You"
"I hope. Desho out LCD Here"
"Oh, Really is. Oh, I use fine except the LCD I, He. This would be replacing the LCD panel. Do you want to repair"
"? Header ...? Can repair it?"
"E For example, a week or so I'll have your time in custody just because"
"I mis. And do not phone the trouble between them. And I use anyway"
"Oh, will you lend your course fee 換機"
"What? Unchanged phone number?"

Immediate repair shop in turn determines a minute. What can I repair. I also place 換機. What is it common sense? Be normal for? Obvious? But happy. In addition, the final blow.

"Excuse me, may take the repair costs 5,250 yen"
"Ah, found"
"Replace the outer case so conspicuous flaws even in passing would suggest"
"What? What it takes but how much?"
"We can exchange costs unchanged. Because the maximum amount 5,250 repair"
"Lie. The Really?"

Indeed. Miserable conditions in case of bites Alice. DoCoMo truly! Great! I is Toco 儲Katsu different to do. Good at DoCoMo. For example, the same everywhere? I just ignorance?

Complete contact service yesterday. Immediately on receipt. Beautiful! Tteka, looks totally new. Did the button and this can be exchanged inside or just outside Tetara think. Peel off the protective plastic waste much of something. Good. It is also wasteful replacement Mon. But it would feel ....

Mobile home with a table. Eyes glued Alice. Oy, for God's sake. Mobile should stop. ... Please.

Magic Mouse
Magic MouseとWireless Mouse

Magic Mouse and Wireless Mouse

Here are just a mouse funny tone. Was using was Apple Wireless Mouse. For me is easier to use. Did the infamous scroll ball also works without a hitch. What is not OK but not all. The battery runs out quickly. In just about a month. Otherwise had no complaints difficult. In half a year I started using. The scroll ball was finally ineffective. Oh, I like this. Mecha Kucha frustrated. So familiar with the body's protein. What is the scroll ball.

... I can continue to use and clean good decomposition. To worry about. Apple's Magic Mouse . I eventually tempted to go against new things. Apple Store to purchase arrived yesterday. Opening the box immediately. Apple truly Rashii. Packages like trinkets. I started using it and setting Chochotsu.

Apple Magic Mouse

Into a clean package

As it turns out normal. What is not so surprisingly easy to use. To get far too accustomed to the mouse was held impression that all flat. But a large part of the familiar. The multi-touch and up selling. Certainly smooth. Anywhere on the mouse scroll. The slightest deviation of the movement and the movement of fingers at the screen. Subtle discomfort with a feeling of direct sense familiar scroll ball. This problem or I got used. The next bit serious. Toka Photoshop Illustrator applications are mainly used. Into whose hands the power to fine mouse work fine hitting. I work with. Work space. When Did you try to click on the aim point. It overwhelmed. I wonder with effective countermeasures? After that little. Mice could set a shortcut for the previous three places. The left-right-side button. Now the two places. One shortcut is gone. The third shortcut from WW I hope with much. Oh, and battery. I just replaced every month or Yappari. I opened with a single 3 × 2 crown. I entered but not surprising for two AA in this cheesy.

In terms of design. Imaichi and impressions. Matter of taste. What can I say this, something like a mistake. It is also white. The largest errors are in this world of hate. If it encounters a stiff guy. Get stuck at all. So What? There have even seen such 考Etara like. I stopped.

Perhaps because expectations are greater. A burning feeling somehow incomplete. 'm Not bad. Not as good as I thought. Well, get used to them I think. The eneloop battery can try on this occasion. Maybe the battery life so would like Onnaji.

Anything from the form

<Apple Computer "1984">

Get the Flash Player to See this player.

Always your Mac are using is correct or rather those who can only use Mac. Until about a year ago, most never even touched Windows. It is probably from the Macintosh computer was first touched.

Mac is quite a long history of 20 years ago Macintosh II 's acquaintance since. But the menu was something that was English, dissolved Did painting in color. Yappa design of the Mac since it is a little parentheses 良Kutsu looked very sophisticated even mark up the rainbow. From something that was almost ignorant of the PC, Mac, PC was selected in the look of such Janakutsu Toka not work. A ray Mac ever after. What is important Yappa look.

So such, emphasis on appearance than what the first blog. Absolute prerequisite to be able to look their favorite. This is a mistake in the first place.

You examine a little "Artisteer2" theme for WordPress briefly作Rerurashii software called Great. Inevitably not know something tag "WordPress" We decided to use. And, well so far. Start making a theme. Aletsch? The complaint form is easy ... I was a little. Fine adjustment difficult. Do not just tweak the style sheet Yappari. Sounaruto to trial and error on the server is a little feel intimidated. And dark clouds hung comes from this area. I repeat, you know little tag Nantes, Nantes had not even seen PHP code and style sheets. Search anyway. Apparently "XAMPP" seems to be up locally if the server easily. And for the Mac, set the required set of applications! (And this not important here) introduced today. Suddenly stumble .... WordPress does not recognize the local into the manual but supposed he did. The details are to resolve all but forgotten that this strange, plump took one week. Did take a little frustrated at this time.

Minor adjustments such as style sheets barely started working on the test subject. From this area start addicting. Oh but no, after a week ... and no time to change three times over two themes in this or else. WordPress plugin addictive to them. Photo Album Yarra Yarra Yarra movie, try to come out or you can put a bit of futzing not apply to use various functions. In the meantime, and finally realized the plugin endless theme suddenly, barely up to the server. From the beginning we have already nearly a month, almost exhausted by this time had little motivation to start a blog.

... What I was doing absolutely nothing. But of course it's important the look and shape to make it fast before That's more important.

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