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Showdown with Godzilla

Doing this if I absolutely can not move

Old devil Danger! Godzilla was put upon the next. 動Kun was the way, and (in fact kurakura's I remember in the comments). Futsufutsu and nasty prank in mind here. Considerably from the usual incompetence of Alice. Scared I'll leave out the waist, and the whisper of the devil. It seems to be interesting the kind of reaction can be expected so far. Courage to fight back or vice versa. When I punched a cat in a long time be able to see.

Our first meeting. Here is no reaction in another pear. I like it is so. For Alice it's really not just a thing that nothing even Godzilla. Inflatable of hope (like me of course) Iyo Iyo switch ON!


Kore What?


Koto by thumps up there not?


A, a, a, moved!

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Hmm, a bit frightened but I knew. Anyway be miserable. I hope it is the bark from the back Why? I wish 吠Ere proudly from the front. As for me before he ran away to hide out just dabble in it too. I also think if you look at me with a troubled face. I got something to be turned over to the groaning voice. I wonder if I worked really put out the dos Doberurashii more roar. Do not you break up yet?

Or that I wanted to play? Seem to pose even play like I'm swinging tail. You Yappa Even so tentatively before. I will were alluring. So I'll leave it as stalking. ・ ・ ・ Oh, how I did not know what ・ ・ ・ Which is a front.

I played for a while since updating to Tiger became palpable. Unchanged until the end gingerly. You know, Alice. I know those words? "Dogs bark moderately weak" I will. 台無Shijan the Queen.

Extra edition of the GW Alice ★

・ ・ ・ After this tragedy

GW has one week to pull in the story, and last time today. Wait is (I did not wait for everyone laughs ・ ・ ・) Alice is the hen of sabotage, high. I got me doing it for GW. Well (crying).


・ ・ Good at this stop your armpits

April 30, can be traced back. So, homecoming date. I was such a hectic time to prepare for departure. Matowaritsui were supposed to always annoying Alice. But a little quiet. Aretsu? I want to quietly look into the living room. Stare out the front legs and put a chair in the dining Alice. I just concentrated on what was bothering you.

What is so interesting and a little story. I noticed that when you finally built a camera here. I'm glad your armpits, let's stop here. I think by now. Alice and I did not see even scolded me if I come. Mon because anything I say, is slowly climbing up the chair. Carrying out further intensive leg firmly on the window frame. I like this scene because I missed. Happy moment turning his back firmly housed in the camera! ・ ・ ・ Tragedy!

Basshan! Skinny, Gattan! Bishitsu! !

And sounds incredible destruction. And, nothing! ? Looking back there is ・ ・ ・. Blind sway significantly. Or hanging blinds and scattered parts. ・ ・ ・ Flee at full speed under the table and figure of Alice.

I have nothing but numb. Moment I can not understand what happened. Speaking of only one thing is certain, Alice's work!

A memory device Tsu ~!

Alice brunt of the anger is unfocused. I can not raise yourself Hottoita shelves. Poor Alice Teru Hashi really trembling under the table. Check back again to cool a little blind. Then they take the lower portion of the drape, or torn seams. Teru Hashi code below to take almost hanging. Even a dent on the wall!

Apparently enjoyed outside Alice. Blind to the code below to go back paw. In the chair hit the wall after all pulled their paws caught 思Ikkiri rush force. You've got guts? Kore.

So in fact the first event was a GW blind destruction. But, Sugijan bode too bad then. It is the ambitious original story sparked my speaking (the story is certainly more swollen I). Alice also reflect (?) And no longer got anything to look out for after this. The blind and ・ ・ ・ say. But somehow I'm using. You'd really have not much role to fulfill many gaps.


I came because this is who?

Under six months

And here is such a happy face

Today, less than six months, even Alice. Are already four and a half months since I came to my house. Something a blink.

Really get on much at first hand. Now weighing about 26kg. Too much to build Doberurashiku. Even though I was a little before the flop. Also getting into our running figure. Takashi Megumi left us feeling is I'm still a little to plumb. Ons grew up replaced by teeth. The only concern of the ear ear cut. I stood on the left ear immediately. Subtle like a string attached to the habit in the right ear. Now slowly being corrected. I breathe a lot more thing that we have corrected.


・ ・ ・ Little


You're laughing, I would just watch the face

Maybe nature has become increasingly suitable for the queen. Well, to start pretty 気強Katta Kikan. Now I feel the momentum took it. Wagamama is a moderate face of the Queen Toco I truly lifelike. Anyway, I hate that endure. Can not stand still for 5 seconds. Rice long ago at most. Growing a little too sweet?

Sabotage is a little paragraph? Maybe you can have a little separation. Your phone and with a first sofa I've been interested. I'm interested in moving this thing on the table or bookshelf higher amount. Toco like hands reach so far. Guard is still taboo.

Alice In fact things I bought him a little. Most of the me-down Allie. Collars and clothes, cushions, toys around. Trying to me-me-down in Erai. But I would not think his me-down.

In the toilet. 9 Toco finally broke. I almost can. If not get to play something fails. Maybe on purpose. It comes with Mukatsu. When you're playing opposite. Fun and I got hooked, you're in that spot. ・ ・ ・ Here will not be helped.

The body is really Otsumu but the percentage has grown still more. But now without any major issues. You all seem to me growing up healthy so far. Well enough alone.

December 15, 2009 / next day Alice came to my house

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Brilliant technique?

I have to remember that the technique

Alice at work is usually not put to work the room. The first time I had put it. Has escalated. Clumsiness in the way of work and work the room. No longer endure the last. So off - limits. Phi Shikato completely outside the door, but it was noisy. And silenced them. I fell victim to the bedroom minutes.

In the other day. Alice'm yelling out the door. But Shikato. ・ ・ ・ Signs suddenly at your feet. There Alice. Huh? The door was open? Out of the room. Close the door. The riots. Shikato. Zuzutsu sound and open the door. Nanitsu!

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Hehetsu, surprised? You can open the door. I'll I ever seen. You mean this lever to open. I like a bit difficult. This technique. You're never allow another lockout. It'll even entered the room like this. Got it? Open the Door! Me.

I'm truly surprised. When I opened the door I did not expect. Even though there should be less open under the carpet. Harder to open because I'm me. Damn. Work and be able to make it easy. But I put the key.

And yesterday, I thought. Go on an errand. One day I will be answering. The door opened I get home. Check the room with great haste. But no damage. Apparently Alice Dakerashii was confirmed. What I think I'm staying in this room. But it will not this shit. This room is also filled with a dangerous thing. And seriously consider the key.

Most likely force open the door of my house and this seem. I pull open the door even as impossible. Alice wants to go that direction is the most pressing. Because the course is to push the front door. I walk funny Nannai yourself even go out alone. I asked Alice. I have to remember that the technique. I remember entering ・ ・ ・ tea room or not.

You like the smell?
She likes bad smell

What Kusakunai?

Dog, no, Dobell, ・ ・ ・ not wonder. Alice favorite things. 破Ku to be ripped up the paper. Gum after dinner dessert. Pee outside the toilet while watching my face. ・ ・ ・ Smell and smell (mono).

You know, Alice like I'm a girl. Why? Become so addicted to the smell that? I think I smell and I say slippers. And socks and sneakers. Or comfortable with speaking of dirty and smelly. ~ Also, I say to the people. Alice is never a transformation of our house slippers stick your nose. I got to be ecstatic, too.

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I do so? I think I smell good. I wonder why. I'm gonna smell 嗅Gitaku procedures. I like to 芳Shikutsu. If I smell 思Ikkiri once? Good? ~ Oh, sorry. I know that the goodness of the smell. I'm half 損Shi life. I'm sure.

Come on, but separately. I'm free from likes and dislikes of individuals. I'm not saying to say about disgusting. You honor. I called in on me like this smell.

All right. For argument's sake, let's assume that you like is fine. I also accept personal liberty. Nasuritsukenai let us in my face, right? After the nose crashed into the slippers! S not like I will be here from. Even if the smell of their own!

So when you go for something very much like Alice. First, let us let me wearing the socks. Clinging anyway. Each leg of the way it Kaputsu 履Ke. Does not seem to put away while you, legs and up high. It seems now well established thanks to one leg. The changes aim to give up and I thought no good in socks. Now, to slippers. Nothing besides run away. Now if somehow the front door you'll have a shoebox're targeting. Sitting up for something. Gaze nailed to the door. Once you open each head rush. Only across the head with a door stop. Even a hard time wearing shoes. This every day. ・ ・ ・ Tired.

Alice came from, I'm wearing slippers now the second generation. I bought about 30 percent of the new hole in socks. Has been dismissed from the front door is clean shoes. ・ ・ ・ I'm glad that you were dismissed because it is new and, ・ ・ ・ now (sob).

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