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Take responsibility!

Why us

Eckert, heaven forbid! No way! Who can tell whether there was a ball? Get me please. Chochotsu and here are climbing. I know that from Toco. Eckert, Toco climb this? Okay, so look like monkeys hang out. Calm, calm.

Absolutely impossible? Well, please buy new. I'm looking for lovely goodie bags Toco many people are in that ball. I bought it. Please properly reimbursed. I'm from I lost it.

Na overwhelmed. Sorry, Alice. I'm handy and got a little crazy. So think flying is becoming it with. I climb and something Chochotsu. You do anything much impossible. Besides, I look and I think does not matter.


The grass on this Pototsu


If I found this one fun

Uchi near children's park. Ball field is the fenced-in corner. I was a basketball court area in one minute. But usually enter. I'll always playing children because children's park. With Nde was no one happened two days ago. I started playing ball last ・ ・ ・.

The ball has gone over the wall now (actually, this friend I throw on the wall.) Football Stadium this, it's no fence Janakutsu only one side wall. On it.

Alice and I both stunned. Alice looked up at the far left something. Which I do things that should not come falling down. I wonder if any thought and skill and I hid. Jump came after a while. It was not my fault nothing (100 ←% my fault, high).

I'm telling you really so sorry. Alice was not anything I'm in another favorite I mean, that ball (I blame ←). I blame the reason I do not think so. That ball was originally bought my damn.

OK. I'll buy a new one, right should I buy it. Well, I'm defiant! Bad? Cha's bluff.

Wait a ball?

Where are you looking for?

I thought you guys play ball or I love Dover. I like Alice but a little different. Tied in with the ball out for a walk last week. I react like it or throw the ball.

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Unfortunately the result. I was going after anyway. Or else you got distracted by the ball away quickly. You do not sound too fixated on the ball. Su's interest only when you have shown me the ball. When he tries to steal the habit. I can not believe I'll be away for about easily. What is the tracking and'll keep my once at least. Lovely goodie bags also interested in the ball, I thought he was a little play. I wonder if this is Mon.


What is the fence?

But I certainly like dog. It's also apathy around and play ball. Give it to other children and it'll be chasing the ball sometimes. I keep the ball on the run from the good. I left the ball Munching other children. I actually keep the ball on the run that Allie. Allie was so powerful attachment to the ball.

Flirting is something from Alice to the ball. If you're getting more and more weeds. Dari smell a lot, and try to munch. The smell from it was like I knew the difference. It's Alice in the first season of fresh green. Maybe it was a mistake kore.

3 to 4 this day the boundary condition of the stomach Yoroshikunakatta Alice. As diarrhea ago. At first I thought it I was immediately cured. Did you Nde I and bloody stool Colle bad. Observation was made medicine before receiving teacher. I drank the medicine to the teacher the next day I recovered Toco fine. Has also received the same drugs in reserve just in case.

The previous forecast due to time and with stress. She was a first at the lodge. But this is ・ ・ ・? I wonder if the grass is a different cause but Mushamusha・・・ possible?

But glad rain

Nature and laughing

Was followed by a rainy weather lately. Daily walks and holidays raining and I'm twice the afternoon and evening. The day before yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk up in a little rain drizzle.

Roll up tension after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Stuck at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car looks. I was walked back to our call and alarmed. Surprisingly normal. Really I'm a little worried now. I still work and that solidified.


Feels pretty


Go back ~

Even walking out of the lower tension. Busted in no sense a bit of time. Silently but intently while smelling the ground. I'm always think I'm clever. I smell the scent while walking the Pad. The wrist guard is also good or obstacles. The pole-hit wonder or you look however, the normal (in fact I do about three times Alice.)

In the longer get to the park around the time Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddle do not seem to care. Lie on the ground to get rid of the ground and in fact Hinyari. It was fresh and unusual look of the park? When it's time to go home, and suddenly came down to the soup. Alice is rather short and you look up at the sky. The rain did not seem familiar with it yet.

Also walk in the drizzle at night. There's no feeling like I'm falling rain. It's like a cool drizzle. Maybe I enjoyed Allie. Ah, I laugh in the face of evidence that much (I forgot the camera the way the day.) Slips lot but too many times in the hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting on thick your return. Coto did not like much until now.

Now the rainy season. The rain will increase even more. I need to buy a place quick rain. It is truly like getting wet was a bit reluctant.

Part of intensive training at home Alice ★ GW

'm Not quiet!

The purpose of this homecoming. Alice's mother and sister home about. I will really miss when I was told, still tiny. I wanted to do. A big Kiku no time she's missed period.

Is also the mother I met Allie. The size of Alice, but I still tiny. Allie was definitely an adult. Tashi it calmly. Alice too high compared with that tension. Still adjusting to know. Forget-year-old mother also. But if you never been hurt falling down badly snapped'm invisible.


Look at me I'm still sore eyes

Alice was at home So it'll always peel 繫. I was a little poor. The more we have not been a good opportunity to 繫. To impose a challenge to Alice. And will certainly give a little patience.

1. Eliminate the habit of pulling at the walk.
2. Eliminate the demand barking.
3. Eliminate fly with.

Three. GW 2 are in the family can come to bear on all three days, though. Chance alone, I think.

繫 broke up the first of the singing and the barked Kyunkyun good. When he completely ignored. I ask them to help everyone. Quietly for a while. Living with the opportunity comes, everyone settled down. Of course, lead still attached. In addition to the original place to play after a while, repeat.

Sitting continuous 引Tsu張Ttara stopped in a little walk. I'll have time Tappuri unlike usual. I wait for any amount, too. It's the country from it. 少Nakutsu other dogs and people absolutely cars. Alice and it's less distracting Coto. I think from a different environment. Gaman'm in the house all the way to the bathroom. 2-3 so far in this vein to the toilet every hour walk.

So in what happened as a result. I have not even made in full or heel walk. Certainly less tension now (hee). Request is now like a little barking like change. A Bimyo Toco. Jump. This massage not changed Naa (sweat). But little progress in that.

I know it even without such a tiny way. For the mother is relatively quiet. As well not even take the child gag. For my sister's friends but most are considered. Just about the same junior high school toy niece. Been tampered with and turned her hair and lick. I rolled the poor niece was screaming saying.

Shiba Park

I'm not interested at all and

Recently, the park had just always been too tired walking. Has been little to go a little further. The previously Allie you been feeling well over the place. During this time went to the park from the opposite direction Aoyama.


A close look at the long

So Shiba Park. Scattered around a small park in Tokyo Prince Zojoji and all around me. I'm fine and walks around it. The park where Aoyama want some place I do not come much better in others. Alice to a place few people at the moment anyway the goal is to not walk to.

Maruyama Kofun Prince Tower beside remains. I look like a little hill. Pretty much spot on top of that sometimes people will come here. Nobody will have the opportunity to walk around and play with a little Alice. Happy first place? Fun? Unusual running around. Maybe I'm more like Aoyama parks. What is done while playing with a little care, began to eat the leaves or branches. Hmm, sensible guy.

What is this place, I built a monument of Ii Naosuke I do not know why. It's coming Toco honest people too. Floating in the air and something I feel is the foundation of the monument. To see, as it is very important. I'll cry, Mr. Ii. Bench or something and there's elevated position just fine. Around and around trees to Purchase, the view is never good. It's So come on people. Maybe you can fancy them as much because it ruins tombs. But if people come to feel like we observatory. Well, it looks to bringing you the building from I Purinsutawa I'll Nearby is dominated.


I feel I appreciate


As expected I'm happy to drive


Prefer a high place

I was walking out to go to Tokyo Tower for a while. Alice is put together because I do not. What is something Tokyo Tower, and just seeing them makes me happy is the What? Proof of rural goods? ・ ・ ・ Meh.

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