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Extra edition of the GW Alice ★

・ ・ ・ After this tragedy

GW has one week to pull in the story, and last time today. Wait is (I did not wait for everyone laughs ・ ・ ・) Alice is the hen of sabotage, high. I got me doing it for GW. Well (crying).


・ ・ Good at this stop your armpits

April 30, can be traced back. So, homecoming date. I was such a hectic time to prepare for departure. Matowaritsui were supposed to always annoying Alice. But a little quiet. Aretsu? I want to quietly look into the living room. Stare out the front legs and put a chair in the dining Alice. I just concentrated on what was bothering you.

Does it become a joke and a bit so interesting. I noticed that when you finally built a camera here. I'm glad your armpits, let's stop here. I think by now. Alice and I did not see even scolded me if I come. Mon because anything I say, is slowly climbing up the chair. Carrying out further intensive leg firmly on the window frame. I like this scene because I missed. Happy moment turning his back firmly housed in the camera! ・ ・ ・ Tragedy!

Basshan! Skinny, Gattan! Bishitsu! !

And sounds incredible destruction. And, nothing! ? There is ・ ・ ・ turned around and. Blind sway significantly. Or hanging blinds and scattered parts. ・ ・ ・ Flee at full speed under the table and figure of Alice.

I have nothing but numb. Moment I can not understand what happened. Speaking of only one thing is certain, Alice's work!

A memory device Tsu ~!

Alice brunt of the anger is unfocused. I can not raise yourself Hottoita shelves. Poor Alice Teru Hashi really trembling under the table. Check back again to cool a little blind. Then they take the lower portion of the drape, or torn seams. Teru Hashi code below to take almost hanging. Even a dent on the wall!

Apparently enjoyed outside Alice. Blind to the code below to go back paw. In the chair hit the wall after all pulled their paws caught 思Ikkiri rush force. You've got guts? Kore.

So in fact the first event was a GW blind destruction. But, Sugijan bode too bad then. It is the ambitious original story sparked my speaking (the story is certainly more swollen I). Alice also reflect (?) And no longer got anything to look out for after this. The blind and ・ ・ ・ say. But somehow I'm using. You'd really have not much role to fulfill many gaps.


I came because this is who?

Part of staying in the first GW Alice ★

What kind Coto dancing in the streets?

Kitatsu! ! Whee! Yo can you come to think anymore. You're very 心細Katta Sutsu! I was thinking all the time. Wondering where did I go. I wonder if I come back together again. Because no longer did I eat rice.

I'm going home together. I'll put you or not. From the good. 帰Ro quickly, quickly!

From OK. You should not even excited. Can not open the gate. To settle it. I got quite surprised. Got to be. I'm Iujan diarrhea. She said she can not eat with rice. That is the big-eyed Alice. I came from So hurry. But I imagine a miss. And to undermine ・ ・ ・ tone belly.


・ ・ ・ Is relieved or sleeping


I'm not sleeping, motionless ・ ・ ・

The next day back from Niigata. Alice can not leave the hotel. She did not have the right to Amefesu Take a moment. Scheduled for two nights and three days from 04 to 06. Toco Allie was always taken care of since.

So Alice went to consult with first. Was told it was probably a little strong dependence of the time. So I was somewhat expected. It's staying for the first time. I would not be crying. But ・ ・ ・.

However with diarrhea for two days to hear from talking about. On day 3 食Benakattarashii food. Coto I know it I will not languish.

Alice was the only one I ever diarrhea. I had no one to eat. So I thought it was a strong stomach. I'll have it for diarrhea. ・ ・ ・ Or rather, what was so stressful.

What course. It is usually a day together. Because more than half the most ever for a long time answering. Together the day before I realized that it was good though it is home. Mon I ever went to a different environment.

Back to our house in the car. Sleeping and a half. Fired back a little after the usual sleeping in the bed once again. Something a little reflection. Poor me I got to Koto. ・ ・ ・ Having said that. I have to do a little 慣Rasanai. There will be trouble for that one anyway.

Part of intensive training at my home in Alice ★ GW

Obedient to you!

The purpose of this homecoming. Home mother and sister Alice introduced. The truth is I was told to meet wee while yet. I wanted to do. I got no time to miss time A big Kiku.

Is also the mother I met Allie. Alice in size with'm still tiny. Allie was definitely an adult. Tashi I calm down. Compared with the tension that Alice Takashi Sugi. And still not know addition and subtraction. Forget my mother too old. But you never get hurt in a fall in the visible and snapped a'm badly.


Look at me I'm still sore eyes

So Alice is at home it'll always 繫 depression. I'm a little poor. In our house has never been a good opportunity from the 繫. Imposing challenges for Alice. Unless he is a little patience.

1. Eliminate the habit of pulling at the walk.
2. Eliminate the barking request.
3. Eliminated with a fly.

Three. GW 2 medium-family home would have to be able to but I think all three days. Chance alone, I think.

繫 got the first out is to have tighter barked singing very well. When such cracks. I also ask everyone to cooperate. Quiet for a while. With everyone in the living room with a calm 見計Ratsu. Of course, the lead still attached. In addition to the original place to play after a while, repeat.

Sitting series of stops in a little and kept walking. I'll have time tappuri unlike usual. I wait for any amount, too. It is the country from it. 少Nakutsu to any other dog who absolutely drive. Like Alice and less distracting in Coto. I think the environment has changed. 'm In the house all the way to endure the toilet. 2-3 so far in this vein for a walk every time the toilet.

In and say what happened as a result. Complete and well made, I do not walk or heel. Certainly fewer tensile (hee). You Hana Motomu Kaname was less barking like change. Subtle and Toco. Jump. I have not changed this is the massage (sweat). But little progress in that.

I know but I sure like the way s so small. The mother is relatively quiet. Not even a child can not stop a good pun. For my sister, but most are treated like friends. Just about as good toy niece's middle school. Been tampered with and turned her hair and licking. I rolled the poor niece is saying excitement.

Play in the dunes of the GW Chapter Alice ★

Do not go out a little hungry?

I have little time, I had a coastal sand dune Niigata. I'm almost there. Because I like houses built on sand dunes. I grew up pretty well I like dune grass with it. Windbreak entertainment, something to fill the sand fly. Dune is still a little left of the great playground. Seems like all of us locals.

Golden Swallow met something like that (sorry, I forgot the name). Alice can only play from my tiny child I usually. But I like dog. However. Foot race or to follow along with what feels good. Also things like chasing the ball. What a change of heart?

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It is not like a change of heart. The fun. And down the mountain and enjoyed the sand. First it was hard to run and feet occupied. Got tips can understand. 暑Kunakatta for much longer. The wind felt good.

Maybe true. I do not care for it seemed to smell the smell. Because the Golden Swallow'm always coming. I'm climbing the dunes and down every day. In deep sleep because every day. I wonder today so no doubt Alice. I play in a place like this is always a little envious. This wife, Alice says I've tried hard to sit on. Alice does not hear of such. I quite laugh.


A big dog to play with unusual


And down climbing


Can smell the sand 嗅Gimasu

Golden kun back then. 陰Tsu also softened up the heat for days. Alice is running and I was tired without doing a sandpile. Golden Week is far from over.

Street Car Nationals
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals


Sunday went to the park sea breeze. Original purpose of the car went to Odaiba event. Mooneyes 24th. Street Car Nationals. Domestic cars and trucks around the American car, van and Kasutamukasho. But I'm the last entry in the Corvette too. This year is still dormant. Alice is why I walk and I could relax.

The first cases of ROD MOTORS booth. I was with Alice. ROD staff and welcome from your friends. Darn it, the guys rally around. Sprinkle with all of us disgusted with Alice. In the end I still have the lead in the rather mild speech. ・ ・ ・ Well, I like them because they're always good.


You can see the car slightly to the left


Might be quite fun?

This year's event highlights a few minutes. Bannautodemo announcement begins. Array will be idle Taiyasumoku out drag racing tire I Bannauto something. That is true What I need to say important role tires warm. Because it looks gay. Shoappu to be really suitable for this kind of event. I went to great crowd. I never see the car. Just came back to see smoke.

The show car key. Most have not actually seen. Teru Naka and Alice to be quiet stroll Once you've let the stress release. I'm beginning to think so took a walk. Here are tired. I ran out of the car's so little energy. Well What did you say and do. ROD way to chat with or behind the booth. This Coto I preposterous.

By the way, I'm Alice 繫 means where they stand on the back of the car. And playful with everyone, resting under the car and there are no opponents. Alice is not something to be had fun?


Most have been here


The ROD Doragguresuka

Street Car Nationals 1

Our car car Shorashii

Street Car Nationals 2

My favorite imitation shark

Street Car Nationals 3

Group of full-size van

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