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Confrontation with Godzilla

This can never be moved Tetara

Earlier 危Ushi devil! Godzilla was put next to when. Speaking動Kun was, and (in fact I kurakura 'm reminded in the comments.) Futsufutsu and nasty prank in mind here. A pretty regularly Hetare Alice. Bibitsu'll certainly miss the waist, and whispering of the devil. The reaction is interesting it does not disappoint even go that far. The courage to fight back or reverse. If that happens a long time to punch the cat may be seen.

Our first meeting. Where no separate any reaction. Yeah yeah I. For Alice is the only thing I Mon nothing at Godzilla. The chest inflated expectations (I have my course) finally switch ON!


Kore What?


Another thing that dock in Naijan


A, a, a, alive!

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Gee, what was but I knew chatter. Sorenishitemo be miserable. The bark will be I hope, from the back Why? I wish before imposing 吠Ere. The front of me so I fled away to hide out also dabble with it. I think if you'll also look at how my troubled face. 裏返Tsu voice chat and I even have something to groan. What I really crisp dos Doberurashii 出Senai more growl. The change of voice and yet not?

I wanted to play or that? I seem to be waving his tail to pause play. Even so Desho Yappa temporarily before. The inviting with Empire. I'll remain the same so stalker. There ..., that ... What do I know WW is which before.

Updating to Tiger I played touch for a while now. Unchanged until the end gingerly. That is, Alice. I know words like this? "Barking dogs moderately weaker" The What. 台無Shijan the Queen.

危Ushi devil!

Now I get a half from the current

In the entrance. Godzilla and the devil is put on the shoe. Two things gave me a birthday present for both. Really just a long time. It's not a favorite figure and Toka. Of course you can not collect something. Both love it. Godzilla can also Devil. So you put in the entrance.

Fairly high up position not the shoebox. What is also safe from Alice so I thought. This before.


Devilman close call


I jumped at doing this, probably


By this simple ...

Did Alice, as usual, been evicted from the gate. Such that when'm usually in the bedroom. Something or front door, "Gototsu" sounds dull. As a result, the shoes are passionate closed. What to look. Alice Wow, I received a hand over the shoebox! I was a devil lying at the feet. Or dangerous. Alice's too much to the chest of the teeth Nantes Disaster Devilman! Devil in a rush to pick up. Relieved. Was safe.

And even the fleeting thought. Aletsch? No tail. Oh, the devil of course. No, I'm not a little tail Alice. This figure, only the tail snap type. This is also easily dislodged. The neighborhood is not available. No way ... .... See Alice. I looked up at me impassively. I ate ...? ? The bottom of the shoe in a hurry. Eureka Good. Godzilla and the Devil to place again.

The Alice "It's not bad from" the. Then Alice and Omomuroni Kuchakucha mouth. Nanitsu? Wait a minute. ~ Software applications directly to the mouth. Arcaro What? Forcibly pry. Came out from within. Sapporo 2 inches beyond the tail of the devil. Did you feel something when I found a short tail. Janakatta because of the mind. He's Alice. Subtle ... Also the vandalism.

Incidentally, Alice. Just reach the top of the shoe you see later. Impossible to pull in the devil was still there. Did I think I probably fall. The Devil. Dropped it down. To exclude even then often on the shoebox. Measures and also think. Chito lonely devil is gonna shut.

Speaking of the work room door open. Especially at longer just stools in front of the door. You, but such Mon.

Devil lived alone shortened tail. Alice is multiplied by tail biting. Alice's long tail of Nannai tail can eat. I also was a close call Devil, Alice was a more imminent danger.

You enjoy the smell?
She likes bad smell

What smell?

Dog, no, Dobelle, and will not .... It's like Alice. 破Ku to be ripping the paper. Desert gum after rice. Watching You Pee in my face outside toilet. Smell ... and smell (of).

Is that, right What a girl Alice. Nevertheless Why? Become so obsessed with the smell of the shortage? 'll Want to smell What I tell slippers. And socks and sneakers. Which do you dirty and smelly Speaking. ~ Also, I say to the people. Alice in the nose poke is! Is transformed into slippers. The chat is as ecstatic as well.

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I do it? I think I smell good. Why I do. I'm gonna smell 嗅Gitaku catapult. 芳Shikutsu I like it. Once you see 思Ikkiri smell? Bad? ~ Oh, sorry. Nantes know that smell good. I half I saved all my life. Sure.

Iijan, but separately. 'm Picky from individual freedom. It's not to say I hate to say it about. Desho honor. Of Nantes is said to smell like this Atashi.

All right. For argument's sake, let's assume that you like will be good. What admits of individual freedom. In the face of my Kunnai Nasuritsukenai right? After the nose crashed into the slippers! Koch has been the Demonai I love. Even in your own smell?

So when you go for something quite like Alice. First, let Kunnai wearing socks. Clinging anyway. If each leg halfway Kaputsu 履 Ke. Escape or avoid while wearing it, or on foot high. You feel fine now, thanks to their foot. With change and give up bad aim 思Iki and socks. Now, to slippers. Publisher sucking run from place to place. Now if I somehow put the entrance follow aiming shoebox. Sitting and softened. Eyes are glued to the door. Can be open per head rush. Head in the door only to stop in between. Datte 一苦労 of wear shoes. This day. Tired ....

Came from Alice, I wear slippers second now. About 30% of the socks I bought a new hole. Was dismissed from the entrance to the beautiful shoes. I'm glad that you were put away from you ... is new, this ... (泣).

Women can not clean

Of something or ransacked

Bad? Not clean it anyway. We'll only mess. It's not you doing it 散Rakashitaku separately. Happens just happens. But perhaps it Chigitsu paper. Do not tear the paper Desho? Nantes impossible from now useless. The first thing I'm looking forward to now.

Alternative values, and clean Desho Tetara spooky. Stone needed. So I. Leave it. You do not know when the then banned. Leave me alone.

Your defiant. Indeed. But they are better than others to be destroyed for the greed. I Kamawazudaro But not here and this. The first still was good. It was a paper in my hand only. The brunt of interest. So even though Hottoita. Looks like a rummage in the trash unawares. Kitajan been gradually gathering Tsukanaku.


Irresponsible fling


Once over this already desperately

Flying at full speed anyway. Something Flyers round the sound. In my room (my bedroom tears ... really) brought back to the hack. Can be put away put away, and after another 破Ku. Clean up the scraps in the trash myself. ... Further remove it immediately. Persistent.

Recently. Learned to strong-arm tactics of killing the trash. Before moving to the trash habit afraid. I have been spurred to further mess with it. To dust off the shelf, take the article Did the addition and magazines.

Are lumped at last to pull out paper and clothes from the closet. Really want to stop it.

But when you playing in your living room. Tired of playing with toys went, complete with a basket to Toco summarized the previous sucking hobby toys. So come choose a new one. Coincidence? Or maybe just keep your firm? Which up and clean up even if you can I go. You either obvious. If you look good and clean away the Alice. I like the queen.

The frustrating!

Because you'll prank

Bad weather lately. When I walk the falls in its own way is naive. So I'm playing in such rooms. Alice may be feeling frustrated 思Ikkiri 遊Benai minutes. I'll not bothering to go on all day Koch.

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Come and play for Chow decided in the room. Ball and ring toss. This tension Tsu. Toka Toka tennis ball but a ball of string attached. You can change with many. Alice'm pretty much be followed. Koch gets bored with chat. Tsumannaku become. What I think of such notice. Be prepared to be scolded Alice (maybe) in mischief. Shelves beautifully. What patterns scolded Chau. Naturally, the living leave. In posing such specialty at Alice. I still sit 噛Mishimeta blanket. Until the voice over. Ijikenaku even so ....


What this?

Chow and about the voice over the wind is such Ijike. It strategy? Panic put voice and tail. Expected to fully open again. Look at me with joyful eyes. "The play me?" Like. I completely forgot I will not be scolded Sakki something. I scolded you'll chow so also do the same. Dahlonega only the switch ON and OFF. Maybe a sense happy.

Yesterday after a long time, pleasant walk to the park so sunny. I warm day out. Lean take off clothes. Is full of smell after it rains. Did you smell the smell also 思Ikkiri Alice. Spring is just around the corner It's the first time.

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