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Jean inherited Ska

I cherish 着Ro

Deta rest of the night walk in here and I 悪Katsu and this weather. Today it was warm and try to resume. I thought so, but a little in doubt. Alice dress. No longer wear rapidly, last Sun also gotten pretty tough to do difficult moves. I say a little too dressed up or clothes. I may be cold at night during the day anyway ・ ・ ・ and still.

Often puzzling and puzzling at the time outside the front door. What has the eyes. Hung from the front door gone much Allie Jean ska. Perhaps I will wear that? Allie has been a from a little small.


Allie was a gift for X'mas


I miss this feeling

When I dress, about the. Too big around the chest but the places I have something a little arm. At all OK. Allie was originally a Doberman I was petite.

This ska Jean, Allie for X'mas gifts. I was at a half years old. Then four years, wore all the time. I got banged up something Novi collar or cuffs. After a little rubbed but a moderate. No tear or hole for something. Also has good things I think so.

I liked more than anything else from it. I also like wearing Sukajan (color or pattern was different, but of course) Did you even walking together.

Start wearing a different style was a little selfish Alice. Tooru Hiroshi Why not just go out anymore. Walk after a long night. The park is a little square of dark secluded away from Toco visitors. Old memories come to overlap and run together'm ・ ・ ・. It becomes a bit to centimeters.

Jean Lord was ska. Kino Akira seems to be increased a little satin and worn with a new owner. I'd probably have been wearing too small tea for a while, but even this ska Jean. Until then, I care 着Ro, Alice. Probably because they are watching you.

・・・Ta Teeth changed?

What exactly are you guys ~

Alice is just four months old the end of February. "I grew nicely" Hey. Last week, even in the teacher just said. I try to be something I look certainly mature. Such timing.

Corridors of our house recently, very clean and always wipe from doing (or imagine the matter please.) 這Itsukubatsu was in the hallway yesterday. As usual. Oh? Something white in the corner. Cuz is not, Alice or bites that broke a piece of paper. Recent Koto sure Alice Lovely Idol favorite tea Hitsu the paper. Also would not hurt so much I got from eating separately. If the stress release and good too. Wait, I want to fake. By the way, now in the trash in my house. Par paper was full of finely shredded. Drastically decreases the amount of paper. Something like Eco. The paper collected is messy but it is hard at it. ・ ・ ・ Derailed the talks.

Kera Among the small paper. To discard the pinch. Aretsu? Hard. Peer.

ー Oh! ! This, this is!

Perhaps Alice's baby teeth? ? I see I see, finally grow instead. ・ ・ ・ Played on full volume Tokunaga Hideaki songs in my head this time. I'm ♪ Alice climbed the stairs to another step ・ ・ ・ I adult.


Real right. Tsu and confusing

Allie really have to take care of baby teeth too. Alice can do so, I was secretly looking forward to this. Wash thoroughly immediately and views ・ ・ ・ application? Something ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ feel a little different. Certainly the subtle clarity, color, size too. But something is still wrong. Well look good.

A, A Bye, Tsu Korya!

Dash to the bedroom. Alice is there impassively. Kazi Kazi was my shirt. Grab that shirt. After all. ~ I'm missing a button. This, he'll ・ ・ ・! You've gone and chewing! Some feel that time and the soles of the feet. There is also primary teeth (similar to) is ・ ・ ・. Needless to say after this hell Alice was being scolded. Never was a fun revenge betrayed'm scared.

That night. Alice and traces of blood on the carpet and playing. Oh, you were somewhere else and scratched. See my hands. Nothing. Alice look. Seems especially fine. And, a little trash on the carpet. Pinch. And hard. I think so. Fragments of peanuts? Huh Well, maybe. Check Alice's mouth. Traces of blood in the mouth. Now what Daa ~ UK. ・ ・ ・, But isn't even a little impressed. I thought I escaped from the ・ ・ ・ ate.

Tea had gotten

Purple and Brown Reversible

I did not wear a bit lately. I quite like buying clothes with a bore lately . Maybe when I'm, of course. Did not liked. Also this and this did little to warm. Might be a little hot, and more.

・ ・ ・ I put a smaller bonus already. Alas, as expected. But the hope to get warm clothes in this state as what is the best for now. Just when I thought.


I get varieties


I feel freedom of movement in a sporty

Tea had gotten all costs. Clothes. 4 wear, too! Dr. Alice to the hospital. I did exactly that teacher's wife. It would be bigger this command and the teacher did, but it no longer wear quickly. What is it this time I thought all the same.

Teacher said, there are images from the Doberman dog scared me, I'll dress as possible. It looks like if I do that kind. Have given to soften the intimidating surroundings. I see.

2 acth Pokutsu felt free and light. After the material slightly stretchy knit like the wind and quilted reversible. Yeah, this is fine for a while.

To wear right away, always go to the park. Alice In these days seems even longer fun walk. Odoodo no sense. Do not stop I'll go wherever I had not read the minutes. In Jumping around me jump around. The feet and swept a little careless. I have already been several times to Kokasa. 're Kicking ass or grass into'll do so. Stack it alone. Taken foot grass. Do not stop what happened Kyorokyoro from yourself. Romp in the park anyway. I still have not at all. I hope because it sounds fun.

・ ・ ・ I, but capped at least. Muddy by one. Oh Oh, I got a cup or put grass or soil. I'm also a dress up for that for sure. Move around in the park and noticed. This dress is just right as of now. I mean, Teru Hashi already protruding buttocks. Oops. I thought I wonder if I'll soon no longer wear.

S so small now more sure

Now, quite large

Alice current weight 10.5kg. Little bit and come out a month. The first is about 3kg less than 3.5 times. I still have not even three months old. Takeshi Shigeru amazing. However, the prediction here is not only about.

Heh heh. Did you also get to buy clothes. How? Suit? But before too cute. Or color. But a little whiff or tea after your children. Damn it s so small to another. When the tough wear. Wear clad buttocks in full view. I may not look it from a lady once. After all, is well matched to the mature lady. Now adult. I see these ants also. In addition to buying Morao Innovation A big Kiku sooner. Then I wonder what I try to.


Why do not I look a little more


Ear not look hip

I'm expected to buy once. To grow quickly anyway. So I would have chosen a bigger guy. To get a replacement soon. I'm 10, but 10 days. The more exposed buttocks. The truth is I can use for a while I was supposed to. About a month, at least.

Everyone says I should. "I'll become larger than last Kiku" Hey. I'm here not go unnoticed. From watching every day. Speaking. Because I'm a hand to reach around and stretch my belt. The first lap I was about the most.

A big grain Mori Hatsu selected next time considerably. Velcro closure side too. Also make it easier to dress a little bigger. If at least until mid-March about whether it will somehow. Until about a little warm. When Alice was about half that time four months. It might weigh around 20kg or less. ・ ・ ・ Ants? Ittara I like quite a big 20kg. Again? 暑 it'll be painful. This dress. Shidashitara warm.

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