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Not too bad?

Do you know what's up? (The answer is you click on the bottom left photo)

Tomini mature these days has become Alice. No part of it still not clean ・ ・ ・ became an adult. Tteka, or a child or adult does not matter to me kore. I sure think it's important to live on very, Alice.


I'll drink from the well hurry


It seems too unusual Colle

To say what ・ ・ ・ Hanashi of what. But since I see little, Alice drinking unusually Wed Heta time! Scatter like water dripping from his mouth while you walk around with water. Tooru Hiroshi were not it? Hana system is not at that level.

Alice and normal drinking water only when you look at as well. Not boring at all. Drink vigorously. But after that.

I'm suddenly quite right to stop drinking for a while. And I think I'll be doing when I drink Kishimen Wed breathing apparently. , And I'm not what I got water into the nose with air.

感Jirurashiku is it strange to me that myself. Now stop and was hanging Kurujan. The water in the nose. I'm watching it and jitter. In, out drinking and I've been waiting to get all the water in the nose. I'm quite an amount that comes out of me Wed. What weird is this? You can drink perfectly normal? By instinct.

Heta, like, more is less. Tarashiku to be surging in the mood of the instrument when in drink. Waiting for a sip of the ripples subside, ・ ・ ・ Another one sip.

One more thing. Sitting still eating and drinking from time to time. I'm not always. Also strange is this? "Otsu, Come on manners" The first I think I'm an idiot too. You normally considered hard to eat. I feel bad for the body to be dressed so something unnatural. The moderate appetite or energy Kano Hana sick I changed? Incidentally I ask the teacher to go to Toco next week.


To try to fool laugh

Sitting in wait

I bought clothes

Alice appetite. Peak form more and more. But now every 1kg of 100CLUB of Raw Food ( Allie and Alice column introduces you're advertising with Nde) for granted, as put down. , And afterwards looked up at me eating, "Sitting in wait."

Still a baby. It is still impossible to understand that I here about you (maybe). Because the probability of a toilet with a sheet / 2 or less. Yet the level of probability. 1 / 2 because, on top of the sheets were just might happen.

Katamukeru moment that Alice is almost only listen to seriously. So, before dinner, "Sitting in wait."

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~ Hmm. I'm still a. I'm still a. I want to eat early. It was so hungry. Hungry. ~ Please, I have been shaking too much from the patient. Hmm, how Let yourself say. "Yoshitsu" me. Ah, but ・ ・ ・ Yodare. ~ General has become Yodare 止Mannaku. Hey, not everything will be put up too much? Got carried away there too? ・ ・ ・ A ~ to say I'm sorry I did wait more.

Yeah, because much patience. It is important to the patient. You're free to let other comparatively. Even skinny sofas and chairs. Even digging on the carpet. Even with tattered books and documents of the shelf. You 怒Nnai. Well, then I put away the book or the other really important. But more serious prank What we are starting.

It is made from scratch and Alice percent. "Sitting in wait." The first sign of rice since I feel that wait. Gradually increase the time for it. Now barely three minutes now wait. Sorry but declined to stomach. I'm fake. Rice as possible without them. Here is a minimum.

・ ・ ・ Speaking. Today, "Sitting in wait" time. I can not wait Alice. Hind the spot. Gradually to lower the stance, approaching the rice just before the legs and face. So, the natural attitude and Fuse. Fuffuffu. It was unnecessary things, Alice Kung. As you wish, from tomorrow to the "wait for the Fuse," I will also add rice to the previous menu.

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