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・・・Also be stupid

・ ・ ・ Coto what so completely!

No, I got tired of ・ ・ ・ end. Even really stupid parents. What? What is high touch. What it. Can I 出来Nakutsu or skill. You said there were. That's a lie? I needed only if possible, anyone? I need this? I do not think we needed.

Not mean much these days? We can fight Godzilla. Hair dye and try to imitate. The age of stupid good. More, please make a decent growth record. Oh, sorry.

Yes. Yes, Your. I regret. Said sure. I like technology or even impossible. I No, I'm even impossible. It really is. But you know, you can Chaujan. You are so funny. Good for you? Fun doing this - I learn it? Oh, the fun is just me? ・ ・ ・ Sorry.

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I know it. Really. Do not give it more proper to take this. Not the heel walk, jump on it too. Mate is definitely something I Tokitai. You've been good at patience 強Kutsu. You'll go easy on you. Could be from the hand. Hara Ppoijan another way somehow a little hand position and shape.

Waste bark and jump on the way, I'm a little lost. Walk It Naa ・ ・ ・ front heel yet. Now you have to worry about my position but little by little. Mate in the house were little, I just.

Naa'm still happy. Can only get from your right hand still Naa. As can also be left with. It's perfectly fine with both hands it can become so, the original director. (No regret Temasen ←)

I'm sure women・・・

I wonder if a dog than a Dobelle

Alice Elementary School about six months past the rest of the world too full. Come out reasonably well by the 女子Rashi. Can begin to talk about precocious. You were a man. Yes, "I did look into" it!


Even when we reflect on this


Alice looks much better I Rashii

What, Alice. Sitting it. Nayotsu and 横座Ri it. Sitting a little funny? But Alice would certainly be a girl. They are two different stories.

犬Rashiku or Daiichi. It's just that once a dog, do not sit 犬Rashii. It's just that much more Doberman. Spine is stretched more crisp. I wonder if I can sit posture.

Sitting its Plextor was not as Yoshi is. 早Kunai yet? Sprinkle in the 女子Rashi that. It's only a child yet. The color is enough to notice a little further.

Alice I sit, and sometimes collapse. Usually I'm sorry, I'm at an Please forgive me. The photo above left, for example. I'm a toilet when it fails. I saw this while sitting at a jitter failed.

Guile's this? You call yourself a man when you allow as this cool, normal. Oh, I say to avoid misunderstanding. I'm not angry or upset. Alice or even seen much less something wrong as a girl. It's that much easier watching hentai. ・ ・ ・ Digress.

They often come over to Alice in the looking up from the shadows and how I will get angry with me. These are is annoying I Colle fine. Is better than being 横座Ri. 情Kenakutsu something that I have sitting. I think maybe I'm not doing it consciously. Sick, but were usually in trouble are going to to sit properly. Naa Bimyo'm feeling something. What's 横座Ri Doberman.

Part of intensive training at home Alice ★ GW

'm Not quiet!

The purpose of this homecoming. Alice's mother and sister home about. I will really miss when I was told, still tiny. I wanted to do. A big Kiku no time she's missed period.

Is also the mother I met Allie. The size of Alice, but I still tiny. Allie was definitely an adult. Tashi it calmly. Alice too high compared with that tension. Still adjusting to know. Forget-year-old mother also. But if you never been hurt falling down badly snapped'm invisible.


Look at me I'm still sore eyes

Alice was at home So it'll always peel 繫. I was a little poor. The more we have not been a good opportunity to 繫. To impose a challenge to Alice. And will certainly give a little patience.

1. Eliminate the habit of pulling at the walk.
2. Eliminate the demand barking.
3. Eliminate fly with.

Three. GW 2 are in the family can come to bear on all three days, though. Chance alone, I think.

繫 broke up the first of the singing and the barked Kyunkyun good. When he completely ignored. I ask them to help everyone. Quietly for a while. Living with the opportunity comes, everyone settled down. Of course, lead still attached. In addition to the original place to play after a while, repeat.

Sitting continuous 引Tsu張Ttara stop at a little walk. I'll have time Tappuri unlike usual. I wait for any amount, too. It's the country from it. 少Nakutsu other dogs and people absolutely cars. Alice and it's less distracting Coto. I think from a different environment. Gaman'm in the house all the way to the bathroom. 2-3 so far in this vein to the toilet every hour walk.

So in what happened as a result. I have not even made in full or heel walk. Certainly less tension now (hee). Request is now like a little barking like change. A Bimyo Toco. Jump. This massage not changed Naa (sweat). But little progress in that.

I know it even without such a tiny way. For the mother is relatively quiet. As well not even take the child gag. For my sister's friends but most are considered. Just about the same junior high school toy niece. Been tampered with and turned her hair and lick. I rolled the poor niece was screaming saying.

Alice get eaten

Mugutsu (no voice)

Even when something in my face where Alice. So Alice trainer, 100CLUB · Mr. Ray . Much like getting used to each other in days. What has been called to give Alice a meddle.

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The truth is I'd like to play. I wonder why me and partner. But still small body indeed. You're a beginner of Doberman may not look it. What is, I got the 大人Butsu. Baby myself and I will not play? Yell! I play, Hey! (Pachitsu・・・Gautsu) crikey I'm sorry. I'm sorry This is the last time.


~ Pa-inch cat fight back!


I was hand holding the bottom

I know that rudeness or a scary thing. Ray recently 出Sujan poke kun. I tried to punch out. Try licking and licking my face. If in spite scary offense. After turning on to Mr. Lay about the habit.

I almost silently to Mr. Lay that. Once Alice got carried away but I was out. "Gautsu video!". Alice in the mouth of Mr. Ray brains of great diary. TV not good like the wild kingdom. When you scold a child or something mother lion. I Kaputsu the entire head. Like that.

Colle, namely Alice,'ll be back out. But a split second. What's going on is small. Turn right and follow them. Guy really fast recovery. I think I'm annoying Mr. Ray, probably.

But somehow I feel. Never tire of watching. From becoming even more to come forward against Mr. Lay also. Even more interesting, but hit back with Alice. Well, because it is a little older, it is.


During the cease-fire

Miracle on 10th and 3 months

I thought you were not already

Alice came three months and 10 days more we have. If you want a long way. ・ ・ ・ Therefore What? How, finally, and Innovation ~ ~ ~, Alice is "the hand" I had to make! ! Congratulations.

Why? What happened to Kimi? I never did before. Recently I was already giving up. Why could not suddenly? It is also quite fun? Summary. What special training did you hide? I'd surprise? ~ U guys. Cute guy. 100 満点Jan attitude goin a little better.

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Alice has been on a change of heart in anyway. Well, the first time I tried to tell its own way. Did not want to understand at all. The extended hand "Kaputsu" I just have. Quite recently. There was no try. In happened yesterday, "the hand" I said I was. Then ・ ・ ・ was. Coincidence? I think I say that again. "Your Hand." ・ ・ ・ Was! Hell I fucked praised. But Alice and I Kyoton.

Alice is looking for something better 見Rya in my hands. I see the look of the goal reward. But the good. Was triggered by anything. Even know if you kiss shape. I wanted you to know sooner.

Not really skill (art?) But seems like you do not have. But "sit" and "Fuse" want to do much speaking. Why me? I think I need to. Two. But "you get" You do me. Need a "?" Well it.

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