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Under six months

And here is such a happy face

Today, less than six months, even Alice. Are already four and a half months since I came to my house. Something a blink.

Really get on much at first hand. Now weighing about 26kg. Too much to build Doberurashiku. Even though I was a little before the flop. Also getting into our running figure. Takashi Megumi is available and I left feeling still a little plumb. Ons grew up replaced by teeth. The only concern of the ear ear cut. I stood on the left ear immediately. Subtle like a string attached to the habit in the right ear. Now slowly being corrected. I breathe a lot more thing that we have corrected.


・ ・ ・ Little


You'll laugh I could see only her face

Maybe nature has become increasingly suitable for the queen. Well, to start pretty 気強Katta Kikan. Now I feel the momentum took it. Wagamama is a moderate face of the Queen Toco I truly lifelike. Anyway, I hate that endure. Can not stand still for 5 seconds. Rice long ago at most. Growing a little too sweet?

Sabotage is a little paragraph? Maybe you can have a little separation. Your phone and with a first sofa I've been interested. I'm interested in moving this thing on the table or bookshelf higher amount. Toco like hands reach so far. Guard is still taboo.

Alice In fact things I bought him a little. Most of the me-down Allie. Collars and clothes, cushions, toys around. Trying to me-me-down in Erai. But I would not think his me-down.

In the toilet. 9 Toco finally broke. I almost can. If not get to play something fails. Maybe on purpose. It comes with Mukatsu. When you're playing opposite. Fun and I got hooked, you're in that spot. ・ ・ ・ Here will not be helped.

The body is really Otsumu a percentage but still growing. But now without any major issues. You all seem to me growing up healthy so far. Well enough alone.

December 15, 2009 / next day Alice came to my house

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Midnight Intruder

Now that's what a dog is that?

Still chilly morning in early April. I woke up cold. And, while most are good but I was 寝惚Ke. Did not even hang blankets and quilts also. Got kicked? Such cold weather? Tagutsu wear a blanket from his head. Tried to sleep again.

・ ・・・・・N? What? 寝惚Keta head feels quite different than usual. Nearby warmth. ・ ・ ・ Someone! Try to reach out gingerly. Tender, silky touch ・ ・ ・ good translation is not right.

Alice! ! ! And, why? ?

Hmm, you are good. Morning already? 早Kunai than usual today? 暗Ijan yet.

Eckert, whether I'm sleeping here? Come on. Morning, cold. Besides, the day should I stay here. What's funny is expelled only at night? Thank you more than that? I mean, sleep with girls so young and beautiful. I asked around envy, perhaps. They might even get caught in Kesatsu. Okay. Because he is silent.


This picture is not completely Yarase


Lightning going to guess the sign

・ ・ ・ (Sound come out of Gu.)

Wait, wrong, right? Alice Arujan neatly into bed. Fukkafuka mats and couches are. Tetajan ever slept there. I lie too cold. I'm far more to the cold. Beautiful young girl? Blow it out. You grew hair around the baby yet. I do not even Kesatsu Ahorashiku opponent, probably.

I sneak into bed with Daddy than that. 夜這 Goddamn I like that. Oh, and he and I. I wonder if I can not stop that child Koto future.

The time was really tiny in Bariken 寝Se. On the couch since it was less a failure of the toilet. Allie is also felt to be unnatural from what I can sleep on the couch. I make noise for a while even when I sleep I play more. Percent up on the sofa into trouble quickly. To stand before my breathing.

The border to this day it is. Come you slip into bed at night. It every day. I'm okay. Is also coming. Please let us stop the blankets and quilts to bring their Toco, right? Which is Why do not you have at least.

The Also, try to be something happening. I'm going to fall and I at the edge, every day. I'll go to bed at the edge were coming later. I think the people I care or compassion. I will also say how much Queen.


I like sleeping on a futon since

Women can not clean up

Sounding a lot of looking

Bad? I can not clean up anyway. I just mess up. I'm not trying to do separately from 散Rakashitaku. Just happened by chance. Kedashi just tear the paper. You tear the paper is that ok? I now impossible because no good. The first thing I'm looking forward to it.

I almost, right when I was putting away creepy. Encording. So good. It is. Do not stop when the prohibited or if any. Leave me alone.

Your defiant. Sure. But the desire for destruction is better than others. But I Kamawazudaro, and this did here. At first it still good. It was a paper in my hands only. The brunt of interest. So I Hottoita. Looks like a rummage in the trash imperceptibly. Kitajan no room to collect less and less.


Irresponsible fling


And the other desperately as this -

Anyway, flying at full speed. Something Flyers round sound. In my room (my bedroom ・ ・ ・ tears actually) brought back to hacking. Can be put away put away, and after another 破Ku. Trash clean up my scraps. Further ・ ・ ・ remove it immediately. Persistent.

More recently. I learned that the strong-arm tactics to defeat the trash. Despite being scared of the move before the trash. I got a further spur towards this mess. From the bookshelf and dust off I took the article in the magazine unique addition.

Lumped together after all the paper and pulled out clothes from the closet. It really wants to stop.

But when playing in the living room. Tired of toys he played, sure to bring together a basket of toys Toco nothing besides watch so far. Choose a new one comes with it. Coincidence? Or just keep your attention? And to clean up either way but even if not. Well, I granted. Alice to tidy away the suit to be. She is a queen.

Queen and Princess

Take place with me in Nnai

Sun unusual snowfall in Tokyo. Late-night bedtime. Extremely cold. Alice is occupying my bed as usual. To put in a cage and holding Kakaeyou ・ ・ ・. Warm. Tea really sure. ・ ・ ・ Nope. Today. "Today I decided to Alice 戻Shitara the cage too cold. (Awesome opportunism ←!)" Crawl into bed. , And turned off the bedside light.

Itatsu! Hey Tsu, move. Still! Ah, the Kazi Kazi's hair! It hurts. You should not even pull my hair. Now I'm riding right hand on the face. It hurts me Hikkaitara face. If I'm out so much fuss. ~ Eh, that really annoying guy (I'm on my shelves that 思Ikkiri ←).

<Queen of my heart Alice>

What? What, hey! Not cool! People (dog?), But is sleeping comfortably warm and pleasant. Not come in! To'll Get out! Kyitsu! I'll then do not go out like this. For example say there! Oh, do not touch the belly! Tsu Hey, cool! Did not you'll stop.

<Princess naive Alice>

Oh, why? I have to go to the cage? Really! ? Oh goody! Once a happy happy. First I go to bed with me! What should I do Oh, can not stand still anymore Ureshikutte. Atashi the happiness in the world of me!

Well, whatever you make such a noise. The pains and tried to sleep together. They were not originally Alice in Bed. I do not know what you think. , And it was really probably do not either. Disturbance from people and that "the Queen" I wonder. I bit sad. "Princess" Even though their characters were happily in the world and here.

By the way, Alice is immediately placed into the cage, I had slept with Alice was comfortably warm me warm in bed alone. Chan Chan.

Alice week

A little familiar

Alice. Came here a week passed. Here with me that our house looks like your new looks. And it is known, Tokanakya put a sign with me a lot. I still can not explore it because ・ ・ ・ door is always closed. ○ switch has you going into the window switches and a new master of the window ○ Atashi! I wonder if there is anything on earth.

I'll miss my sister and brother become separated from mom and dad to play with now is not a problem. Mori Hatsu'm here puns. Monsieur, but sometimes "Itatsu" or saying. Just because a big hit in spite of little teeth and claws are big 図体. It may not look it from a Doberman. I always Tino Tsuyoshi Atashi. But, when you're put into the cage at night sleeping ear. So I'll sing 思Ikkiri. ・ ・ ・ I Did not get it to come out already giving up something. You mean not getting beaten down. Castanopsis millet and this surprisingly kind. Well, now it's my house. Atashi'll soon become the queen.


Feels warm


Rice ~ early

・ ・ ・ So now the house is the bathroom. And though he says Alice and bite there haa not really hurt though. Because the baby yet, like a sharp needle sharp teeth thinner nails. Shimo Hana No small punches. My hands covered in wounds, so admirably. Because the blood everywhere and blurred'm (sob).

Besides, in the state as the Queen enough. What I want to feel more Ttena. And this is a lie because all non-toilet, here he seems to have servants 追Kkakeru Febreze and paper and cloth. Let us out of the cage with me Kyankyan noisy early morning. Even if I work, "play!" Or to order. Ignoring Kaputsu the top of the foot. This also hurts. Tati'll be bad for a pretty face Nedatsu every last one. 怒Renai face and watching TV. But, the best cute sleeping face. I think a demon or almost awake.

Well, in my house now I say. I'll go Bishibashi from around the new year. You know even now, before the rice is fine, "Sitting in wait" You. S not something like that, special training. Doberumanrashiku Bishitsu and I have to. Spartan I'll do it.

Oh, and the end of 30 days after vaccination. ~ I hurt. It also useless from crying. Dumb'll be prepared.

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