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Street Car Nationals
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals


Sunday went to the park sea breeze. Original purpose of the car went to Odaiba event. Mooneyes 24th. Street Car Nationals. Domestic cars and trucks around the American car, custom car and van. I remember last year I was also an entry in my Corvette. This year, still dormant. Alice was so relaxed I was and I walk.

First to ROD MOTORS booth as usual. I was with Alice. ROD welcome from staff and friends. Darn it, we all rally around. Alice and sprinkle too friendly to everyone. In the end I still have mild speech rather lead. ・ ・ ・ Well, because I hope I can every time.


You can see the car slightly to the left


Be kind of fun?

Highlights of this year's event after a while. Bannautodemo announcement begins. Arrays will be stalled out Taiyasumoku drag racing tire I Bannauto something. That was originally what I say has an important role to warm the tires. Because it looks flashy. The events of this kind may Shoappu are facing. Why do not you do a great crowd. I never see the car. Just came back to see smoke.

In the important car show. Most do not actually see. Alice and how are you doing to relieve stress will be quiet when we have a walk. I thought so at the beginning of a walk. Here are tired. I ran the car show so little energy. What did you do and I'll say. ROD have been talking to or behind the booth. What is this preposterous Coto.

Alice is the way I did not 繫 Dari's car to the back of the booth. Kitten and everyone, Homework and disappear under the car to the other. Alice had fun not something to be?


Most have been here


ROD Doragguresuka of

Street Car Nationals 1

Our car car Shorashii

Street Car Nationals 2

I like sharks Cama

Street Car Nationals 3

Group of full-size van

Do? Amefesu
Team Rod Motors

Amefesu at last year's third-generation Corvette

Corvette dormant. When I wake up soon. At that time, ROD MOTORS of RYO from you. " Amefesu go? "and invited. ・ ・ ・ Helpless.

  • Candy raves and the way that the American festival. American car's like a festival in a word. Swap Meet and Drag Racing and Dattari Datsu Datsu Kershaw. Enjoy the atmosphere like live events and American

Apparently this year Amefesu held on May 5 during the holidays. Usual place at Fuji Speedway. One of the events of the day, that has Korubettoparedo? Me. The other apparently from Retarashii said. Iron is also a gun that meta, I (I can I iron my Corvette cancer meta.)

I went to last year Amefesu. But not a car show or drag racing. Corvette 2-Actually, I'm often out of the race about three years ago. I know it feels much lighthearted 走Retara I'm also flat out. With people doing different levels but seriously. So always ride the city state as a. I ran in normal and radial tires. And 17 inches. Terrible time but I have fun. In exchange the last year Amefesu muffler straight pipes. I was a terrible roar because this thickness. Very good sound I wanted was a real race car. Next time you go to a drag race, you want to Dorasuri all the same. But also with various tamper.

<2008 Super American Sunday in Twin Ring Motegi>

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Something I parade like that because my Corvette? I think you can. Did not you get me the original beautiful car parade? I. But it is a long time to go to the mountains. Or a fix in the meantime? Can a revival. Astro tomorrow when I talk by going to replace parts from the Son. Entries from this week Ippairashii it. I do not fast.

But back in May 5, must be quite severe traffic congestion. The smoke from the engine and I Nannai the pun. Well, unlike summer overheating worries but unlikely. After the problems of mental power to drive this car in traffic.

Fuel economy improvement from the base

And was constantly take from

Astro fuel economy was in the mood. S impossible not dramatically better. Here are the basics again. Yesterday after a long time that the ROD MOTORS to.


Percent did not do anything to clean


When I was riding my gun Meta


Alice is confined to office work

This Astro, buy cheap at current sales. I do not really look like anything riding after purchase. When I did not understand because oil is traded so.

Therefore, from the basics of maintenance. Engine oil, oil filter elements, air filter replacement gasoline supplies respectively.

As expected, the engine oil. I was pretty dirty. Gas filter clogged feeling well. Clean air element to it than I thought. Colle I thought I was the element of surprise that the biggest impact on fuel economy.

In order to add it Wiper and engine belts. The wiper was in the mood and muscle, so I wipe out. I'll try to cry out to you and also when humid belt.

Oh, What happens though. I was riding before I came to Astro. The new owner added a roll with crisp color work and repainting. Astro is still such that the original car. These are really cool to use.

Alice did you take them. Alice met a long time in the growth of RYO president surprised too. When I first came on the table even though he played in the office.

Way way back, fill up. When I get better mileage calculation. It also stretch 1km / L is also weak. I did not use the air conditioner from this place. Tashi becomes warmer. The possible place like that. Make it too good? Improve fuel efficiency air conditioner be used anyway? You are not a Corvette. Without You I muri air conditioning. I'm sure the Corvette has got air conditioning disconnect.

Too upsetting for fuel

Not that get there?

・ ・ ・ Just hate this place, very anxious Coto. Astro fuel efficiency. Not too upsetting? Originally, domestic cars and something I can not compare. WAKE I'm not riding every day. Still ・ ・ ・.

Astro before, but did not care when so much. I mean, Nannakatta care. I wonder how these things out. When the city average 6 to 8km / L. Speed were 10km / L is about, but I grew up. Now the city average of four buying a ~ 5km / L Because I Naa. Usually be better? It's not brand new model year.


Why do not I figure?


Humiliated, the same as the Corvette ・ ・ ・

Why are certainly worse I recall a few. Go on city driving really bringing you here first. The other rear tire. I take it a little too much (You do not bulky thick) and not do anything. Expression differences between control systems later this year and the previous model year. Perceived to be heard scraping Mosou powerful than the previous model year, so. If the expense of fuel consumption but I'll have to power up, think about normally.

Fuel gauge attached to the car (?) About it 18.4L/100km = 5.4km / L. Yet this much but some were saved. I'm a more accurate measure but in fact, probably. I wonder if maybe the meter icon crazy. A big tires just minutes. But I'm much more than 10% Naa.

What is this mileage, and comparable to the Corvette. Corbett said about the car ride with no worry of fuel is expected. The second will take you far faster. Most do not ride for that matter.

Naa and the Corvette with a shock. Not bad I say another ride. Concerned about the fine. It's only really safe driving. I think it's normal.

Corvette dormant
1969 Corvette Stingray

1969 Corvette Stingray

Aka Iron 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. The car was a dream since childhood.

Corvette specialty shop impulse buying almost five years ago. The ceremony was really aiming for about 80 years. The showroom also love at first sight. I eventually broke up into fishing by way of Josh.

Originally normally buy troubled. Toco and I stopped at 200 meters to go I was running comfortably parking. Meguro engine stop in the middle of the street. But something brought near the shoulder in the habit, from around the big eyebrows. Putting studying thoroughly is something wrong and ran fast. Something smells. S coming to jam, too. PA jams finally arrive at the engine stop. ・ ・ ・ OFF supposed to be a key even if you stop the engine! It's the car stand out, and doing something strange sound from the engine gang bashed. , The crowd gradually around. No sign of any engine stopped. Leak somewhere and I'm the ignition system, open the hood area and what to cut Desubi force. White smoke from the engine room suddenly madly. White fog all around the state. Spectators to scatter in a big hurry to get out of the spider children. Engine stopped, but somehow, due to the care of JAF. Yokatta the 燃Enaku.

Corvette interior Corvette engine

Car 40 years ago what standing. 'm Not used to exchange hands and body into the frame and almost pretext or another. I aim to design comfortable. First. So also lined sheets and exchange. ETC ・ ・ ・ full audio latest electronic navigation and radar. Box woofer in a confined space I put up. With emphasis on power & peace of mind now. Modify the center of something around the engine. I get paid and air conditioning (even if you never 冷Enakatta anyway.) The audio is also now almost useless. Something they never hear the exhaust sound speed. The seat right next to the exhaust. So there is no sound. This car is the way Rod Motors I got eyes. Can be heard quite impossible. Also fairly large one-off parts. So normally running machine. Means the same car but a recent "normal" is not. Means you'll have no worries like stop time. I design and comfortable enough.

Noise or vibration is God or not. What I think about what it fall apart. Something totally unrelated to a collision. Eco-environment with such far of course. The time now is absolutely no match. Recent performance is nowhere near the car. Love it. I also can only view of the drive.

・ ・ ・ But dormant. Why? Broken. A long time. Maybe Pawasutekontororubarubu. It's leaking oil. I really look like one of the few original parts left. In this part are surprisingly expensive. So dormant. What part of the Corvette, get a new one yet. Only one screw it up. S awesome! Reproductive parts or even most, but. Even the new parts are genuine GM has. American around here. Corbett indeed.

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