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Take responsibility!

Why us

Edge, can not believe my eyes! Impossible! That was a ball you know who? I beg to fetch. The climb up here with Chochotsu. I know that from Toko. Eckert, climb a place like this? OK, so you look like a monkey heaven. Fine, fine.

Absolutely impossible? So, please buy a new one. I'm looking for lovely goodie bags to those in the ball that many Toco. I bought it. Please properly reimbursed. I'm from I lost it.

Na overwhelmed. I'm sorry, Alice. I'm got a little mad at hand. And to think so sure flying. Oops I Chochotsu climb. You do anything much impossible. Face and I think it is irrelevant.


On the grass this Pototsu


Without all this was fun, but

Children's park near my house. If there is a fenced-in corner the ball. The space I'm single minute basketball court. I usually do not get it. I'll always playing the children because children's park. In the Nde was no one happened the day before yesterday. I started playing ball ・ ・ ・ last.

Did the ball just went over the wall (actually, I got thrown on the wall.) This Stadium, I'm supposed to only one side of the fence wall Janakutsu. On it.

Alice I, but also stunned. Alice looked up on the far left something. I did not come because things are supposed to fall down. But I thought that I hid on purpose. Have jumped after a while. Not because of me is nothing but (100 ←% my fault, high).

So really say I'm sorry regulations in coming. It was not anything like Alice In another favorite I mean, that ball (and I blame ←). I deserve the blame I do not think so. That ball was originally, I'm I bought.

All right. I buy new, I wonder should I buy. Well, I'm 開Ki直Tsu? Bad? 開Ki直Tsu tea.

・・・The stupid things

・ ・ ・ Exactly what this KOTO!

No, I was amazed ・ ・ ・ end. Even really stupid parents. What? High Touch me. What it. Possible to do good or technology. You said there were. That is a lie? I only needed if you can, anyone? I need this? I think I do not need.

It does not mean many days? We can fight Godzilla. Dyed hair, or try to imitate. Do not fall for years. More to please a decent growth record. Oh miserable.

Yes. The Fair enough. I regret. Said sure. Whether I can or can not make technology. Well I, and I can not make good. The truth is it? But, you can Chaujan. It is interesting, so I. So much good? Studying is fun to do this - it? Oh, the fun is just me? ・ ・ ・ I'm sorry.

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I know it. Reality. Take this a more proper to tell. It was the same heel walk, jump on it too. Mate is definitely something I Tokitai. I have trouble with a patient 強Kutsu. Who would say the easy way. Could be from your hand. Hara Ppoijan somehow have switched position and shape of little hands.

By the way, I'm dead and gone barking a little jump. ・ ・ ・ I walk heel ago but still. I've been to my position a little bit concerned about it. Mate in the house were a little bit, just me.

But I'm happy. I can only from your hand with your right hand still. Need to be able to be on your left. When You're perfectly fine as it can with both hands, the original director. (No regret Temasen ←)

Part of staying in the first GW Alice ★

What kind Coto dancing in the streets?

Kitatsu! ! Whee! Yo can you come to think anymore. You're very 心細Katta Sutsu! I was thinking all the time. Wondering where did I go. I wonder if I come back together again. Because no longer did I eat rice.

I'm going home together. I'll put you or not. From the good. 帰Ro quickly, quickly!

From OK. You should not even excited. Can not open the gate. To settle it. I got quite surprised. Got to be. I'm Iujan diarrhea. She said she can not eat with rice. That is the big-eyed Alice. I came from So hurry. But I imagine a miss. And to undermine ・ ・ ・ tone belly.


・ ・ ・ Is relieved or sleeping


I'm not sleeping, motionless ・ ・ ・

The next day back from Niigata. Alice can not leave the hotel. She did not have the right to Amefesu Take a moment. Scheduled for two nights and three days from 04 to 06. Toco Allie was always taken care of since.

So Alice went to consult with first. Was told it was probably a little strong dependence of the time. So I was somewhat expected. It's staying for the first time. I would not be crying. But ・ ・ ・.

However with diarrhea for two days to hear from talking about. On day 3 食Benakattarashii food. Coto I know it I will not languish.

Alice was the only one I ever diarrhea. I had no one to eat. So I thought it was a strong stomach. I'll have it for diarrhea. ・ ・ ・ Or rather, what was so stressful.

What course. It is usually a day together. Because more than half the most ever for a long time answering. Together the day before I realized that it was good though it is home. Mon I ever went to a different environment.

Back to our house in the car. Sleeping and a half. Fired back a little after the usual sleeping in the bed once again. Something a little reflection. Poor me I got to Koto. ・ ・ ・ Having said that. I have to do a little 慣Rasanai. There will be trouble for that one anyway.

Play in the dunes of the GW Chapter Alice ★

Do not go out a little hungry?

I have little time, I had a coastal sand dune Niigata. I'm almost there. Because I like houses built on sand dunes. I grew up pretty well I like dune grass with it. Windbreak entertainment, something to fill the sand fly. Dune is still a little left of the great playground. Seems like all of us locals.

Golden Swallow met something like that (sorry, I forgot the name). Alice can only play from my tiny child I usually. But I like dog. However. Foot race or to follow along with what feels good. Also things like chasing the ball. What a change of heart?

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It is not like a change of heart. The fun. And down the mountain and enjoyed the sand. First it was hard to run and feet occupied. Got tips can understand. 暑Kunakatta for much longer. The wind felt good.

Maybe true. I do not care for it seemed to smell the smell. Because the Golden Swallow'm always coming. I'm climbing the dunes and down every day. In deep sleep because every day. I wonder today so no doubt Alice. I play in a place like this is always a little envious. This wife, Alice says I've tried hard to sit on. Alice does not hear of such. I quite laugh.


A big dog to play with unusual


And down climbing


Can smell the sand 嗅Gimasu

Golden kun back then. 陰Tsu also softened up the heat for days. Alice is running and I was tired without doing a sandpile. Golden Week is far from over.

Alice's GW Daa seaー★! Hen

I'm gonna'll Sea!

May 30, 4, Alice start of Golden Week. 1 year homecoming for me. Alice is the first long journey. Run up ahead of schedule 帰Reta I wanted to waltz clog the middle. Oh, Niigata is home.

You go home after all the sea ー! What percentage of the home near the sea. If you walk out to the coast about 10 minutes. What Alice in the sea the next day with KOTO. The car was good even on foot. It was too good weather. He can rest while playing.

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ー Tta not play a lot. The weather was great, too. Foot race or to follow even wave. And I thought it was okay to be approaching imperceptibly. I hate the wet. 油断大敵. Col but the way you want to hear. Dig the sand, the water springs Kurujan. Strange. Why? Well, you'll know. Sure, the research on your own. Hmm, salty taste.

I feel the sand running this. But, tired 走Ttara. Dry throat and going.

I know, as you dig out the sand and water. Looks like I was in the mood a lot. Dug up here and there. The smell stuck to the smell in the nose. The gritty to the nose. Or even try to lick. It is afraid of the waves? Tetajan escape might. It had also pulling back. And covered with a guard assigned to the wave.


ー'll Run Away


'll ー arrested


Na'll come over here and covered in sand


I dig


I get stuck nose


I get a rest

Alice sea for the first time (in Odaiba I got stuck in the rocks.) Already many curious things. Dari digging or running sniffing smells. Always playing alone. Rest while playing. Playing in the ocean again. I was just like a beach in Chapuchapu. Very well thought out as it were.

You I like to sea. Satisfied? This time, let's go into the ocean becomes warm. Together. What is impossible? Mon courage I do not look like it.

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