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★ Amefesu drag race

Winning the moment

Amefesu Speaking of drag racing. What's no exaggeration 1/4mile drag racing Amefesu (400m approx). Motegi race is going well 1000ft (300m approx) out. Private courses and I quite distant. It is often the audience feels Amefesu. I also support 一応 Team MKR. I'm not doing anything is virtually no say.

So early in the morning into such joke. What seems all but demanding race Toka setting. Especially Fuji or take quite some elevation 燃調 there. I was watching I just persevere with it next. Preparation was like that.

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Drag Vette HQ-7


Emergency, departure for the front


The peaceful

Time is finally on course. Slight rise in temperatures on this day also very good weather. The course is pretty hot waiting in the reflection of sunlight and the road. Moving trolley car on the track, let alone of the crew. I gained not only from Gili Datte gasoline. During such, Mr. RYO the driver but I concentrated I. Bannauto feel beautiful and determined before the start in full swing. Increase the tension suddenly becomes the staging.

In, What say the result is. Eliminated in the semi-final round to go. Motegi race on May 1 was the only winner is a bit disappointing. You win or lose from it's racing. I'm also for the next struggle.


The whole atmosphere is exquisite

フォード F100 パネルバン

I love this look

GW is the last day like this. Datte doing live shows and car smoke Amefe way. As always Sotchi are very few I'm not. In mind that the car was still. Lift up one of the Cherokee. It Was Cool. Did I decided would be the Toka coloring. What I like the extra car originally Cherokee. One also known as Pumpkin Ford F100. In this panel van with no tracks. I wants one day from the previous car. I like cute front mask. However, this does more than look big. Normally be painful leg.

Congestion was the fear of return. Smooth enough to be anticlimactic. I came back to drive comfortably.

※ Amefesu photos are galleries on. The parade and the race I Bakkari.
★ Amefesu Corvette Parade


May 5 Children's Day. IKURA's AMERICAN FESTIVAL, Amefes 2010.

ROD MOTORS Astro to around 2:30 in the morning. Transfer to a Corvette. Starting with the entire team. Fuji Speedway with a roar to 轟Kase. The Corvette's a long time. The car is naturally less since midnight Tomei. Very pleasant drive. Of course I could not drive safely. Did I run with everyone from.


Blue N-C1-kun next

This Amefesu. Corvette intended to participate in the parade. Did'm first attention to the pit bottom. What may contact me on the stand-by car. Moving in a crowded visitors. Exhibition successfully completed somehow.

Mr. Corbett also take the N Team. Parade with course participants. His C1 (my value C3). Ittsumo nice and clean and I have a blue color. Surrounded by successive Zurari through C6 Corvette C1. In many more than I thought C3. The love of my sight Tamannai C3. You also have acquaintance and greet. What is cool I Yappari Nantes Corvette.


... Even before


Corbett is also full of back


... I feel wide and confusing

Courses in the parade schedule and chatter and flap overlaps the second heat of the drag race. The ranks to the course from C1 into chronological order from around the hairpin. I'm now waiting for some time now. Photo sessions like the camera in one hand all down from the car. Of course I'm one of those people. ... I'll get someone else to care for everyone and I Yappari even his best.

I'm starting the parade flowed through the course. However slower speed of course (only natural that I parade). Mon's something apart from a wide range of courses. Ppoku ranks and was somehow like from around the last corner while I (and I was going to hand). A short but fairly straight and that there should 1.5km. Last year when I ran the 400m in drag racing awfully long.

The parade finished. I ran the one lap he obviously was about the course of the Fuji. I kind of fun to while waiting for the time before. I have a decent feel. I was watching in the stands and I do Dahlonega. Or, What I could parade as such. Also from the area stands way back to the hairpin. Did not quite have people walking on either side of the road. ... Feel is more fun when you return it and on the side.

Resurrection loud!


Corbett was a long dormant. Let's not forget ... when you finally wake up. Simply ROD MOTORS been asked but I just came to take on. To get a repair and maintenance. For the Amefesu course.

WW moved from almost six months longer Karekore. WW and even over the engine. I do take that burden around with an oil leak. Ask them to prepare for such Wanquan from it. Simple pre-booster oil, light, various tooling. I put the engine in a long time anyway. First thing is the battery out, and more. I'll chuck you down Datte oil. The trick is for placing the engine, even for free. I took me a good?


Did not sound half


Wearing a red dress of the ROD Mr. RYO

Open the hood power steering oil refill first. ON the other battery so it should work. My Corvette, you have to be able to force a battery cut. What is not reduced even without using the voltage. So. What we truly feel it while I did not see. I twist the key in the trial. Temashita alive. Battery. I was surprised. OPTIMA truly (the name of the battery. Famous for its strong).

But so sweet on the first take. Troublesome at this side of the vehicle cab. 1 to 2 minutes with tilt and turn the accelerator starter.

Baribaritsu, Baritsu

Took! A long time to hear loud. While the accelerator and wait for warm-tilt. In the parking lot of poor ventilation. Ancient luck Nantes car, let alone a catalyst. Shipashipa my eyes a little and the exhaust. Tung oil and gas and odor at the same time.

Sorenishitemo. Very loud. WW has cured wool scarf from moving much? Exhaust sound awful anyway. Tteiu perfect crisp representation. Previously would have been much more quiet. 変Wannai long and straight with the time of the actual race. The sound echoed Nde and underground parking. Comb a peek and everyone who walks the street parking.

Repairs to Amefesu. Inspection of parts is also assigned to the then commissioning. May 5 is the tone of the safe.

Street Car Nationals
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals

Bannauto demo car

Sunday sea breeze to park. Original purpose of the car went to Odaiba event. Mooneyes 24th. Street Car Nationals. Domestic cars and trucks around the American car, custom car show, such as vans. Last year, I'm also the entry in my Corvette. This year is still dormant. Nantes is'm leisurely stroll with Alice was so.

ROD MOTORS by the example of the first booth. But I was with Alice. Welcome from staff and friends of the ROD. Over also to rally around everyone. The pepper is also agreeable to everybody Alice. In the end I was left with slight lead in greeting and say. You ..., but I always do the thing for.


See the car slightly to the left Desho


Be kind of fun?

Highlights of this year's event after a while. Bannauto announcement and demonstration begins. Alejandro will be spinning the tire out tire smoke in drag racing What Bannauto something. What is true is there'd have an important role What say tires warm. From the flashy looks. To show up on these events I will be facing. Saw great crowd going. Really do not see the car. Came back only see smoke.

In, essential car show. Not really very few. A quiet and I do Once you've been walking to relieve stress will be Alice. I'm beginning to think you walk on it. Chatter Koch tired. Chatter almost lost the car look so healthy. What Did I say you'll do. You can talk to the booth behind much of the ROD. What is this thing preposterous.

Incidentally, I'm Alice and Dali Did not 繫 car behind the booth. Kitten or with anyone under the car resting on the opponent and the disappearance. Alice Tan enjoy something not to be?


Most have been here


ROD drag race car

Street Car Nationals 1

Our cars Cars Shorashii

Street Car Nationals 2

I like Samekama

Street Car Nationals 3

Full-Size Van Group

To do? Amefesu
Team Rod Motors

3 at last year's Corvette generation Amefesu

Corvette dormant. Time I wake up soon. At that time, Mr. RYO from the ROD MOTORS " Amefesu go? "with the teaser. ... Trying to do.

  • The smoke Amefe way, that American Festival. Mon festivals like American car in a word. Drag Racing de Dattari or swap meet car show or removal. Enjoy the atmosphere like American and live events

Apparently Amefesu year, held on May 5 during the holidays. Fuji Speedway is the usual place. One of the events of the day, answer the Corvette parade? What. In addition to the apparently Retarashii said. Gun Metal irons that well, What is (in my Corvette that I What a gun metallic iron).

I went last year to Amefesu. Just drag racing car show Janaku Toka. In fact, 2 of my Corvette out of the race - I often just three years ago. What feels much lighter Nori 走Retara What can I output at full throttle. If people are not what we are doing a serious level. Mamma's usual town riding so. I ran in normal and radial tires. And 17 inches. But I have fun every time the blood. In Amefesu last year instead of a straight pipe muffler. I was a terrible roar of it this thick. Watch a real race car was a very good sound. If you get this in the next drag racing, we want to Dorasuri Yappa. I mess with it and also different.

<2008 Super American Sunday in Twin Ring Motegi>

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The Corvette's do something on my parade from that? What is it you want. Is not I clean the car out of the original What parade? Nantes. But it is a long time to go from the mountains. And how to fix it? That can be recovered. Loss of contact when I try to go tomorrow to replace parts of the Astro. Entries from this week Ippairashii it. I do not fast.

May 5 return I'll just terrible traffic jam. The engine smoke and joke Nannai to Nantes. Well, worry about overheating in summer and I hardly different. After the issue of mental power to drive this car in traffic.

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