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Fluoro-one mobile phone!

Not because it's so Atashi

Broken phone to Alice . And wait. Visitors coming from anyway. Any inconvenience. Know the phone number. Nantais said nothing in the sky these days numbered. Put numbers on the iPhone Ichiichi sure. What a story I'm 掛Kero the iPhone. Toka schedule and want to see the iPhone with phone calls. So somehow.

, And to the DoCoMo shop in the neighborhood Konaida. You try to change Toka Janaku separate models. What I have for what.






I kid you not I

"I help you? Looking for something"
"Yeah, it has been broken phone chat"
"May I show You"
"I hope. Desho out LCD Here"
"Oh, Really is. Oh, I use fine except the LCD I, He. This would be replacing the LCD panel. Do you want to repair"
"? Header ...? Can repair it?"
"E For example, a week or so I'll have your time in custody just because"
"I mis. And do not phone the trouble between them. And I use anyway"
"Oh, will you lend your course fee 換機"
"What? Unchanged phone number?"

Immediate repair shop in turn determines a minute. What can I repair. I also place 換機. What is it common sense? Be normal for? Obvious? But happy. In addition, the final blow.

"Excuse me, may take the repair costs 5,250 yen"
"Ah, found"
"Replace the outer case so conspicuous flaws even in passing would suggest"
"What? What it takes but how much?"
"We can exchange costs unchanged. Because the maximum amount 5,250 repair"
"Lie. The Really?"

Indeed. Miserable conditions in case of bites Alice. DoCoMo truly! Great! I is Toco 儲Katsu different to do. Good at DoCoMo. For example, the same everywhere? I just ignorance?

Complete contact service yesterday. Immediately on receipt. Beautiful! Tteka, looks totally new. Did the button and this can be exchanged inside or just outside Tetara think. Peel off the protective plastic waste much of something. Good. It is also wasteful replacement Mon. But it would feel ....

Mobile home with a table. Eyes glued Alice. Oy, for God's sake. Mobile should stop. ... Please.

The Yarra!

It's not because of Atashi

Yes, my bad I forgot it. I'm usually never leave it. The Toco Anna. Did I also aim to realize. Chokotto. So, What is just as long dressing. In I'm forgot. It most recently Mon, things like this. I do Yappa year. Ranks of the elderly? Come on.

The most part, it 上Reta Nakattajan never before. That sofa. The So What is placed in a way completely defenseless admits. But suddenly 上Reta Why? Motivated out suddenly? Did ever be accessed by a ladder or hidden? I say it is, right there on that often found. And this place was watching? In Did silent? Something, I sly.

What cunning bad reputation. I forgot my Desho bad. Did you know Did I also aim Desho? He mostly. Somehow not like before. You let go passione cheeky Cha. What Pihyara'll suddenly called. Atashi be playing with, but then preparing the rice. Sotchi always wins. Atashi postpone something. I sooo feel something is cherished. So punishment. As Pihyara not call. This little Koryta Desho. Now allow the other from interfering.

But "there" and when he said face. Did rush indeed. Atashi very surprised to loud. Did it really worried. A guy like that. I know from not at all.

~ Damn. Bakka and rightly wants to say. ~ To ~ for example, it is certainly true. Shouganai Dahlonega. The'm working from. I no longer eat rice can chat? At all.


Extra sad to see that it is a 何Tomo

So, the Yarra. Mobile. Did I not aware of something and Kajikaji. But the phone is .... I was even attempted. But scratch just went live. Was always in front of you. Did not keep the shape even today. If you are okay. Unpleasant feeling to see that I just open folds. In Did corrupt. LCD parts. Is not displayed. Subtle breaks more. I'm sorry can call to Alice. Even a button you can. But no LCD screen. Felt like old touchtone phones that is available.

~ Damn. Nantes I can not repair it. I leave things unfinished. I still split about half and left. What I use to be patient. I also use iPhone. Not particularly want to phone. I try to do better yet wait a minute to Android. Damn, eh why not put in the Toco Anna. I'm usually never leave, and Anna tocopherol. ~ Selling has pissed off to you.

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