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Alice get eaten

Mugutsu (you have no voice)

What my face even where to go Alice. That Alice's trainer, 100CLUB · Ray kun . Much like getting used to each other at last. I mean Alice is getting to dabble out.

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The truth is that I want to play. I wonder why the other to me. Certainly a small but still body. She is a doberman beginner may not look it. What is, is I got an adult. Atashi and I will play? Eitsu! Do not play, hey! (Pachitsu・・・Gautsu) crikey I'm sorry. Sorry. Moushimasen.


Cat fight back bench performance ~!


I was pressed by hand under

I know that rudeness or a scary thing. Ray recently 出Sujan kun meddle. Or try to punch out. Try licking and licking my face. If in spite scary angry. After the run around for about Ray Nevertheless kun.

I lay quietly in the little Swallow that. Once Alice got into gear to do that too. "Gautsu!" Me. Diary of Alice in the mouth of the Kun Lei brains. Wild Kingdom is not like a good TV. When you're angry or something the child's mother lion. I Kaputsu the entire head. Like that.

Kore was done Alice,'re missing the waist. But a split second. What's going on is small. Turn right and chasing after. Resilient guy really. I think I Lay Kun annoying, for sure.

But somehow I feel. Bored to watch. From becoming even more so against us to even lay-kun. Alice, but even more interesting to fight back. Well, you little bigger because it is.


During armistice talks

Lei Kun Education

Look, you're nothing (I say Baku Baku at heart)

Always here to take 100Club . Staff there kun Ray Dog (German Shepherd 4 years old.) Owner of the ultra-fine physique. Bibiru barking at me to be (which is always barking 思Ikkiri). Alice is also accustomed to shop anymore. I'm always running around in a lordly manner. Do not misunderstand something? Yes, I usually ask to come out of the gate behind which lay Alice kun I'll have to educate.

Oh, I know. Toco is always here. Wide, with gentle people. I'm comfortable.

I ・ ・・Aretsu? What, why she came out? Wow, Yabatsu. Big after all! Oops, got the first match. Oh, come here. Iyatsu! Stand back! Eh ~ I'm sorry, please forgive me. (・ ・ ・ Do not stop, but I'm sorry but what is what)

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Like, hide win. Well not, desperate anymore! Bark tea for example? How is it, even You're a Doberman Atashi. How? A little terrified? ・ ・ ・ Innovation, not at all fine. Not come in front of that. Ah, go away. Please enjoy. Innovation right, its Whoops. (Startled) Huh ~ I, ~ please stand up on such short notice. Darn it, what do I do ~ (crying). ~ Someone please help.

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Dwarfs are sold?

Oi, Oi. The state is always a lot 違Ujan. Yuki is a habit to always put persistently meddle. (Spitz dogs also Yuki staff), I've just not proper greeting. Rei-kun. I'm almost always too much fuss. And his wife too much too lenient. Did not Ray kun and interesting. But because I'm not being bullied. Ray shook his tail Tetajan kun. Did you know?

Rei-kun indeed. Alice's usual romp completely losing their fighting spirit. Borrowed it looks like a cat. Even though the dog. The first time like this. Even though his own Iku Kura approached from outside. Even some big dog. I thought a bit now and 懲Rita. As soon as I lay out for a walk a little Swallow. As usual. I was running around in a mess. Whew.

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