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Not too bad?

Do you know what's up? (The answer is to click on the bottom left photo)

Wealth, has recently become mature Alice. No part of growing up still can not clean ・ ・ ・. Incidentally, what an adult or child is not going to Collet. I think I'll go on living on very important, Alice.


I do not rush to drink well


Kore is also not normal to feel

What do the people who wanted ・ ・ ・ Hanashi. When I was young I look, Alice the calyx is abnormally Wed I drink! Or spill water or walk around with water dripping from the mouth. Were normally not it? Hannah Shi's not like that level.

Alice and normal drinking water only when you're watching. Not what you'd expect. Drink vigorously. But after that.

I'm suddenly quite right and stop drinking for a while. And I think even when I'm breathing Kishimen'll apparently take Wed. In, and I think I got water into the nose with air.

感Jirurashiku it is strange that my works. Now stop and was hanging down Kurujan. Water into the nose. I'm watching it and jitter. In the drinking and I'm waiting to get out all the water in the nose. I'm fine amount is what comes out Wed. What is wrong with this? You usually drink properly? The instinct.

When you're little more in the calyx. The worry is that it is Tarashiku surging in the unit when you drink. Waiting for a scandal that a sip, a sip ・ ・ ・ also.

Or maybe one more. Sitting on the floor to eat or drink occasionally. I always think. Overdue for this? "Otsu, Forget about playing nice" is too stupid but I thought first. You normally considered hard to eat. I also think you are too good for your body shape something unnatural. The extent of appetite or energy Kano Hana same I sick? I hear it in passing from teacher to go to Toco next week.


Laughing so cheated

I do as Dobell

Unusually fair style

I slowly approached the past five months full adult Alice. His facial expression and body gestures but so too? ・ ・ ・ I really?

How? You have become increasingly Doberumanrashiku. Colo-mon I thought myself doing something earlier. What? What? ? I have short legs! ? The stretch now! Now! About it they say. I resemble a dog owner. I'll take it from responsibility if this were still left leg is shorter! Oh no, I'm getting something to worry.


Let your legs'll Mijika


Do you know about shyness?

Excuse me for living. Short legs. If you say I think I'll look forward to it. Tapering is just how I do that.

But I'm not at all convincing. When the more we are, I feel like nothing is fearless in Dover. Look out, this Daratsu and dressed. Why do also understand that this is Daro short legs. 当然Jan not appear to progress from a baby so this time.

It's just the girl with it at all. It's have a little shyness. What's this. The stomach was exposed. What is cool in unprotected 得Naijan far. And maybe not ・ ・ ・ little fat?

Stroll through the latest "cute" than that said "cool" and said those who have increased. I came out of the Doberurashi that, right?

I'm getting more leg stretches and I certainly see in the picture. I feel that I'm most looking down from Uchi. Until now I did not mind. Also has to feel about or around the waist or chest muscles. It's flat out at the young and watching something move. It is five months all the same. Still round everything. Yeah, I'm in no hurry to go, Alice.

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