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Yali Island Hilo vs Shoushan

Serious at times like this

What dog loves to go outside. Another big deal and start preparing a stroll exception Janakutsu Alice. Alice loves to play but is still in the room. Persistently close in this game What is the usual white. Oh, this game between two people "sumo" What is'm calling. "~ ~ I and I, and ~ Shoushan Yali" like.

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Well, as you can see. Alice coming towards violent anyway. I'm just returning it to me Tsu wings. Love it. Nedari want to come play. For example I have that sucking dirty towels.

What is Alice's favorite since it is small. But I, no small thing when you dock. It was a completely calm that can come for Alice. But now I have to Nannai compare to listening Tsu Datte great weight. I wrapped it in the same tension, What Alice. Koch is also quite tough recently.

Did you mean Alice, not to win Really? I'll never lose Datte Koch Soshitara orchid. It is also to maintain a human. Or, if I'm no longer win Toka. Alice also Shindoirashii fact. Once you have your say Nuke-time break from 10 minutes. When I win it (and I but I decided to hand). Once I have Shindoku "Stop!" Force quit. Speaking of great I say stop it forever and also from Alice.

But I, Resurrection After five minutes longer. Bring towel to play again! From this it repeatedly. , And stress that it is Alice's terrain is a good thing with this is it. In a way, I feel it has also been trained to arms Toka my abs. For everyday wear are not exercising could barely play just fine.

Stay ed GW ★ Alice's first

What is overjoyed with these things?

Kitatsu! ! Whoopee I thought that Kurenai and come again. I very 心細Katta from Sutsu! It's much more was I thinking. What could I go where chatter. What I do 帰Renai together anymore. I no longer eat the rice chatter.

I'm back together. It they do not get at Tsu. I was from. 帰Ro faster, faster!

The know. Datte bad tea excited. Can not open the gate. It settles. Chatter I surprised at all. You got the call. What I Iujan and diarrhea. What you say can not eat rice. That is a big-eyed Alice. So I came from in a hurry. Did I miss is the imagined. Upset stomach and tone up ....


... Or is relieved 爆睡


... I sleep in nailed shut

The next day back from Niigata. Alice is to leave the hotel. Amefesu has had to go take a little unlikely. Scheduled for two nights and three days from 04 to 06. Did Toco is usual care from the time of Allie.

So Alice went to the first consultation in advance. What had been said but little dependence could be stronger at that time. Did you expect a bit of So. The first time it's staying. What would not be crying. But ....

Out to diarrhea from day 2 and to hear about. Morning of the third day 食Benakattarashii meals. What things are run down but I did not like.

What was Alice's diarrhea only once so far. Nantes had no one to eat. So I thought What a strong stomach. It Nantes Shichauzo diarrhea. ... I called, I was so stressed.

Yeah I do. It is usually during the day together. Datte at most half a day for a long time answering the most so far. Together the day before and saw it was a well thought out though it is home. Mon and I followed a different environment now.

Back in the car to beat. 爆睡 and a half. Also back in a little glee, once again in bed after the usual 爆睡. Something a little reflection. Chatter What I pity you. So that said .... I rung a bit and I should not. There will be trouble and is left with this one.

Alice breaks

I was happy I Sazokashi

I can not do something this year and rainy. Especially around this month. So even such walk halfway. In, so I began Yappari. Sudden switch-on. Alice is a do not, and I thought I was sweet.

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~ Oh, you A little cleaner. Library also has stamina rolling in Chattisgarh. The 走Renai I recently completely out. I'm at it I 一応 to endure. I no longer even try to do that sometimes Yappa chow. Or, What can I forgive youthful exuberance, Ne.

The first was surprised, yes. What happened. The run started at breakneck speed without warning difficult. What it like crazy. Mon somehow I really wanted to do Tteiu chatter. That was when I'm Allie. Asked make your day you examine. I aim to spread the words to that effect health. I do not remember clearly.


Traces of the strong state of our dreams

So now evacuation immediately enters the switch. If you can feel dangerous and contrary to impossible to stop. Chow switch again soon I'm going into it. Even stopped by. No curse to Alice 触Ranu settle. When I settled into it comfortably and then you will face. ... It is 怒Nnakere Koch.

Just inside the room very much. 過Tsu feel a typhoon. Carpets and sofas are covered in peeling it unlimited. Chow from the mat and futon beds are taken from the mess. Mon to dissolve something I put on the table thing. Because I do not know when that starts. But unavoidable. The frustration can accumulate. Be resolved if at all OK with this level. Or are more broken things. Mon chow eaten better than strange. But beware of the danger is.

Kurenai and this'll be sorry as soon as possible to get better weather. Chau and I just broke the momentum of lies. It feels unfathomed Mon Dobell What's sabotage.

_Ta ... Teeth replaced?

What exactly is he ~ Omae

Alice is just 4 months old at the end of February. "I grew nicely," What. Last week, even in the teacher just said. I turned to look mature but certainly something out. The timing of such.

Corridor in recent 拭Ki掃除 beautiful and I always really from (or that you can imagine why, please). Did 這Itsukubatsu in the corridors yesterday. As usual. Why? Something in the corner for white. Is not N, or chewing a piece of paper that broke Alice. Pull the paper thing is sure favorite part of Alice's tea recently. But will not chat so much harm from eating separately. If you can do it and stress release. What is it, I want to fake. Now in the way of the trash. Paper shredder was full of fine par. Depleted the amount of paper. Eco-ish something. Collect paper is messy but it's hard at it. Derailed the talks ....

In their paper associated small. And throw out pinch. Aletsch? Hard. Peer.

Covered over! ! This, this!

Did you mean Alice's baby teeth? ? So I do not, or at last molt. Songs flowed at full volume in my head Hideaki Tokunaga this time .... Let's not forget ... I'm one step climbed the stairs to the adults ♪ Alice.


Real right. Tsu and misleading

Have taken care of primary teeth can actually Allie. So even such Alice Did secretly look forward to. View version ... clean, wash immediately and thoroughly? ... Feel ... something a little different. Indeed subtle clarity, color and even size. But something different. Well look good.

And, a plunger, I can Korya!

Dash to the bedroom. Alice is there impassively. Kajikaji shirt I had. Grab that shirt. Yappari. ~ I lost a button. This, guys ...! Therefore, and chewing! Some feel that time again soles. There is also baby teeth (similar to) that .... Then Alice was obviously being soundly scolded. Revenge betrayed the fun of it and scared.

That evening. Trace of blood on the carpet with you playing with Alice. Oh, I was also scratched somewhere. See my hands. Nothing. Check Alice. Ok like in particular. And, a little dirt on the carpet. Pinch. Also hard. What Dahlonega. Fragments of peanuts? Huh Also, Did you mean. Examine the mouth of Alice. Trace of blood in the mouth. Books ~ A thing now. ... But, even moving a little Imaichi. Watermark from the clutter ... I Yappari shoulder.

Freedom of 10m radius

Atashi'm Free (But 10m)

Always park. There is a lot of trees. There is also decent like Toco square. Width decent (but no more than Komazawa Park and Yoyogi Park.) The place I always stay at the walk. It is also full of dogs from Toco course such people. And use it Yappari mind. But four months of Alice. Alice Mon smaller dog I mostly disagree.

I was playing outside the long-awaited. Stone 思Ikkiri ran. I want to move around as you like. I hope if I Toka dog. Unfortunately you do not close. Longley has pulled out there. With about 10m. Not just freedom but Norido. Freedom of radius 10m.

Long lead fitted with a bit of Toco opening round the walk in the park. Wooingly running. Chittomo leave .... Gee, are not known Imaichi. Dahlonega no sense, it'll. It's tough measures if losses Mon. I quietly left the place when I smell your smell.

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I also take getting used to each other a little. But I'm going to be careful Koch. Somewhere away from the hook on. Tsu also be face to help it get out move. When such whispers of the devil. You mean it casually. I'll be forgiven for this long.


(Look at the duck pond) What Arya

Tsu immediately ぽ only 10m. What I do not think 思Ikkiri 走Reru. A little stress release (or under stress?) And I can not not. The bed upon return from the walk certainly Chow. Feel that gentle night. I do not? In Koch also easy.

Alice noticed with such things. It still runs but the calyx. Well you fall. I love high tocopherol values. With Toco Surujan likely will go first climb. What must have tea but into fences. Koch is a go It's over.

How Dahlonega. Do I go to the dog soon. The broad Sotchi more. The 走Reru 思Ikkiri, it?

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