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Too upsetting for fuel

Not that get there?

・ I ・ ・ these little ear, Coto quite anxious. Astro fuel efficiency. Not too upsetting? Originally, domestic cars and something I can not compare. It's not every day I was riding my WAKE. Still ・ ・ ・.

Astro before, but did not care when so much. I mean, Nannakatta care. I wonder how these things out. When the city average 6 to 8km / L. Speed were 10km / L is about, but I grew up. An average of 04 city now buying a ~ 5km / L Naa Because I. Usually be better? It's not brand new model year.


Why do not I figure?


Humiliated, the same as the Corvette ・ ・ ・

Why is that bad I certainly recall a few. Go on city driving really bringing you here first. The other rear tire. I take it a little too much (You do not bulky thick) and not do anything. Differences in the expression of this control system before and after model year. Perceived to be heard scraping Mosou powerful than the previous model year, so. If the fuel expense, but I'll have to power up, think about normally.

Fuel gauge attached to the car (?) About it 18.4L/100km = 5.4km / L. Yet this much but some were saved. I'm a more accurate measure but in fact, probably. I wonder if maybe the meter icon crazy. A big tires just minutes. Naa I'm still around at most 10%.

What is this mileage, and comparable to the Corvette. Corbett said about the car ride with no worry of fuel is expected. The second will take you far faster. Most do not ride for that matter.

Naa and the Corvette with a shock. Not bad I say another ride. Concerned about the fine. It's only really drive safely. I think it's normal.

2 Astro second generation

Blog about or was thinking of trying it and vague. I did not think to adopt a dog, I thought that the center of the car himself. So the title of his own design Corvette. Major policy change that is what a dog. Imbalance is something that is straight from the design. Well, guess it's OK.

In the car. The other one back the title this Corvette Astro. American car both cars. In this Go時世. Actually, this second generation Astro. This summer, before the transfer from him. Corvette from a hobby is like the height of the Ashiguruma Frankly Astro. Whatever it really is. If size is also easy to be put on the bike is put a dog yet. So Astro. Size of the neighborhood is exquisite. Astro previous complaint was not particularly well but, unexpectedly triggered an impulse change. Expression was also fairly new, since it looks pretty low mileage. Anything reasonable price. Minicar used far more cheaper than normal. ROD MOTORS 's, thank you for your help every time (the first ROD MOTORS Astro had even looking.)


Front tires


Fell asleep in the knee

Full Aero Lowdown considerable initial purchase, putting studying thoroughly the muffler out of the four rear center Bukkake Toi. But the engine and interior in a fairly normal clean. Even with a state as vinyl floor floor. I care because it looks like Ashiguruma, the four exhaust truly embarrassing. It is disgusting to Rodaunsasu peacefully. In reinventing got. The ROD MOTORS. A bottle of muffler, modified rear shock leaves change. I replaced the rear tires less significant.

I felt the front tire was taken while riding. Because some vehicles are immediately prepared to Lowdown. RYO still try to replace consultation with your front tires. So today I went. A good feeling. One probably better tires. I also give it height, height up a bit. Not have to worry too much right corner bump.

For height is low like all the same. The lower the better really. Corvette still quite sticky. Astro is that I want to take kick anywhere. Then she dropped it could be a little better than it is now more impressive rear. Future issues.

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