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Full six months

Well here is such a happy face

Today, Alice is also a full six months. Already four and half months since I came to Uchi. Something flashed.

To take a really long at first hand. Now weighs about 26kg. It also builds a lot Doberurashiku. I've been a little before Colo. Customer also become a running figure. I still feel your love and respect and that's a little plumb yet. The whole line replaced by teeth grow. The only concern is cut-ear ear. I stood just left ear. The habit of luck like Bimyo right ear. Now gradually being corrected. A breath or other thing so much has been cured.


・ ・ ・ Little


I would laugh and I'll look it look

Maybe nature has become increasingly appropriate to the queen. Well, you start pretty 気強Katta Kikan. Now I feel it took the Spurs. Wagamama is the extent of the queen like someone I truly Toco. Anyway, hate to be patient. Helplessness and sit for 5 seconds. Before much more than rice. Grow a little bit too sweet?

Has settled a little sabotage? Maybe you can have a little separation. The sofa and they made phone 示Sanaku interest. I'm interested in this thing and moved higher on the table or bookshelf though. Toco hands that reach so far. Alert is still taboo.

Alice in fact gave little things I bought. Allie-down the most. Collar and clothes, cushions, toys much. Eligh me to be patient with me-down. Person would probably not thinking of me-down.

In the toilet. Toco finally broke 09. Most I can. If not get to play something fails. That on purpose maybe. This brings a fit of anger. When playing in reverse. I got obsessed fun, you'll be on the spot. ・ ・ ・ Here is a fault.

Otsumu the body is really not mature but still percent. But without any major issues anyway. I want us to grow up healthy in the moment. Sufficient by itself.

December 15, 2009 / Alice's hire came the next day

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Countermeasures hard gate

I'm open ・ ・ ・

WC measures installed gate . Alice is a real bear to look on. I'm also getting a big success now appeared. He does that, who is also something natural enemies. Hard to escape this way and trial and error.

I'm sure about the reason for deportation. When my meal, when it is your customers. Kuri Tome sofa cover toilet course failure. I also have the opposite camp. Courier time has come.

When the tiny yet great. But even when the guests and only make noise when you eat. What I do not enough to disturb. Nowadays, because I can reach on the table. Belo to those in desperate tongue stretched out to ~ Icon plate. Sometimes the audience. Papers on the vent on the floor reaching for the full table. You'll only get it out. Mon accustomed recently. When my food quickly from one to bed. But why would I know. After the meal and see Alice Sitting in front of the gate. "Be quiet, so I had put here." "Meal" I never said such.


What I did not even yet

Alice is also a sense of something really into trick. Playing before the toilet once. This is fine. In the play to them. Play bout. I'm a little distracted by something that TV. From his bed and to Sutakora. I wait a minute and look, there remains a strong ・ ・ ・. Was done. Ku these people out of their own. When you turn the sofa cover Soreto deportation. Almost reproachful look at my face. That idea to the toilet. A little bit. Yes, a lot of Ochoko much away. , And urge you sit down? Yeah it useless, Alice.

I want to think about. Away in the living room from the side gate strategy. However, the not at all, "the hand" or not. I have trouble not able to speak out. At all. 'm Just getting to craft something Sama. Opposite effect of the gate? Worse still perhaps ・ ・ ・ without a gate. He keeps a problem.

Fine coward

Did not you open?

Unpleasant ha, ha Come on open, open! If I Open? It cowardice against children, Hikyo! What the earnest request to me? Terrible! This treatment. What about, how to do this childish. Is not it about time to open yourself more? I laughed for nothing. Kuyashitsu!

・ ・ ・ ー Hey, You had Chitchi in the toilet properly today. I'm also waiting to sit down? So thank you. Please open. Please let my kids play there.

Your Kitajan know. Tan is not really known from the beginning? What is the restroom somewhere. The first two made three days after Tetajan fine. Chitchi in the bathroom. Daro was so full of praise? I'm no longer something. After that. Is about, You were fun. Ah, but did you see my face mostly. In the living room. So reluctantly. You're smelling. The entire inside of Uchi. So.


To the other over there Yo 戻Nnai

Entrance to the living room. Gate installed a week. Now in the toilet. Well of course not 100% though. Good place about 60 to 70%. But progress. Sitting in front of the gate if we can properly bathroom. So open the gate. Living where I like Alice's. Why not put in like replied. Well, I sit in the bonus. Mont-like ritual. Well - do you bow to something when you ring up martial artist and fighter. Like that.

Brain initially turned against the gate. Alice realized pretty shortly. Coto I open the gate to get in the toilet. In the toilet. A little bit. Get open. Overjoyed. In that again. Now with Tappuri. Taken immediately. Gate is closed. To the toilet. ・ ・ ・ A little bit. This repetition. At all.

Recently it is becoming well. I tell myself to go to the bathroom playing. However, when I close. I almost destroyed myself.

But yesterday really sorry. I will run into the bathroom and I thought I. Back from outside the front door suddenly 駆Kedashitajan. I just thought I would surely run into the living room. Did you know that I put up from the toilet. In, I'll call'm Tta "Alice!" I. Alice will turn around there. As soon as I stopped, I'm wrong with. I'm sorry. Mon I think I closed the gate. I wish the bathroom was a little more. Really sorry. To be careful from here on out. ・ ・ ・ Way Alice, can still have outside toilets.

Getting used to the outside.

Getting used to the outside.

'm Alice growing day by day. The current weight of about 8.5kg. End is approximately 6kg. 10 2.5Kg days more.

Normally when you go out holding out. Obvious at first. The usual slight. You'll get the inside was almost exactly ・ ・ ・ jacket. Though. Speaking recently with Zushiri comes. I hold my face level with Alice's face. 歩Keyo yourself now.

Yesterday was the first time you walk out. With Toco like a square. But it was only a short time. Different feel. Different smell. Stones and wooden deck, lawn or plants. All different. Deta speak much smell. Then came the two girls. "'s Play here." Rolling around on the grass and play. A little fun.

But still cold. Us out. After a while came trembling. Perhaps the function function come. So first off I can. 分Kannakatta what to do. Came while I gradually lost madly. I'm getting it back on.

On Sunday the weather was good. In, Alice I walked out to. However, holding up a nearby square. It is hard to get out of anyway. Do not get out the front door. A few minutes to stare at each other across the door. However, we have become stuck Rachi wind at all. Naa worried about the future, Alice.

Suddenly walking impossible. Came less than a month's hire. Super princess. Still others have to try to stop down so far. Firms. Move an inch. The anxious faces looking up here. Terrifying? Such anxiety? You know you always walk down the arms? Also quite different: the world at different heights. So get used to the outside for starters.

Bear down on the square. Firms. While. Finally start sniffing smells. ・ ・ ・ ・ Smell smell smell smell smell smell ・ ・. Except when playing with girls much. Move a little place. Sniff and smell. , And began to worry about suddenly around the buttocks. Toilet. I first outside toilet! ・ ・ ・ But eventually came back. It seemed uncomfortable at all. While it back, Tappuri and toilet. Do this first Mon.

Like hanging out a while to get used to. I even out the cold days. Now this fine clothes to wear. To warm. Ah, well. We shall have to get used to the clothes that happens. I'm still afraid because the collar.

Walk, good will always do. ・ ・ ・ Getting anxious.

Week in Alice

A little familiar

This is Alice. Come here for a week has passed. Uchi like you are new here with me, though. And it is known, Tokanakya put a sign with me a lot. I still can not explore it because ・ ・ ・ door is always closed. We'll be coming in with my master switch ○ c ○ Ji Woo and a new baby myself! I wonder what they have.

Separately, but a little lonely brother and sister and mom and dad, you do not need to play with for now. I'm not going to mess around here. Monsieur, but sometimes "Itatsu" or saying. I exaggerated a little teeth and claws from a hit in spite of the huge hulking. I can not look it, I'll Doberman. Atashi I always win. But, you'll sleep at night were placed in cages ear. So I'll sing 思Ikkiri. ・ ・ ・ I can not get out of giving up I'm getting something more. But not that I have tried and failed. Kivi Castanopsis such place unexpectedly. Well, now I Uchi. I'll become the queen of them a baby myself.


Feels warm


Rice soon ~

So now is ・ ・ ・ house is the bathroom. Sweet bite to it, but Alice and I said Huh Oh really hurt though. Because the baby still sharp needle like teeth and sharp claws too thin. Although small and Shimo Hana go easy. So something beautifully hand wounds. 'm Blurred because the blood from around (crying).

Enough in the state as it now queen. Ttena feel what you want more. All other place to sleep is in the bathroom, I guess here is a hunt servant with paper and cloth, and Febreze. What is annoying yapping from the cage early in the morning 出Se. Even the job "play!" To order or. Ignoring Kaputsu the top of the foot. This also hurts. Obnoxious and cute face begging to get every last one. I shall try and get angry face. But, sleeping face is pretty great. Satan, I think almost awake.

Well, for now Uchi I supposed to say. I'll go about Bishibashi from next year. Because you know now, before the rice is fine, "Sitting in wait" ... you know? It is not something like that, special training. You have to snap Doberumanrashiku. I'll do it Spartan.

Oh yeah, 30 is the end of vaccinations. I'll make it well. And should not from crying. Dumb'll be prepared.

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