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Why us

Edge, can not believe my eyes! Impossible! That was a ball you know who? I beg to fetch. The climb up here with Chochotsu. I know that from Toko. Eckert, climb a place like this? OK, so you look like a monkey heaven. Fine, fine.

Absolutely impossible? So, please buy a new one. I'm looking for lovely goodie bags to those in the ball that many Toco. I bought it. Please properly reimbursed. I'm from I lost it.

Na overwhelmed. I'm sorry, Alice. I'm got a little mad at hand. And to think so sure flying. Oops I Chochotsu climb. You do anything much impossible. Face and I think it is irrelevant.


On the grass this Pototsu


Without all this was fun, but

Children's park near my house. If there is a fenced-in corner the ball. The space I'm single minute basketball court. I usually do not get it. I'll always playing the children because children's park. , The day before yesterday was no one Nde chance. I started playing ball ・ ・ ・ last.

Did the ball just went over the wall (actually, I got thrown on the wall.) This Stadium, I'm supposed to only one side of the fence wall Janakutsu. On it.

Alice I, but also stunned. Alice looked up on the far left something. I'll be things I should not come falling down. But I thought that I hid on purpose. Have jumped after a while. Not because of me is nothing but (100 ←% my fault, high).

So really say I'm sorry regulations in coming. It was not anything like Alice In another favorite I mean, that ball (and I blame ←). I deserve the blame I do not think so. That ball was originally, I'm I bought.

All right. I buy new, I wonder should I buy. Well, I'm 開Ki直Tsu? Bad? 開Ki直Tsu tea.

Aretsu the ball?

Where are you looking for?

I thought you play ball like everybody loves me Dobelle. I like Alice but a bit different. Have a ball out of a walk last week with strings attached. I like to throw the ball or any responses.

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Unfortunately the result. I 追Kkakeru the time being. Or else you got distracted by releasing the ball quickly. Not seem too fixated on the ball. The showing of interest only when I got the ball. When such a habit of trying to steal. I can not believe that simply releasing're about. Once those are my'll keep chasing up pains. Lovely goodie bags also interested in the ball, I thought I was a little more play. I somehow doubt that this daemon.


What is there beyond the fence?

Or indeed, even though the dog. Indifferent to it around to play ball. And going to immediately hand over the other children chasing balls sometimes. I keep the ball on the run from the good. Munching while the ball like other children. I actually keep the ball on the run that Allie. Allie is devotion to the ball was great.

Flirting is something from Alice for the ball. If you're getting more and more weeds. Dari smell a lot, and try to munch. It was so different from the smell but I knew. Alice is the first season of fresh green. But maybe I had the Kore.

To this day the boundary condition of the 3 to 4 Yoroshikunakatta Alice belly. As diarrhea ago. At first I thought it I was immediately cured. Did you Nde I and bloody stools kore bad. Observation was getting drugs from a teacher drink before. I drank the medicine to the teacher the next day I recovered Kerotto Toco. 've Also got a spare just in case the same drug.

During the previous forecast due to the stress went. I was at the lodge from the first time. ・ ・ ・, But this is? Various causes are possible, but I wonder if the grass Mushamusha・・・?

Not too bad?

Do you know what's up? (The answer is you click on the bottom left photo)

Tomini mature these days has become Alice. No part of it still not clean ・ ・ ・ became an adult. Tteka, or a child or adult does not matter to me kore. I sure think it's important to live on very, Alice.


I'll drink from the well hurry


It seems too unusual Colle

To say what ・ ・ ・ Hanashi of what. But since I see little, Alice drinking unusually Wed Heta time! Scatter like water dripping from his mouth while you walk around with water. Tooru Hiroshi were not it? Hana system is not at that level.

Alice and normal drinking water only when you look at as well. Not boring at all. Drink vigorously. But after that.

I'm suddenly quite right to stop drinking for a while. And I think I'll be doing when I drink Kishimen Wed breathing apparently. , And I'm not what I got water into the nose with air.

感Jirurashiku is it strange to me that myself. Now stop and was hanging Kurujan. The water in the nose. I'm watching it and jitter. In, out drinking and I've been waiting to get all the water in the nose. I'm quite an amount that comes out of me Wed. What weird is this? You can drink perfectly normal? By instinct.

Heta, like, more is less. Tarashiku to be surging in the mood of the instrument when in drink. Waiting for a sip of the ripples subside, ・ ・ ・ Another one sip.

One more thing. Sitting still eating and drinking from time to time. I'm not always. Also strange is this? "Otsu, Come on manners" The first I think I'm an idiot too. You normally considered hard to eat. I feel bad for the body to be dressed so something unnatural. The moderate appetite or energy Kano Hana sick I changed? Incidentally I ask the teacher to go to Toco next week.


To try to fool laugh

Different points of view

Windows IE8 seen in the screen

I let things get to feel a little bit before. The look of this blog. I hope it does not matter Iitsu tea. I'm very much like IE on Windows do not appear as thought. Layout. I was going to be confirmed ・ ・ ・ when launched in the blog not you want the full. A while ago I noticed applications, the kore.


Firefox for Windows


How to see it like Firefox for Macintosh

And I know comparison, when the combination of letters arranged in a vertical photo. I start IE from the side of the character as the second photo. Kore fact, the same Windows or Firefox or Opera, Safari I started from the side of the photograph of the first letter that one perfectly.

They are on the Mac Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, I started from the next character in the way people see the first picture all the same. This means that IE can only see how I'm different (apparently the same in IE 8 looks like it is 7.)

I just maybe my environment is this? I also thought. In my house because I'm moving from Windows on the Mac. I wish I were. IE before I hear a lot of bugs I see the web. I'm got to get a basic standard for more than 60% market share you have any browser. I'm in a place that was missed.

By the way, I'm Mac and Win is also different in character stuffing. Mac for that matter pretty easy to read characters in more (and you think?) Well, this area but also a matter of personal preference.

In what to do and called the layout ・ ・ ・. He obviously does not trouble to look. What is also from me now. Well, whatever. (Human can not understand this situation and led to postponement of the problem ←)

Extra edition of the GW Alice ★

・ ・ ・ After this tragedy

GW has one week to pull in the story, and last time today. Wait is (I did not wait for everyone laughs ・ ・ ・) Alice is the hen of sabotage, high. I got me doing it for GW. Well (crying).


・ ・ Good at this stop your armpits

April 30, can be traced back. So, homecoming date. I was such a hectic time to prepare for departure. Matowaritsui were supposed to always annoying Alice. But a little quiet. Aretsu? I want to quietly look into the living room. Stare out the front legs and put a chair in the dining Alice. I just concentrated on what was bothering you.

What is so interesting and a little story. I noticed that when you finally built a camera here. I'm glad your armpits, let's stop here. I think by now. Alice and I did not see even scolded me if I come. Mon because anything I say, is slowly climbing up the chair. Carrying out further intensive leg firmly on the window frame. I like this scene because I missed. Happy moment turning his back firmly housed in the camera! ・ ・ ・ Tragedy!

Basshan! Skinny, Gattan! Bishitsu! !

And sounds incredible destruction. And, nothing! ? Looking back there is ・ ・ ・. Blind sway significantly. Or hanging blinds and scattered parts. ・ ・ ・ Flee at full speed under the table and figure of Alice.

I have nothing but numb. Moment I can not understand what happened. Speaking of only one thing is certain, Alice's work!

A memory device Tsu ~!

Alice brunt of the anger is unfocused. I can not raise yourself Hottoita shelves. Poor Alice Teru Hashi really trembling under the table. Check back again to cool a little blind. Then they take the lower portion of the drape, or torn seams. Teru Hashi code below to take almost hanging. Even a dent on the wall!

Apparently enjoyed outside Alice. Blind to the code below to go back paw. In the chair hit the wall after all pulled their paws caught 思Ikkiri rush force. You've got guts? Kore.

So in fact the first event was a GW blind destruction. But, Sugijan bode too bad then. It is the ambitious original story sparked my speaking (the story is certainly more swollen I). Alice also reflect (?) And no longer got anything to look out for after this. The blind and ・ ・ ・ say. But somehow I'm using. You'd really have not much role to fulfill many gaps.


I came because this is who?

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