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・・・Blood in gastric juice (Second Half)

I'm worried about coming and going

! ! I'm a little bit of blood mixed with gastric juice? !

Indeed urgent. Allie did not even think that since I was. Already before 8:00 pm. The answering machine to call the teacher all the time. 100CLUB can get to a doctor even though I had my off-hours contact in the hospital.

But first here is some doubt whether swallowed. Injection of antibiotics and acid suppressing gastritis and that it would end. The blood was mixed from the vomiting continued. And not worry about the light bleeding around the esophagus. This saved me quite alone. Blood was mixed with about at least feel better now. Alice is also expected back from a dove on the bed will remain forever. Just happened to the toilet at night. I hope tomorrow is a little and lighten up.

Alice is also dawning Ito Shina seem fine night from the bed down easily. OK? Finally came to get up early in the afternoon Alice. Reminder of the meal. You were glad of this reminder. But it's really the first time in nearly a day. I'll mix a small amount of meat porridge. After all, I'm appetite strong. Then little by little had enough to eat 摂Ra every two hours.

Usual in the evening to a hospital. Progress report. Be all right now. What took the burden on the stomach and vomiting were also mixed with blood. And that for a while so wait and see. I do not like too much like your teacher is actually an antibiotic. It looks like Chinese medicine and also Monorashii antiflatulent last. Well, there is a charge that the peace of mind.

Back and eat bit by bit. I feel better each time you eat something. I mean, it feels like back to the original tension. 2 to 3 days after intense "play" attack. It was good. Little relief.

I still feel loose, and I think I have now returning to its original condition. To clearly understand the cause. Maybe a little too exaggerated idea. I also got involved over Jatsu junk around.

I thought, "I still mischievous. I want you to grow strongly," it's really (sorry, old parlance).

・・・Blood in gastric juice (Part One)

Really happened to you?

3 days ago the morning. Alice awoke to the sound of vomiting. "I gah U, Ge young master!" This. The vomiting is a brown liquid substance. Did not digest. It will always, when hungry. And was soon going to dinner.

Early morning the next day. The sound of vomiting. And look at the clock at 4:30. This time I mixed the meat undigested. How strange? Came to our house three and a half months, was the first of this. Allie is what I was vomiting frequently eaten. It was always on an empty stomach can say Gege. Last Sun but did not really care why ・ ・ ・.

I also vomited and see. Now only the gastric juice. Lasted about two hours to it every 30 minutes.

Morning to the hospital. I gave a talk to a small amount of porridge. The appetite is there. Doing well as usual. Revert to the state nor vomit eating porridge. A little soft as an ordinary flight. To the hospital in the afternoon. The most honest I was worried that I do not swallow something hidden applications. After the course description, the X-ray. Pear abnormal. The thing is that there seems to be completely safe but said of sight. A loss for things such as the stomach and intestines and the hard thing, but unlikely. Try watching it again antiflatulent. On this day meal porridge mixed with small amounts of meat. Rested early.

The next morning. Usual meat lightly lasted two days because there was no vomiting. Just when I started to calm down for a while Rest assured, Modoshita and vomiting. Just wait and see until the afternoon. Fed porridge mixed with a little dry food, so no vomiting. I'm a good appetite. It looks like it fine porridge. What a little tired or your stomach.

Let us consider for a moment turned into mince meat of good digestion 100CLUB to the usual diced. And he played for a hour talking about doing Alice began vomiting again.

! ! I'm a little bit of blood mixed with gastric juice? !

To be continued on a next post ...

Tea had gotten

Purple and Brown Reversible

I did not wear a bit lately. I quite like buying clothes with a bore lately . Maybe when I'm, of course. Did not liked. Also this and this did little to warm. Might be a little hot, and more.

・ ・ ・ I put a smaller bonus already. Alas, as expected. But the hope to get warm clothes in this state as what is the best for now. Just when I thought.


I get varieties


I feel freedom of movement in a sporty

Tea had gotten all costs. Clothes. 4 wear, too! Dr. Alice to the hospital. I did exactly that teacher's wife. It would be bigger this command and the teacher did, but it no longer wear quickly. What is it this time I thought all the same.

Teacher said, I have an image from a Doberman dog scared, I'll dress as possible. It looks like if I do that kind. Have given to soften the intimidating surroundings. I see.

2 acth Pokutsu felt free and light. After the material slightly stretchy knit like the wind and quilted reversible. Yeah, this is fine for a while.

To wear right away, always go to the park. Alice In these days seems even longer fun walk. Odoodo no sense. Do not stop I'll go wherever I had not read the minutes. In Jumping around me jump around. The feet and swept a little careless. I have already been several times to Kokasa. 're Kicking ass or grass into'll do so. Stack it alone. Taken foot grass. Do not stop what happened Kyorokyoro from yourself. Romp in the park anyway. I still have not at all. I hope because it sounds fun.

・ ・ ・ I, but capped at least. Muddy by one. Oh Oh, I got a cup or put grass or soil. I'm also a dress up for that for sure. Move around in the park and noticed. This dress is just right as of now. I mean, Teru Hashi already protruding buttocks. Oops. I thought I wonder if I'll soon no longer wear.

Grew two corners

Doberman Training cast

12 days from surgery. Tuesday January 26. To the hospital as usual.

Check over your ears. Fusagari almost wound, stitches over so good. Other parts of the ear tip and base, I've taken a natural yarn. Pigs have almost no umbrella. Standing heard at last. Set to begin in earnest.

If I take a temporary tape. Standing near the base of the area is already feeling. Teacher said, "It might be pretty fast." Ear, even so. 2 ~ 3 months after all? I told you this so hard to hear the soft launch last teacher.


You should not tamper with

Chang fitted for a set of ears. Set ears stick thin plastic paper. And fixed quite chili kits. Teachers, though it was so time of surgery. Really careful. Check all sides and angles. After determining the position quickly and taping. Be symmetric. Clean. Next to look at the "far in my house and I wonder Kichitsu difficult" I thought. Mon in the middle of absolutely 逃Gedasu. He even stood the ear before. Even when I did my own hard Tunnel. To be sure. Will also be difficult to understand so far.

In addition to the hospital two days later. This two-day, Alice heard a little about the mind. Still pretty amazing set of teachers, so. Actually, Alice, first away to see the life of this place. My knees. Hey, is not disrespectful to the teacher. She is a really hard by Alice for. I know there is supposed to say yet. Teacher special sense. Alice from his people not to stop by.

Next Sunday. When the second vaccine injection. I hope you keep that time if possible. It is. The paper had to be prepared for repairs.

Now the picture above. I noticed watching. Alice s double. What we all do a dog? But feel good. Beauty (beauty dog?) Decision? (Some parents stupid decision ←)

◆ Gallery page "Alice lop-eared album" was added. Please do look good.

One week course

Yoda wearing a red dress?

Ears cut over one week.

Day surgery for the wound dry and typing once, heard the tapes back with the provisional. Without having to worry about scratches, particularly among home, as usual food. Appetite without falling. Just get an early night indeed.

Almost every day the hospital the next day. Disinfection and cleaning of the ear and postoperative confirmation. Alice is still in the hospital is still restless as unpleasant. Not really impossible. Progress is steady.

Temporary tape. Made in medical bandages and swab. Alice shook her head and occasionally rrroom to mind. Especially when it took peeling. Re-paste it several times a day can stick something bleeding from scratches. Now, when you re stuck in the hospital quite violent. Took three nurses and teachers. It is of relatively quiet. But I find that the body is trembling. It is so. I decided to fear. But I'm very patient. Erai. So when you finish a reward.

~ Here 2 came much too Tore Casa pigs in three days. A little too neatly wound so tight any suture thread together. I almost did not even scratch the painful wound in the leg. The day after the operation to another; as the tension of the original Alice. When the play is always completely focused. Here indeed is anxious ears. So somehow toned down. The increased and hand injuries. Although I'm less Toko here. But compared to Alice, with patience and here.

Now Alice's face. Were slightly decrease in the young mature? A little fearless. I have also extended the nose a little growing up. And greater than the whole ear. But certainly up to the Doberumanrashi. Slightly inclined to listen hard and talk a little face. Ears perk when the Tunnel. Look good. Beautiful.

You'll be really beautiful, Alice (doting parent ←).

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