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I'm sure women・・・

I wonder if a dog than a Dobelle

Alice Elementary School about the human past six months were also full. Come out reasonably well by the 女子Rashi. Can begin to talk about precocious. You were human. Yes, "I did look into" it!


Even when we reflect on this


Alice looks much better I Rashii

What, Alice. Sitting it. Nayotsu and 横座Ri it. Sitting a little funny? But Alice would certainly be a girl. They are two different stories.

犬Rashiku or Daiichi. It's just that once a dog, do not sit 犬Rashii. It's just that much more Doberman. Spine is stretched more crisp. I wonder if I can sit posture.

Sitting its Plextor was not as Yoshi is. 早Kunai yet? Sprinkle in the 女子Rashi that. It's only a child yet. The color is enough to notice a little further.

Alice I sit, and sometimes collapse. Usually I'm sorry, I'm at an Please forgive me. The photo above left, for example. I'm a toilet when it fails. I saw this while sitting but failed to jitter.

Guile's this? You call yourself a man when you allow as this cool, normal. Oh, I say to avoid misunderstanding. I'm not angry or upset. How do you do it wrong but somehow never look at Alice or as a female. It's that much easier watching hentai. ・ ・ ・ Digress.

They often come over to Alice in the looking up from the shadows and how I will get angry with me. These are is annoying I Colle fine. Is better than being 横座Ri. 情Kenakutsu something that I have sitting. I think maybe I'm not doing it consciously. Sick, but were usually in trouble are going to to sit properly. Naa Bimyo'm feeling something. What's 横座Ri Doberman.

As if I Dobelle

Unusually fair style

I grow a little too close to a full five months Alice. His facial expression and body gestures but so too? ・ ・ ・ I really?

How? You have become increasingly Doberumanrashiku. Colo-mon I thought myself doing something earlier. What? What? ? I have short legs! ? The stretch now! Now! About it they say. Similar to what the dog owner. I'll take it from responsibility if this were still left leg is shorter! Oh no, I'm getting something to worry.


Let your legs'll Mijika


Do you know about shyness?

Excuse me for living. Short legs. If you say I think I'll look forward to it. Tapering is just how I do that.

But I'm not at all convincing. When the more we are, I feel like nothing is fearless in Dover. Look out, this Daratsu and dressed. This is also convinced that Daro Why do short legs. 当然Jan not appear to progress from a baby so this time.

It's just the girl with it at all. It's have a little shyness. What's this. The stomach was exposed. What is cool in unprotected 得Naijan far. And maybe not ・ ・ ・ little fat?

Stroll through the latest "cute" than that said "cool" and said those who have increased. I came out of the Doberurashi that, right?

I'm getting more leg stretches and I certainly see in the picture. I feel I'm almost looking down from Uchi. Until now I did not mind. Also has to feel about or around the waist or chest muscles. It's flat out at the young and watching something move. It is five months all the same. Still round everything. Yeah, I'm in no hurry to go, Alice.

・・・・・・Another six months and three days
2009年春 代々木公園にて

Remember this look

March 20. Allie on September 20 of last year died. Just half a year has passed. Already? And feeling, yet? A strange mixture of feeling sense. Alice 3 days later I turned into a riot of vomiting.

Allie still misses an offering of bread was a daily favorite. Today was a favorite among them Baumkuchen. Daradarayodare hanging just really smell. Eyes widened when they liked that.

But the daily "Good Morning" "Good night." Recently casual, "Good morning, Alice" or they say. I realize now, of course. "Sorry wrong here." Because I ran into a similar name. Alice just got here just in time, but the reverse is also wrong way. What is this passage of time. Allie I can not do wrong to forget that. Little memory depth, I mean we keep in mind in calm. Why is Alice usually loud when I can just before Allie is quiet. I'm always watching the tilting our heads.

Allie with Alice. Like I'm coming from and they want blood 繫 with dogs even though gender, hair color is natural. After all characters are different. Allie is a relatively young age 大人Shikatta. Have patience with it. However, the stubbornness. Mr. Saji threw more disciplined trainer. Alice will feel the opposite. Currently I.

Allie I do a little more of a chance to talk about. Alice from now with people I meet and greet and even walk in the front. "Huh, I see you again" I did not. In a notice Antonaku. I took the dog a little different. I was smaller. Allie said it's natural. Yes, Allie had more chances to talk to many people thanks. I'm speaking to people and children to walk the dog. Neighbors who park management.

Allie has been six months of storage has certainly turned into nostalgia. So remember that the most fun to be around. And the same thing in the memory. I widened my eyes directed straight to him.


Exactly one year ago at Roppongi Midtown

Dog monopoly

Large hog dog

I went last. Alice's first dog. Friday afternoon, made from some time. How soon and then I thought. When no other dogs at first too. Go during the week, did not want to.

In Yoyogi Park. Long time for me. I wonder because in the evening close. Just head 3-4. I got it back soon. Almost to oneself. If I were quite a few small dog. I missed a little bit at large or with a riding. At first I did walk around and around me. Now go away and gradually get used to it. Back to us with fluoride. He is running hard to find me. Come now. I miss this feeling.

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To take shape yesterday. I learned that here again, Alice is the uproar from the parking lot before entering. Dog in a big crowd. Among them, were Dobelle. 'll Face over there legs to catapult. Nine months to hear talk. There is only a good boy indeed. Another woman was taken to head further. This child was apparent well before.

Alice was very popular yesterday. The small child I knew Dobell (who I thought I Help topics in a mini-pin). Ah, but I also still intimidating at all. Coto noticed it. What better person Alice graces. I say Yoshi Sugi surface. Shippofurifuri immediately. Take your kitten in a friendly flat. The guys know how in a fiendish Uchi.

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Play with other dogs still are poor. Toco flee into a lion's my smell when I sniff a little. The smell'm your habit. You do get used to a little more. You're being ostracized.

生Eta two angles

Doberman Training cast

12 days after surgery. Tuesday, January 26. To the hospital as usual.

Check over your ears. Almost severed, cut, suture removal and good progress since. Tip of the ear and the other heel, I've yarn off naturally. Almost no scab. Finally the ears. Set to begin in earnest.

Try taking a temporary tape. Standing near the base area is already feeling. Teacher said, "It may be quite fast." Ear, even so. As expected 2 ~ 3 months? I heard a soft launch so difficult 言Ttajan this last teacher.


Do that, right bad prank

Chang wear this set for hearing. Set ears stick thin plastic paper. Fixed quite chili kit. Teacher, but also looked at the surgery. VERY carefully. Check all sides and angles. Quickly decide the location taping. Be symmetric. Clean. Look at the side "of that so far the more we Naa Kichitsu difficult" I thought. Tries to escape it look like an absolute way. He even set up a hearing before. Even when I did my own hard s all. To be sure. Will also be difficult to understand so far.

To the hospital two days later. Two days, Alice heard a little about the mind. Set is still pretty amazing, so teachers. Actually, Alice, run ahead and see where this life. My knee. Hey, right rude to the teacher. It's just sooo hard by Alice for. I still do not know and will say. Some teachers special meaning. Alice stopped by people not from their own.

Next Sunday. When the second vaccine injection. I hope you keep up to that time if possible. At this. The paper had also prepared for repair.

Where the photo above. I see you noticed. Alice s double. What is everyone's right dog? I feel it. Beauty (beauty of the dog?) Decision? (Stupid parents decide ←)

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