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Revival explosion!


Corbett was dormant for a long time. ・ ・ ・ When I finally wake up. Simply ROD MOTORS is coming I just had to get it. To get a repair and maintenance. Amefesu for the course.

It did not move nearly nearly a half a year now. The engine did not even hang. I'm hanging around a burden and an oil leak. Ask them to do because all the bases. Reserve oil booster simple, light, various tools:. Long time no hang from the engine anyway. First, it is a battery out with. I even got it down to oil. The engine of the tips, but even just hang. Could you hang well?


The sound was like a MOFO


ROD of you wearing red clothes kun RYO

First, open the hood Pawasuteoiru refill. Batteries are no problem because it seems the other ON. My Corvette have been forced to cut to the battery. What is not reduced even without using the voltage. So. But while I thought this would indeed impossible. I try to twist the key. Temashita alive. Battery. I was surprised. Indeed OPTIMA (the name of the battery. Notoriously strong.)

So sweet but with a single hanging. The cab car care places around here. 1 starter while turning the aftermath Axel ~ 2 minutes.

Baribaritsu, Baritsu

Hung! Listen to blast a long time. Axel repercussions for a moment while warming. Some poorly ventilated car park. I much more luck ancient car catalyst. Shipashipa little eyes and exhaust. Gasoline and oil smell was irritating at the same time.

Anyway. Just roar. Did not cured by moving far from the wool scarf? Exhaust sound just amazing. Called perfect crisp representation. Previously would have been more quiet. Much the same, with straight pipes and when the actual race. Echoes the sound of underground parking Nde. Comb all people look into the parking lot walk down the street.

Amefesu to repair. Inspection of parts is also partly for commissioning in passing. May 5 is the tone of the safe.

Server failure

But I did not harm another

Evening. I opened the control panel something funny blog. I feel heavy once the screen is displayed. After a while, and hang down to reload. What Colle.

Try to access the blog. Open problems. I only interface, and down to move in while hoping for another page. Huh? And maybe delete the browser cache. Accessed again. Out. Tsunagannai. No abnormal and try to connect to other sites. Not a line problem. Matter of the server side, kore.

I used to rent a server from work about two years ago. Until then, I stand on their own servers. In spite of de-lay. The administration knew very well. And the mail server is down. In the rental server. Listen to your own friends or determine when Son programmer anyway. With Toco to do now. And relatively cheap.

I also use the blog to WordPress on the server much trouble. I wanted to love me. The name it something cool. What WordPress. Very different I was. At first I thought this issue over there.

The problem on the server side. Site maintenance information is not reported anything. Nde server maintenance problem is not the phone for nearly an hour looking. Kore is also no 繫 cancer. I explained the symptoms last 繫. Wait a little known problem with the server too. Please wait while the immediate response, and responses.

Blog Admin on waiting an hour. I was cured. Such as reports and photos on the site to try out maintenance. Uchi server part was that maybe I borrow this? You've no idea but what about systems like this around here. But here's what I feel now.

After all, yesterday I lost a computer Spending even more energy, and quickly fell asleep. I'm tired no idea what to use your head. When this age.

Fuel economy improvement from the base

And was constantly take from

Astro fuel economy was in the mood. S impossible not dramatically better. Here are the basics again. Yesterday after a long time that the ROD MOTORS to.


Percent did not do anything to clean


When I was riding my gun Meta


Alice is confined to office work

This Astro, buy cheap at current sales. I do not really look like anything riding after purchase. When I did not understand because oil is traded so.

Therefore, from the basics of maintenance. Engine oil, oil filter elements, air filter replacement gasoline supplies respectively.

As expected, the engine oil. I was quite dirty. Gas filter clogged feeling well. Clean air element to it than I thought. Colle I thought I was the element of surprise that the biggest impact on fuel economy.

Wiper and ordered an additional engine belt with it. The wiper was in the mood and muscle, so I wipe out. I'll try to cry out to you and also when humid belt.

Oh, What happens though. I was riding before I came to Astro. The new owner added a roll with crisp color work and repainting. Astro is still such that the original car. These are really cool to use.

Alice did you take them. Alice met a long time in the growth of RYO president surprised too. When I first came on the table even though he played in the office.

Way way back, fill up. When I get better mileage calculation. It also stretch 1km / L is also weak. I did not use the air conditioner from this place. Tashi is becoming warmer. The possible place like that. Make it too good? Improve fuel efficiency air conditioner be used anyway? You are not a Corvette. Without You I muri air conditioning. I'm sure the Corvette has got air conditioning disconnect.

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