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But glad rain

Nature and laugh

The weather was followed by rain recently. Daily walks and holidays, but I'm raining afternoon and evening twice. The day before yesterday afternoon. Out for a walk in the drizzling rain, so little raised.

Rolling up the tension rise after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Firm at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car somehow. I walked out the back we will realize the call. Surprisingly normal. The truth is I'm a bit worried now. I still stuck with that work.


Feel pretty


To go back ~

Walking out the tension low. Never have any feeling of always bursting. While silence and just plain smell of the ground. I'm clever and I think all the time. I smell the scent of a walk while Sutasuta. Teku well even with repellent or obstacles. Strange that hit a telephone pole or to look away as usual on the percentage (in fact I did so three times in Alice.)

At the time no longer get to the park, always Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddles can not seem to mind. The settlement grounder to lie on the ground and in fact Hinyari. It was fresh and unusual look of the park? I go home that time soon, however came down suddenly again. Alice is a short trot to the sky and looked up. Looks like the rain had not yet used.

Also walk in the drizzling night. I feel like falling and no rain. I feel cool for the drizzle. Allie will be in comfortable weather. It'll always smiling face to prove it (the day the way I forgot the camera.) Deta, but slipped and fell down too many times in hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting 帰Ro Ugh. There was not much so far this Koto.

Next rainy season. The rain will increase and more and more. We have to buy and this rain quickly. It looks like you'd expect from getting wet was a bit reluctant.

Sea Breeze Park

Rainbow Bridge is seen behind

This Sunday the weather was good. Then came to see the event in Odaiba. Alice took a walk to the park a breeze. Good weather after a long walk. Alice leave the tension was also rising. I enough?

Put the car in the parking lot, toward the sea. Sunday indeed. Many families. I figure it is also sparse on weekdays. I'm absorbing it impossible to play. Walk obediently. Central square. Last year was I always a crowd Gundam.


Actually, to move from here


Apparently concerned about the sound of waves

Walking trail a little (?) I left out of the artificial rock. Speaking of Alice is not the first time for Rino Kaoru sea? Let's go to the beach and. By the way, rocks, maybe I'm in the Odaiba Seaside Park. I'm right where Odaiba Seaside Park and the park boundary sea breeze. Well, whatever.

And, where Alice has got stuck. Now just a minute, pulling back Teru Hashi. Teru Hashi face drawn. What would be the rock on foot gap? Lapping of the waves or hear sounds from there? I got stuck with the meat. Mou少Shijan beach. Ganbarenai just a bit more? Does not go well ・ ・ ・ unreasonable or pulling. At the moment I gave up.

Alice seemed to have a little Zeizei and heat. To go back to rest a little.

Well, because I was passing. Next time come and play well. But on weekday evenings. Perfectly, when I go to the beach. Prepare yourself Okay, Alice.


What I like Tokyo Bay also ran


I'm not a bit interested

Recently, the park had just always been bored for a walk. Has become a little go a little further. The previously over at Allie was feeling well and went. During this time went to the park from the opposite direction Aoyama.


A close look at the long

Shibakouen it. Scattered around a small park and the Tokyo Prince Zojoji all around me. Fine walks and run around there. I wanted the park where they happened Aoyama and this does not even have much in common people. Alice now has less to people and this is now the goal is not to walk.

Maruyama Kofun mark beside Prince Tower. I look like a little hill. Pretty much spot on top of people come here occasionally. 見計Ratsu to the disappearance of the little people to hang out and play with Alice. I'm happy the first place? Rare running around regulations in coming. Aoyama, I like the park may be more. What is done while playing with a little care and began to eat the leaves or twigs. Hmm, guy easy to understand.

What this place, I built a monument of Ii Naosuke I do not know what? Toco is much to come people honest. I'm supposed to feel for something floating in the air base of the monument. To look like I'm being very important. You'll cry, Ii's. There may still something to the bench or elevated place. Around the tree around to assign the view is never good. You're why people come. Maybe because the massage can be a flashy tomb ruins it. But if people come to the observatory Ppoku. Well, nothing but the building is visible from the Nearby Purinsutawa I'll like being looked down.


I feel I appreciate


I'm glad I thought of running


You like high places

I was walking out to go to Tokyo Tower for a while. Alice is put together because I do not. Tokyo Tower I Somehow, I only get excited just looking at the What? Proof of rural goods? ・ ・ ・ I hope you are.

Terrible day

The terrible is not my fault, right

The day before yesterday night. Thank you in bad health. First, get a toothache. Treatment over the left should back teeth. Out a throbbing pain. Getting sore joints throughout the body to the addition. Oh, it caught a cold. Suddenly got cold from. I always like a mon. Alice collapsed on the bed and rounded up to play.

Painful joints can be painful teeth. I'm clinging to the lack of play, Alice. Disturbing. Frustrating. 火照Tsu to come to the body. Kitajan gradually to the head in a fog. I realize that I always look different? As more and more terrible tooth pain. Your body has become very hot. It is not, drink up and get up the pain and kakkonto. Poor, Alice. To play alone.

Eckert, already over? Kurerujan more playing time. Give me more opponents. I looked weird. Politeness something. Then the cow rested immediately. Coto was something wrong? I did not like. So if I play more. Fast! Hey, ・ ・ ・ It is not yet time for bed.

・ ・ ・ Did you ever sleep? It happened again! Sugi Teru's time for dinner. Chattajan hungry. I'm fine with it off. You Yoshi out.


'll Show our house look like


If a child with tiny fine

Alice wakes up before noon and licked his face. Body pain'm almost gone. I still have strange teeth. Going out into the hallway. What happened revenge? Everywhere signs of a toilet. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ And dizziness.

I feed off the sun. Physical condition and came back a little. Today I went to Yoyogi Park and see a long time.

For Alice in Yoyogi Park while being pulled to the dog. ・ ・ ・ Terrible. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・・Dogguran Effect until this morning in the rain like state after the flood. I knew the poor drainage. ・ ・ ・ They say a lot more little puddle puddles. ・ ・ ・ I came pains.

Then make a new registration card. I want a new dog registration cards Yoyogi. But so far I have not yet new. I needed the certificate of registration and rabies injections I went to Canine Care Center. So I really will not carry that. ・ ・ ・ Fool's errand again. Whew.

Komazawa from shame to go to. The dog's Komazawa, Alice is also full of energy. Good. Is deplorable, but a small child playing with Bakkari.

Return gas station. Gasoline tanker began to put it immediately stops many times do I hope. "Sorry, I can move where you want Nde broken tanker" again? Well sorry I'm not one of anything. Well, because it has been such a day from your life. Do not look at that, Alice.

Aoyama Park

In the back of the heliport

Always walk in the park near the most. Sometimes I walk a little yesterday and. Aoyama I went to the park to walk 20 minutes stretching your legs a little.

Separation as a park in this place is it feels like I was not much improvement. There is a small hill in the back has a kind of want something grand stand. There is much to come 走Rasu Nde people feel a little better. The hill and partly to the U.S. military heliport. Vivid atmosphere of the border fence and surveillance cameras.


Roppongi Hills from the hill overlooking


From behind the National Art


This sign everywhere


I wish I had a little Run

Previously daily walks. Looking through a long time. Been fixed and made new buildings or roads. Bit of fresh air.

Alice is a place for the first time. To come suddenly, or just walking near the trees or the smell. Upland grassland is very excited at first. Running around happily. Turning around and not even call you at all. I thought too fleeting, and begin to smell after a while addicted to snuff. What if you run a little from the pains?

To see up close or from the heliport to fly helicopters in a while. Roar and tremendous winds. I like a lot of helicopters with modern jets. It seems to be crunchy, not Hyunhyun rotor. I feel a tremendous mix of it and jet Keane. I did not yesterday.

Go back and play for a while. Alice is "Why?" Feeling faces. Shinaijan always look like a park. I enjoyed the first time in Toco. Come again soon. Like a sunny day.

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