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Doberman Training cast

12 days after surgery. On Tuesday, January 26. To the hospital as usual.

Check over your ears. Almost severed, cut, suture removal and good progress since. Tip of the ear and the other heel, I've yarn off naturally. Almost no scab. Standing finally heard. Set to begin in earnest.

Try taking a temporary tape. Standing near the base area is already feeling. Teacher said, "It may be quite fast." Ear, even so. As expected 2 ~ 3 months? I heard a soft launch so difficult 言Ttajan this last teacher.


Do that, right bad prank

Chang wear this set for hearing. Set ears stick thin plastic paper. And fixed quite chili kit. Teacher, but also looked at the surgery. VERY carefully. Check all sides and angles. Quickly decide the location taping. Be symmetric. Clean. Look at the side "of that so far the more we Naa Kichitsu difficult" I thought. Mon tries to escape an absolute way. He even set up a hearing before. Even when I did my own hard s all. To be sure. Will also understand the difficulty so far.

To the hospital two days later. Two days, Alice heard a little about the mind. Set is still pretty amazing, so teachers. Actually, Alice, run ahead and see where this life. My knee. Hey, right rude to the teacher. It's just sooo hard by Alice for. Would know if there is to say yet. Some ways a special teacher. Alice stopped by people not from their own.

Next Sunday. When the second vaccine injection. I hope you keep up to that time if possible. At this. The paper had also prepared for repair.

Where the photo above. I see you noticed. Alice s double. What is everyone's right dog? I feel it. Beauty (beauty of the dog?) Decision? (Stupid parents decide ←)

◆ Gallery page "Alice lop-eared album" added. Please give me show.

After one week

Yoda wearing the red dress?

Cut from the ear after a week.

Day of surgery, and wound dry for typing once, heard the tapes back with a temporary. Without having to worry about, especially back in those wounds, as usual meals. Appetite without falling. But indeed an early night.

Almost daily to the hospital the next day. Cleaning and disinfection in the ear and postoperative confirmation. Alice is still unsettling to the hospital is still nasty. Monai or not. The steady progress.

Temporary tape. Built with a cotton swab and medical bandage. Alice rrroom and shook his head and occasionally mind. Especially when under peeling. Paste back several times a day etc, so stick from bleeding wounds. This is when the stick back in the hospital quite violent. Teachers and nurses took three. That a relatively quiet one. But I find that the body quivery. Yes. That's going to scare me. I put up very well. Eligh. So when you have finished your reward.

Too much weight off in the last scab came three days. Even a little weight off pretty well wound suture thread together. Most did not even scratch or from a painful wound in the leg. Alice passed since the day after surgery is as under tension. When the play was always totally committed. It did here would be the ears. So tone down somehow. With hand injuries and more. He lost, but now I Toco. But compared to Alice, and put up with here.

By the way Alice's face. As the less mature a little young? The dauntless little. I have also extended the nose has grown a little. Greater than the whole ear. But certainly up to the Doberumanrashi. Slightly inclined to listen hard and talk a little face. Ears perk when s all. Look good. Beauty.

You'll be really nice, Alice (doting parent ←).

Tribute to Alice

The last morning of lop-eared

Doberman is a tribute to Alice.

Thursday 14 January. Alice came just one day of the months. Ear to the hospital because of interruption. ・ Morning meal of the day, Alice is as usual, "Sitting in wait." The poor today but without food.

Appointment time is 2:30 pm. Arrive at the hospital a little early. Alice hospital still have not used too often but today was a little nervous, too.

The first blood test. As expected, so no problem. Two injections of anesthesia and sedatives for a while. Are put into cages in a quiet place, as soon Alice was asleep.


Painting teacher at the pre-meeting

"We will start operation is called" Mr. Nurse and Operumu before. Operumu bright and clean glass. Candle lit by surgery, anesthesia asleep Alice looked very good in all the scenes and how the teacher to treatment. Operumu referred to several times along the way by the detailed explanation and counseling.

I noticed it after surgery was well over two hours.

First, only a few ear surgery were cut 20 済Mu think in those 30 minutes. But the fact that over time a very one made cautiously and carefully.

Alice in the ward after the operation to wait to wake up from anesthesia is complete. Because I was nervous, or tired from standing in front of Operumu throughout the surgery I had slept unawares. When awakened by the nurse, Alice has to make me who I see on the knee.

We all go back to the elevator was put off nurses. I was being held in Alice. It was impressive that were watching his face in the mirror in the elevator.

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